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What is Instapage – The Ultimate Review 2021


August 4, 2020

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Intro to Instapage

Let’s all tell the truth – The internet is one jungled mess.

Approximately more than half of the human race has access to the internet. As a result, it’s tough to promote your product/service due to the crowding of online marketers. This was worse a few years ago as you had to hire a designer to create a landing page.

We are in a new era where creating landing pages is a drag-and-drop affair. You don’t need coding skills or hire someone to do the job. Thanks to the numerous tools available. But, what is Intapage?

What is Instapage?

Instapage cover image with a laptop, a cloud and ads

Instapage is mainly a landing page builder. It helps you create great landing pages for your internet marketing campaigns with ease. Unlike Clickfunnels, the software does not offer a total sales funnel creation process.

On the flip side, Instapage boasts of being the most powerful landing page software. Plus, it’s a leader in the post-click optimization conversion rate. 

In doing so, marketers can create effective landing pages targeting their audience and increasing their business’ ROI.

How to Use Instapage – A glance at the General Features

As we always do here, we start by scrutinizing the features of any software to figure out if it fits the bill. 

I have used many landing page builders, that’s for sure. I have noted that it comes up with the following features if you search for a reliable tool.


  • Professional Optimized templates

  • Integrated A/B testing

  • Mobile Optimization

  • Ease of Use

  • Multiple User Accounts

While Instapage does not offer all the above benefits, what it possesses is still enough to create effective marketing campaigns. Below are a few of the outstanding features.

  • A/B Testing

two g with a ladder represents what is instapage

The benefit of A/B testing is that it allows you to test the different landing pages before picking the best for your marketing campaign.

With Instapage’s A/B testing, you can track your visitors’ behavior, which is a sure way of increasing your conversions. 

What’s better is that Instapage offers real-time analytics. With essential data on your hands, it’s fast to make decisions.

  • Drag and Drop Feature

Not all landing page builders are created equally. But what makes them appear equal is the drag and drop feature, which they all have.

With Instapage, you can drag any element and drop them where you want. It’s not grid-based, hence effortless to create customized landing pages from over 200 templates.

  • WYSIWYG Editor

To add a cherry to the top of the drag and drop feature, the WYSIWYG editor allows you to create landing pages that meet your needs. 

You only need to tweak the available templates and create something that rhymes with your audience.

The fantastic thing is that the tool comes with SEO plugins and a set of social sharing buttons. The features help you promote online campaigns effortlessly.

  • A Whole Load of Integrations

We all know the importance of integrations. Creating awesome landing pages in an instant is not good enough if you are a serious marketer. It would help if you found a way of promoting them, which is the deal-breaker.

Good thing that Instapage knows this well and has collaborated with third-party solutions. These include tools like salesforce, ZOHO Office, Constant Contact, and Google analytics.

You can almost automate everything with Instapage. These include emails to keep your subscribers updated. Since the considerable market is on social media, you can also integrate it with Facebook and Instagram. 

  • More than Enough Features

The above four are the most important to start with. Besides, you have more features like direct access to 33 million Bigstock images. You also get widgets that allow inserting elements like CTA countdown timers.

With Instalblocks, you can save specific landing page sections to reuse in other landing page designs. You can also design Google AMP landing pages using the drag and drop interface.

Benefits of Instapage

The answer to what is Instapage narrows down to four main benefits that it will add to your marketing campaign.

  1. Boosting Paid Search Conversions

According to this case study, Google Ads has a conversion rate of 4%. Being one of the most used PPC campaigns, this is pretty low, considering the hard-earned cash you have invested.

On the other hand, Instapage registers an increased conversion rate of 16%. How does it do this? 

Its secret is sending targeted ads to users who clicked on the ads before. But this time, it sends a message that matches the ads. 

Plus, you can create fast-loading landing pages for every keyword. It, therefore, becomes easy to increase your quality score.

  1. Increase Your Digital Advertising ROI

Imagine that you want to buy a new phone. You head over to Facebook, and an ad with the exact phone you are looking for pops in front of you.

You quickly click the ad, but it leads you to a generic page with different smartphones. Would you dig through the site searching for the phone you came across or leave the page? I bet you will go to the page.

This is a sure way of losing a lead if you have an eCommerce store. Instapage allows you to create stand-alone pages to increase your conversion rates.

Since 53.3% of internet users prefer mobile phones, you can now create mobile-friendly landing pages. It helps you to build personalized experiences for faster conversions.

  1. Generating More Leads is Possible

Every feature and the entire landing page system has one target: to help you get as many leads as possible and be fast.

Let’s take a look at how it works. First, you can quickly build customized landing pages using the drag and drop feature. You have more than enough templates to choose from. 

Since you have real-time collaboration with top-notch tools and apps, it’s easy to stay on top of the game by organizing and keeping track of your campaigns.

The conversion analytics will help you determine the strategy that doesn’t bring results. You can tweak it or choose a new one altogether.

How Does Instapage Stack up with Clickfunnels?

a weight balance on one side instapage and on the other Clickfunnels

As we always do here, we try to compare every landing page builder with the king of sales funnels, Clickfunnels.

Clickfunnels is not only a landing page builder but a platform for building sales funnel and websites. You can create landing pages and manage your entire sales funnel.

To get the thin line, we’d have to look at the two main features of both tools.

  • Landing Page Creation

Creating a landing page with Clickfunnles is easy and quick. The builder is designed to make landing pages with simplicity but not power. Instapage is no different. 

You can create beautiful pages designed for power and flexibility. This mentions that if you are looking for more power with simplicity, Instapage takes the cake.

  • Integrations

Both tools have more than enough integrations. Clickfunnels is like a one-stop shop for all third-party builders.

This paves the way for building a high-converting sales funnel. In some cases, you might not have to use all the tools.

With Instapage, however, you must have additional services to promote your landing pages using the integrations. In addition, it does not offer as many integrations as Clickfunnels.

The other thing you might consider is the pricing compared to the benefits of the tool. A few Instapage users have raised an issue that the device is too pricey for “just” a landing page builder. Besides, they never give refunds.

Clickfunnels, on the other hand, is one of the most expensive sales funnel tools. But it accounts for the cost by offering impressive features. 

Final Thought

So what is Instapage? Is it just another landing page builder? 

Yes and No.

It’s above the WordPress page builders that many bloggers use. It’s easy to use and the perfect tool for beginners.

Still, if you feel you need something that puts the whole sales funnel creation in one room, Clickfunnes would do the job.

InstaPage - $149
the Instapage logo

Name: InstaPage Review

Description: Landing page builder with a vast array of new measuring data features, heatmaps and a lot of integrations

Offer price: $149

Currency: Dollar

Operating System: Online

Application Category: Funnel Builder

Author: DJ Vagnetti

  • price - 88
  • features - 95
  • usefulness - 90
  • friendlyness - 85
  • support - 80


Instapage is a modern landing page builder that carries a lot of hype with it. It has an impressive purse of clients like eBay & Verizon but lacks the robustness of funnel building tools like ClickFunnels


  • Multiple  Integrations
  • Lots Of Templates
  • Many new features
  • An impressive collection of clients like eBay, Verizon & Vimeo
  • Instapage platform is easy to learn and create your first landing page.
  • Instapage landing pages have a considerable conversion rate of 22%
  • It comes with deep conversion analytics.
  • It’s mobile-friendly


  • Fairly new and unknown
  • Limited Funnel Building tools
  • Doesn’t integrate with membership platforms.
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