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What is Messenger Bot Marketing and Should You Get Into It in 2021?


July 29, 2020

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Intro to messaging bot marketing

In 2015, Sophia, the robot, became the first Artificial intelligent robot to get honorary citizenship in Saudi Arabia. The following year, Mark Zuckerberg announced the launch of  Facebook Messenger, a messaging bot marketing platform.


These developments (and the many out there) made me think much about the rise of AI. It’s time that we marketers agree that artificial intelligence will be the next big thing in marketing.  


Since its invention, many entrepreneurs have embraced facebook’s messenger bot marketing. It’s been only four years now, and the tool has amassed over 1.3 billion users, according to Statista.

As an avid marketer, the only thing that can bring a smile to your face is a tool that brings more customers.

That is why you have so many questions now:


  • What is this messenger bot marketing?

  • How does it work?

  • What should I do to get started with messenger bot marketing?


Hang on there. This article will be the eye-opener of this unexplored territory.

What are Messenger Bots?

Remember the last time when you were surfing the net and clicked on a link to a website. Just a few seconds into the site, you saw the message below.



The image above is a messenger bot in action.


To describe messenger bot marketing, we will have to break it into bits. According to this article on Hubspot, a bot (or chatbot) is a general term used to describe any software that automates a task. 


Chatbots can stimulate conversation, get information, and ask questions. Companies like Drift and Chatcom create chatbots for businesses that want to improve their lead generation. However, they are not near to Facebook messenger bot.


The bots are powerful software. You will think you are talking to an actual human being. They ask questions, give you feedback. They’ll even tell you if you need an umbrella for the day to keep the conversation going.

Why Do Marketers Use Messanger Bots?

A few years ago, marketing on Facebook was easy and cheap. But when paid ads came into existence, Facebook’s organic reach went downhill. As a result, most marketers left Facebook to market their products on other platforms.


When facebook noted the considerable shift, they came up with Facebook Messenger chatbots to restore their lost customers.


Many people have indeed realized this secret. Larry Kim says that Facebook messenger Chatbot will be the number one marketing channel in the next 5-10 years. 


The reason he found MobileMonkey was after learning that only 1% of companies do chat marketing. Yet, it’s a golden opportunity to get thousands of leads.


A few of the exciting stats brought by Facebook include;


  • 53% of social media surfers are more than ready to buy from a business they can communicate with.

  • 56% of people prefer to message instead of calling.

  • Over 2 billion messages are sent every month between Facebook users and businesses.

The Power of Messenger Bot Marketing

Some of the benefits of Messenger bot marketing include;

  • Better Engagement with Customers

A report by Statista in 2016 compared the open rates between emails and messenger marketing. In the research, they found that the available email rate was between 5.9% to 18%. 


On the other hand, messenger marketing had a whopping 80% open rate. With this in mind, you can see that there is a massive potential on the reach.


The primary purpose of social media marketing is to have as many engagements with customers as possible. It’s a proven way of creating a rapport that builds trust. 


With messenger bots on your side, customers will feel like they are talking to someone who cares about their needs.


Businesses have tried to incorporate different social media marketing techniques like video marketing. Such visual content, including images, keeps customers engaged.

  • Some Messengers Bots Sell for You

We are in a new era. People are no longer afraid of buying things online for fear of getting scammed.


Since e-commerce is in its prime age, many international companies are looking for ways to automate the selling process to make messenger bot marketing easy.


This has led to the rise of messenger bots containing the entire purchasing process in one platform.


Without the bot, someone would arrive in your e-commerce store, browse for a bit, and leave if they don’t find an intriguing product.


This is a huge mistake. Getting that lead in the first place is an uphill battle. So you have to try as much as possible to change that lead into a buyer.


It is essentially what messenger bot marketing does. The tool acts as a professionally trained salesman. It will guide the visitor in a natural language and show similar products they might enjoy. 


This is a powerful tool that takes sales funnels to a whole new level.

  • Personal Experience

Digital marketing institute agrees that personalization is vital in marketing because it reaches the customer at an individual level. 


It’s far much better than pushing one message to the masses and expecting returns.


This is the central vision of messenger bots. As a serious business, the tool will help you consider the user experience first. 


It delivers a personal and better customer experience that connects easily to visitors with different needs.

  • Gathering Customer Data

The best way a business can provide personalized service is when they have much information about their customer. These include stats like;


  • Type of browsing device.

  • The sites the customer likes to visit.

  • The customer location.


With such priceless information at your fingertips, it becomes effortless to create tactical decisions based on the analysis from the messenger bots.


The crazy thing is that messenger bots don’t take days to collect the data. The collection is in real-time. Similarly, extracting the data is not an uphill task.

  • No need to Pay for 24-hour Customer Support

In the first place, who would want to work 24 hours without asking for a raise? Most customer representatives would request a 2-month vacation to Four Seasons Resort Hualalai in Hawaii.


This is the hard truth. Even if you have sold millions of dollars in your business, you will have to attend to your customer’s queries to keep the sales trajectory high. 


But you can’t hire a customer support representative to do all the queries in the name of “wanting a personal touch.”


This move is both expensive and impossible if you have a high influx of messages coming in daily.


Messenger bots is a powered tool with a “human touch” that can handle several people at a go. The bot will only answer common questions and send the intricate ones to you.


By this, you will save some money and time to handle other critical issues in your business.

Final Thoughts

The million-dollar question is this – Should you get into messenger bot marketing?


With all the benefits it comes with, I think you should. 


You probably didn’t know that the world of marketing is slowly moving away from emails to messenger apps. The companies that have already made the shift are reaping big. 


You should make a move, too, to create your own success story someday.

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