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What is a Sales Funnel & How to Create One Using ClickFunnels


July 8, 2020

What is a Sales Funnel

Did you know that 96% of the visitors to your website are not ready to buy your products?

This is a pretty significant number that you need to leverage on.  Unfortunately, only 32% of businesses have understood the power of sales funnel.

So what is a sales funnel in the first place?

If I’m not wrong, this is not a new term. You’ve probably heard digital marketers talk about it or have come across it in blogs before.

The only problem is that many people have given it different definitions that might confuse you. I’ll break the term in a simple way so that you are not left hanging.

Here we go!

A sales funnel is a procedural process that brings your website visitors closer to make a purchase decision that he/she did not have in mind.

There are a series of automated actions that do the marketing on your behalf—talk of videos, articles, automated emails, and landing pages.

If you’ve been wondering how some businesses make consistent sales, you have your answer.

The answer to what is a sales funnel can be likened to an invisible salesperson that does the work all year round without asking for salary raise or unpaid leave.

The Four stages of A sales Funnel

The best marketers in the world know that marketing is not about mare words. There is a psychological connection that hooks your target audience that eventually makes them take off their wallets.

So when you are asking what is a sales funnel, it is a series of four phases that use the power of psychology to connect to your website visitors.

The phases include:

  1. Awareness Stage

Considering the 56 billion websites on Google alone, your online business is like a pin in a haystack. It seems impossible to hover above the waters with such huge numbers.

Getting visitors to know your presence is the first obstacle before you get to the awareness stage.

You can use paid ads or organic search that’s backed up with massive SEO strategies. For entrepreneurs that have already become an authority, getting visitors is not hard because visitors will find you organically via Google.

The goal of your entire funnel is to hit the pain points of your prospects. At this stage, you try to create a rapport to build relationships.

One thing you should know is that people are smart, and they will quickly see if you are “tricking” them to purchase your product.

  1. Interest Stage

A study done by salesforce says that 79% of marketing leads are never turned into sales.

What I’m I saying here? Raising awareness without bringing out the value of your product does not lead to sales.

Clickfunnels Russel Branson calls this the attractive character in his book, Expert’s secrets. You begin to communicate frequently with your target audience by email sequences. Then,

you create stories that relate to their pain points. You try to win their trust by showing them why they might find help by using your products.

It’s at this stage that email marketing plays a significant role. With tools like ActiveCampaign, you can create a message to the right people at the right time.

It’s not a must to link your emails to your products. In fact, most of your email should link to your recent blog posts.

By this, you are grooming your prospects and building a habit of clicking to your emails. When they “get used to it,” you can now direct them to the next stage which is;

  1. Decision

You are no longer a stranger at this stage. Your audience has already known your product, they know you can help them, but they are still afraid to pull the purchasing trigger.

What do you do? You shove the interest down their throats until they can’t resist any longer.

You see, making a customer decide is one of the toughest things to do in a sales funnel. To break this down, Robert Cialdini’s book gives out six principles.

  • The principle of reciprocity
  • Principle of liking
  • The principle of Consistency and commitment
  • Principle of Social Proof
  • The principle of Scarcity

When coupled with a great opportunity, you have the upper hand in making them take action.

  1. Sales Stage

When the deal is good, you don’t think twice but make a purchase. This is the final stage where you send them to the product.

If all the above stages are well-designed, then most of your visitors will be landing here.

Let’s say that you can get 200 visitors to your website, and 100 people enter your sales funnels. If ten people make a purchase, then you have a 5% conversion rate.

How to Use ClickFunnels: 3 Tips before you start

The process of creating a sales funnel that will give you credible results is not a one-day thing.

Here’s why.

If you didn’t know, most of your competitors have already jumped in, and that’s why they are probably doing better than you.

Being one of the best funnel builder tools, clickfunnels has a way of creating sales funnels that were born to win. With the right strategies, the software can help you turn those near misses into sales.

But before you know how to use clickfunnels, there are some things you need to do.

  1. Conducting an Intensive Market Research

As said earlier, your competitors are already riding on the bandwagon. They probably have some excellent information that wil help you since you are serving the same market.

So how do you get to know their secret? Do you copy the exact thing they are doing?

Not really.

You do what is called funnel hacking. This is a process by which you strategically study the marketing processes of your competitors.

Once you’ve gotten good results, you optimize the test in your marketing. You can read Russell Brunson’ s-step by-step process on how to do effective funnel hacking.

  1. Having A Great Product

Your product is the reason you started asking what is a sales funnel in the first place. Similarly, the reason you purchased clickfunnels is to help you drive the audience to your product, wasn’t it?

So what if you are offering a crappy product that does not rhyme with what your sales funnel says?

The right product should hit your audience’s pain points. As a result, they will keep coming for more and even refer you to their friends.

An example is Jon Morrow of Smartblogger. The guy does a lot of training in freelance writing and content marketing.

His courses cost the top dollar but it’s every freelance writer’s dream to get a seat in his classes.

You see that when you have a good product, the only thing that keeps away buyers is the lack of money. Whenever they get it, they will come begging you to take their money.

  1. Creating Lead-Capturing Landing Pages

A landing page is the first place a lead will land on. A crappy page with no CTA, and they will run away never to come back. Clickfunnels has numerous templates you can use to create stunning landing pages.

How to use ClickFunnels when creating Sales Funnel

The software is equipped with numerous features that make creating killer funnels effortless. Before you start,  first choose one of the many elements available on the platform.

The drag and drop mechanism makes the process fun. You choose and drag the elements you think are perfect for your business and drop them at your desired location. The good thing is that you can use an already preformatted template after optimizing them.

The software offers fantastic features like CRM management and affiliate marketing, to earn a few bucks when you promote it. The good part is that clickfunnels gives you a free 14-day trial to see if it’s fit.

Here are additional features that ease creating sales funnel in the software;

  • Landing Page Design
  • Email Autoresponder
  • Affiliate Management
  • Training Materials
  • Ongoing support
  • Numerous fantastic emails


The Takeaway

I hope you’ve got all the answers to what is a sales funnel. One last thing. I know that the process is complicated, and you may not see the results when starting.

Good thing that we are living in a generation where priceless information is free on the net. Besides, Clickfunnels is ready to walk you the beginning stages until you’ve got the hang of it.

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ClickFunnels Review 2020
  • price - 8.5/10
  • features - 10/10
  • usefulness - 10/10
  • friendliness - 9.5/10
  • support - 9.5/10


ClickFunnels is by far the best funnel building software available in the market right now. It is also the most used and recommended by entrepreneurs and business owners alike. It is easy to use and very effective. There is a learning curve, but not one that would hold you back. You do not have to be tech-savvy to use the software and most users get experience its full potential.


  • All funnel building features
  • Fairly easy to use
  • Best Facebook Group
  • Support is a lot better now


  • Somewhat more expensive than other alternatives


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