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Unbounce Review 2021 – Should You Use it or Stick to Clickfunnels?


July 19, 2020

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Intro to landing pages

Do you know why I’m obsessed with landing pages?

It’s an easy way to market your business like a certified genius would do. It saves your audience the time they would spend groping through your website.

To add a cherry on top, a landing page limits the number of decisions your audience should make. This is a sure way of closing a sale too soon.

In Unbounce Vs. Clickfunnels review, the two software, does an excellent job of creating awesome landing pages.

I have experience with both tools as a savvy digital marketer. Since I have already dealt with clickfunnels and Thrive Themes, Clickfunnels vs. Kajabi, and Clickfunnels vs. Bulderall, I will turn my guns Unbounce review today.

I’ll answer if you are stuck between the “use it or not use it” wall. Later, I’ll conclude with my reason as to why I prefer ClickFunnels in Unbounce Vs. ClickFunnels head-on duel.

Are you ready? Let’s check it out.

What is Unbounce?

A landing page in the Unbounce and clickfunnels article

Unbounce is one of the many software used to build landing pages. Unlike ClickFunnels that put an entire sales funnel in one platform, Unbounce builds a single landing page to convert traffic to leads or customers.

Are you new to digital marketing? Let me explain what a landing page is

It is the web page that visitors arrive at when they click one of your ads. You can compare it to the customer representative that welcomes you to the bank hall.

Unbounce was one of the first landing page builders to come to the online world. With five other professionals, Rick Perreault found the company in 2009, and it caught the attention of digital marketers.

Unbounce landing pages Features

A cartoon of a laptop with a landing page inside.

You will easily notice that most of the Unbounce features are similar to other page builders you come around. These include;

  • Landing Page Templates

Unbounce gives you over 100 landing page templates that you modify to meet your needs. Also, it uses a drag and drops editor for easy customization. 

You can as well create your own landing pages if none of the templates impress you. There are also premium templates that come at a fee.

  • Fantastic Integrations

In most cases, integrating a landing page with other tools is always an uphill task if you get a sophisticated page builder.

With Unbounce, you get extra specifications like Zapier that you use to make any automation. 

These include tools like CRM and email marketing tools. You also get a webhook which is a good replacement. However, it doesn’t have a lot of integrations which is a major blow in Unbounce Vs. Clickfunnels.

  • Form Builder

A good landing page must have an opt-in and opt-out checkout form. It gives your audience some sense of authority, and they will not feel as if you are fringing their freedom. 

Unbounce allows you to build one-step and two-step forms effortlessly. It also has a plethora of tools if you need more information about your reader. These include checkboxes and drops downs.

  • Sticky Bars and PopUps

The feature gives the user the ability to create pop-ups on the desired web page with ease. Besides, it has a powerful call to action for a positive response.

I will agree that Unbounce has done a good job by allowing you to create your sticky bar’s design. You can go crazy and make something elegant that ensures your message is always top of mind.

Once the design is complete, you can set a customer frequency, decide who to show your pop-up, and schedule sticky bars by time.

Benefits of Unbounce landing pages

  • You create Mobile-friendly Landing Pages.

A laptop and a phone image

There is huge domination of mobile phones over a laptop when it comes to browsing. Everyone has access to smartphones which they spend most of their time surfing the net and social media platforms.

Unbounce has leveraged this by helping you create fantastic landing pages with nice presentations on a mobile phone.

You also get an introduction to widgets and uniques scrolling graphics. With mobile-centric features, it becomes easy to increase your conversion rates.

  • Export and Import Functionality

You can create landing pages and publish them out of the platform. This is similar to Clickfunnels’ share funnel and an even point in Unbounce vs. Clickfunnels.

It’s a helpful feature when you have many clients. You can create landing pages and share them with them before you close a deal.

  • Fast Performance landing pages

Who wants to deal with page lags? While previously known slow landing page builders have already made a change here, Unbounce remains one of the fastest software. It has 4 IT operations set up across the world. Moreover, there is a 100% operation time.

  • Security Features

I’d say that Unbounce has proven to be a safe page builder tool for visitors. It uses automatic SSL encryption to keep its data secure. 

Other security features include GDPR compliance, IP, and filters. As an enterprise client, you get access to extra security features like 2-factor authentication, audit logs, and automatic backups.

  • Customer Support


A black background with golden tool is part of the clickfunnels and unbounce article

Customer support is critical when dealing with landing page tools. Your ROI is adversely affected if you come across technical hitches, and it seems like customer support wants a bribe to assist you.

Unbounce has ensured that it sets up a robust customer care team that will attend to your need as fast as possible. Ideally, it never takes them more than 12 hours to respond to an email.

They have also set up an online community for all users. You exchange ideas and can get your problem solved. Their representatives closely monitor the group and respond to queries raised.

With all the Hype, Unbounce isn’t my Landing Page Builder.

I’m not going to lie, and I would never use Unbounce. Are you shocked? Don’t be.

Yes, it’s reputable software (my nice words above confirm it), but I opted for Clickfunnles instead.

If you ask what ClickFunnels is used for, know it’s an awesome sales funnel builder that many digital marketers use to kick-start their entrepreneurial journey.

Before we go further, Let me give you some mistakes I found in Unbounce that made me shift to ClickFunnels.

  • It is Just a Landing Page Builder

Unbounce is a single landing page builder with nothing more. Indeed, it has nice designs that will help non-programmer entrepreneurs create nice pages.

But if you are a serious entrepreneur who knows the sales funnel’s power, you need to invest in a serious tool like ClickFunnels. It gives you an entire sales funnel in one platform.

With ClickFunnels, you can create the four stages of a sales funnel that sifts your visitors to get your products’ actual buyers.

  • Lacks Important Features

As a landing page builder, it’s not a surprise that you will miss out on essential features. Clickfunnels has leveraged this weakness to give you a fully loaded house that will see your business skyrocket.

A few of the features missing in Unbounce but available on Clickfunnels include;

  • Clickfunnels Brings with it Loads of Integrations

Twillio is sitting on your Clickfunnels account. You also get YouZign for hosting custom images. VWO will help you to set up push notifications for your ClickFunnels account. 

If you can’t make or receive payment via Paypal, you can integrate Clickfunnels with your Stripe account. 

There’s also Zapier to integrate ClickFunnels with any popular service. Did I mention ZenDirect, ShipStation, Warrior plus, and Kajabi? These are just the tip of the iceberg. Head over to ClickFunnels to get a full list.

Unfortunately, Unbounce only has a handful of integrations and misses out on the most important ones.

Unbounce Vs. Clickfunnels – Which one Is Better For you?

The ultimate question you have to ask yourself is which tool between Unbounce Vs. Clickfunnels best solves your problem. In this regard, Clickfunnels plays the top dog.

It’s an all-in-one platform that knows the exact pain points of entrepreneurs. You don’t need any coding skills. 

With the drag and drop feature, you can create sales funnels that will be the tipping point of your business ROI. 

If you haven’t made the shift yet, today is your day.

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