Clickfunnels SEO – Ultimate Guide on How to Rank Your Sales Funnel

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Setting up a Clickfunnels sales funnel for your website is easy-peasy but transforming it into a money minting machine is a hard task. This is what they don’t tell you out there.

While there are many different strategies you can use, Clickfunnels SEO has proven to be the most effective way.

The most crucial step to SEO your Clickfunnels sales page is getting to know the concept of your funnel. Ideally, clickfunnels tend to put all your marketing teams in one room. In a nutshell, it still helps to turn your website visitors to lurking customers.

Clickfunnels SEO simply means the strategies you use to make your clickfunnels rank higher in the search engines.

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Thrive Themes vs Clickfunnels (Revised 2020)

thrive themes vs clickfunnels boxing

The Battle is on, Thrive Themes vs. ClickFunnels just got started!

To grow your business, your digital marketing strategy must be unbeatable. The central concept of online marketing narrows down to the use of sales funnels.

Sales funnels are an effective way to drive more leads, get more clients, and generate more revenue.

Today, we will see the head-on duel of Thrive Themes Vs. ClickFunnels which are the two giant funnel builders.

At the end of this review, you will know the differences between Thrive Themes and ClickFunnels, and which is better between them.

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ClickFunnels vs LeadPages (Revised 2020)

clickfunnels vs leadpages collage

The Clickfunnels vs. Leadpages match appears to be a very easy choice. Only if you have a hefty wallet.

You don't know the best between Clickfunnels vs Leadpages?  Well, you should before you start thinking of opening a website. We know this can be an uphill battle but we've got your back.

The bottom line is that there is no one best choice when it comes to marketing. Both are fine and will turn leads to customers if you employ the right strategies. The thin line is in their functionalities.

To help you make the right choice, we will have an in-depth look at both tools. We will first focus on their uses as a foundation for our discussion and later compare them.

Are you ready? Let’s dive in!

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World-known Water Resources Engineer; (Greg Morris)

greg morris featured image with water resources projects in the background


Before I get into this interview, let me tell you a bit about me and why did I engage in a water resources career before I move this to the about section. Back in 1985, I was 12 years old, and my little brother was 7.  At that time, my father, who is an architect, was also a developer and contractor. He bought about 30 acres of land in a lovely and pricey neighborhood at a low price. He designed and constructed 47 mansions. My brother's best friend's dad was a  prominent young doctor. And they were going to live next to us at the brand new hood.

But, on the night of October 7th of 1985, a storm registered more than 24 inches of rain in 24 hours. A bridge foundation at PR-52, the main highway in Puerto Rico, collapsed due to scour. The authorities recovered only 23 of the 29 bodies that drove to the precipice. Among those bodies, the mother and father of my stepbrother.

That is why today, my brother is a structural engineer, and I am a water resources engineer. Back then, we knew what we wanted to do. It got personal! Yes, we design bridges together, and we remember.

Water resources engineering gained a lot of popularity with the development and access to GIS systems during the late '90s and early stages of this century. Yet I was very skeptical and selective to place my career in the hands of anybody.

Every time I touched the subject with my colleagues, there was a name that popped up in the conversation, Dr. Greg Morris. I was about to go back to the University of Miami and continue postgraduate studies when I heard that Dr. Morris was teaching at a local University.

Within a week, I signed up. It took me 3.5 years to do my masters. Because I took all the essential classes with this fellow, I can tell you that it was the best career decision I ever made.

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8 Energy and the Environment; Climate Action, (SDG-13)

oil crane to gas pump and coal to electricity; the solution is SDG-13

Intro to energy and the environment

This article is the first in a series on the environmental challenges that societies face today. It will do its best to explain to everyone interested in energy and the environment what we are facing? Why are we facing  an environmental crisis due to our environmental toxic fuel choices? What are we doing to improve our energy methods; therefore, the environment's health? And what will we do if we are to prevail and retrofit our environment and get rid of these ecological toxins & comply with SDG-13.

I have been writing scientific reports for the past 15 years as a water resources engineer and have put this aside. Still, the complexity of the readings I've done for the past five years involving energy and the environment, bother me enough to engage in this endeavor.

An easier reading experience

 Along these lines, you will find dynamic tooltips in green, curated pictures and diagrams. These drop from the sky above and explain every weird word or scary term that you may encounter. You don't have to pick up a dictionary, do a Google search, or type Wikipedia. I already did that for you so that you can concentrate and have as much fun as I am having now.  Every section ends with a bold explanation. So, buckle up, grab a mug of coffee because this is going to be instructional but entertaining nonetheless.

To easily keep track and follow along in a chronological manner. We will divide subject into a timeline. So, 



Is it cause and effect, or is it a by-product? Correlation or causation? One, or the other, the issue caught the attention of scholars and politicians at the same rate and deserved the attention of us all.

This and more is what we discuss every day. How we can implement difficult but prudent global environmental policy practices. In light of the economic and technical challenges that affect most countries.

What is a dogmatic belief is very seldom a pragmatic practice. And what is the fashion that sells well, but works, "sometimes" or "somewhere" is not good enough.

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