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Traffic Secrets Book Review 2021: Russell Brunson’s Secret of Driving Traffic


November 24, 2020

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The Traffic Secrets Book review

Are you having a problem with driving traffic to your website? Then read this Russell Brunson traffic secrets book review 2020 to the end. 

Now, let me tell you a shocking revelation.

90.63% of web pages never get traffic. This was research done by Ahrefs, a company in search marketing industries.

You could ask yourself a lot of questions;

  • What trick does the other 9.27% of web pages use?

  • The internet gets over 3.5 billion searches every day; why is this number not spread equally among all the pages?

  • Why does it take 3 – 6 months for a blog to start getting visitors?

These questions were running across my mind like the El Reno tornado. But I didn’t get an answer. That’s when I came across Traffic Secrets Book, the last piece in Russell Brunson’s books. 

Russell Brunson Traffic Secrets Book Review: Who’s Russell?

Rusell Brunson at the Funnel Hacker Convention is part of the Traffic Secrets Book review

If you’re an online entrepreneur or a digital marketer and you don’t know Russell Brunson, then you might be missing out on helpful strategies to scale your business.

Russell is the CEO of Clickfunnels, a funnel building company he co-founded in 2014. According to Forbes, in less than a decade, the company has become the leading SaaS company with a net worth of $360 million.

Russell has also authored two best-selling books;

Fun fact: Grant Cardone once agreed that Dotcom Secrets is a must-have book for any entrepreneur that wants to grow their business.

Russell is a marketer and an icon who loves giving a wealth of valuable insights for free. Check out his Facebook page

You’ll get tons of advice that’ll help grow your business and personally as an entrepreneur.

Traffic Secrets Book Review: What’s The Book all about?

Russell brunson exposing the Traffic Secrets Book review

Russell asks one question on Traffic Secrets’ home page.

“If I Can’t Get A Consistent Stream Of Traffic Or NEW People Coming Into My Business…

Do I Even Have A Real Business?”

You might have the best product. You can be selling it for a rock-bottom price. But traffic is what will determine your sales.

Don’t say you’ll rely on Google or Facebook. Russell tried to drive traffic using these two platforms alone for five years, and they almost lost Clickfunnels.

For this reason, he had to be more thoughtful and learn how to get traffic from different resources. He tested everything, read books, and go the secrets that worked.

Just then, Clickfunnels exploded. The software currently get’s over 1.79 million visitors per month.

A screenshot of Clickfunnels yearly traffic

Source: Traffic Secrets

It’s all these secrets that he’s jam-packed in traffic secrets book, which he worked on for two years. 

Going by the fact that everything he gives out is quality, I can’t imagine the wealth of information you’ll receive. 

It’s bound to come with free hacks, knowledge, and gemstones to skyrocket your business.

Upon its release, word spread so much that they gave out 140,000 copies in the first 90 days. 

Why I’m I saying “gave out?” Surprise!!! THE BOOK IS FREE—more on than later. Keep on reading this Traffic Secrets Book review for more surprises.

The book quickly climbed to the top of the best-sellers like;

  • New York Times Bestselling

  • Wall Stree Journal 

  • Barnes & Noble Best Seller (Overall)

  • Amazon Bestseller (Kindle Business)

Traffic Secrets Book Review – Why does the Book Matter in 2020?

A double picture of Russell Brunson part of the Traffic Secrets Book review


One thing I pride myself on is that I keep it real. I’m honest in all my reviews. 

I’ll never recommend a product I haven’t tested or done extensive research before giving it to you. And if it sucks, I’ll not sugarcoat like what most affiliate marketers do.

My main reason for writing this Russell Brunson Traffic Secrets Book review is that I know that he 100% cares about your business’s success. 

He’s been doing online businesses since he was a teenager and has mastered all the secrets of growing a business.

Anytime he comes with a new course or book, It turns it to be gold for those who buy it. 

He’s the kind of guy that’ll go to the game, hunt for you, bring the kill, cook it for you and eat with you as he tells you secrets of hunting like a pro.

That’s why the book matters in this age where 90% of online businesses fail in the first three months.

Listen, the businesses fail because they lack traffic which means no sales. And don’t tell me you’ll use paid ads when starting.

As Russell says, you never know when Larry Page and Sergey Brin will wake up and change Google algorithms. 

If you’re riding on the roller coaster of paid ads, that’ll be the end of your business. 

You need a solid traffic strategy that will keep going even if Google algorithms’ demons start working.

Traffic Secrets review – Who Should Read the Book?

The book is for any entrepreneur. You can be a blogger, an eCommerce seller, network marketer, or a company that wants to strengthen its online presence.

If you want to get the most out of the book, it’s advisable to read the first two books, dotcom secrets and expert secrets.

The traffic secrets book is the last book Russell produced after the preceding two. There’s an interconnection between the three books.

DotCom secrets go in-depth to explain the science of sales funnels. Russell reveals the personal strategies he used to create sales funnels that grew his business.

Expert Secrets focuses on the science and art of gaining loyal clients/customers and raving fans. It’ll give you the secrets of creating a personal brand and building authority in your niche.

Russell Brunson Traffic secrets close them all in. After getting the secrets of making award-winning funnels and creating a personal brand, you can now use these two to get traffic.

Pairing the books gives you the nuggets to building an online business and generating massive sales.

A Sneak Peek Inside Russell Brunson Traffic Secrets (I Promise to Not to Spill all of it)

The book is divided into three sections that cover 20 secrets. We’ll have a look at what is in each area.

  1. Your Dream Customer

The first section is all about positioning yourself to get your dream customer. This section comes with seven secrets. I’ll skim across it to give you an idea of what to expect.

Do you know who your dream customer is? The first secret will show you how to identify your dream customer and find them where they’re hiding.

You’ll also learn how to stop busy potential customers by capturing their attention fast. The fourth secret shows you the strategy of getting your marketing message to your customers. 

Russell has two ways of making them recurring customers by mastering the two approaches.

The two last chapters in our Russell Brunson traffic secrets book review talks about 81% of the potential customers. 

These people don’t buy your product the first time they go through your funnels. How do you transform them to be paying customers? All the secrets are in the book.

You also learn to leverage people, platforms, and other marketing resources.

  1. Fill Your Funnel

In this section, the book focuses on filling your funnel with the right kind of people who will buy from you. 

The eight secrets in this section will teach you;

  • How to leverage your competitor’s traffic and drive them to your funnels. Don’t worry; the secrets Russell uses are legal. If you can master this strategy, you’ll be far ahead of the traffic game and never worry about getting consistent buyers.

  • The secret of being consistent. Most successful online entrepreneurs are where they are today because they were even in their actions.  They produced video content, were consistent in social media marketing and blogging. How did they do it? Which tools helped them?

  • How to use Google to drive customers to your funnels. Google is the largest search engine on the internet, receiving 40,000 searches per second. Russell gives the secret of making your customers chase after you using Google.

  • The secret of creating power-packed content. People don’t buy a product they know. They buy a product that touches their emotion and heals their pain points.  In this section, Russell will show the right strategies for creating content that rhymes with your product.

  • The new traffic sources you’ve not been using. You’ll be surprised by the enormous potential traffic you’re losing by not using the traffic sources Russell reveals.

Plus, you’ll get ideas on how to study the change in traffic trends. How do you make them relevant to put you on top of the competition? All answers inside the book.

These and more secrets you’ll find in this section. What I’m giving you is just the traffic secrets review, not the actual book. 

  1. Growth Hacking

The last section is all about growth. Now that you’ve got people into funnels, how do you double, triple, or even quadruple the numbers?

Russell has put down five-power-packed strategies to make this happen.

Among other things you’ll learn, you’ll get the secrets of talking to your audience about your business. 

With Russell’s framework and tips, designing your next-million-dollar landing page becomes a walk in the park.

Do you watch shark tank? If you do, then you’ll know the exact strategies the Sharks use to tap into other people’s traffic. Russell has three of them that you sure want to know.

Lastly, you’ll learn the secret of building an army of affiliate marketers. It’s the simplest way of selling your products out there. 

Affiliate marketers will use their own money to market your product. And you only pay them a commission for each sale. It’s a win-win.

Traffic Secrets Review – Book Price

As hinted earlier, the book is free. The only thing you’ll pay is $9.95 for shipping and handling. International buyers will pay $19.95.

Honestly, the value Russell Brunson Traffic secrets bring to your business is worth hundreds, if not thousands of dollars. The exciting thing is that you get bonuses worth $485 for free once you get the book.

These are discussed below.

Bonus #1: Traffic Secrets Foundation

Traffic secrets review first bonus

This is a 4-hour bonus training that’ll teach you the secrets of getting evergreen traffic to your websites. 

The word “foundation” means the value you’re supposed to give to people. Your potential audience needs to know valuable content that will help them grow. Otherwise, they’d go elsewhere where they’ll get it.

Total Value: $97

Bonus #2: The Ultimate Unfair Advantage

Traffic Secrets Review Unfair advantage bonus


Dean Graziosi will take you through this short video training. It’s a secret he used to generate 4X traffic to his funnels.

Russell jumped on a plane out of sheer curiosity and flew to Arizona to know Dean Graziosi’s strategy.

And it’s nothing big. 

Dean will take you through the art of using short videos to drive targeted traffic to your website. You don’t need fancy camera equipment to get many millions of viewers.

Total Value: $97

Bonus #3: How to make a video go Viral

Russell Brunson interviewing a guy that makes videos go viral is part of the Traffic Secrets Book review

How do you create videos with a huge impact that people have no choice but to share? Prince EA, the master of video with over 3 billion views, will take your hand in this presentation.  

This is a bonus. You must look if you want to create a brand and influence people in a few days.

Total Value: $97

Bonus #4: The Ultimate Traffic Hack

The Ultimate Traffic Hack image

Can you do a 4-month task in 3 days? You don’t stand a chance. But Peng Joon, a top affiliate marketer, did create four months of content in just three solid days.

In his presentation, Peng will give you an expression known as the “content multiplier.” These are shortcuts you won’t get anywhere else and will increase your productivity in a short time.

Total Value: $97

Bonus #5: 30 Day Secrets Challenge

30 -Day traffic secrets review challenge
Cover image of 30-day traffic Challenge

Now that you’ve finished reading Russell Brunson’s traffic secrets book, what is the next step? The 30-day traffic secrets challenge will take your hand from here.

The challenge will give you a daily roadmap to implement everything you got from the book. This helps you to move forward quickly and achieve your goals soon.

Total Value: $97

Now, let’s do the math. Spending $9.95 (or $19.95 intl) will give you an excellent book to skyrocket your business with free bonuses worth $485. That’s not taking a risk.

Rusell Brunson Traffic Secrets Book Review – Conclusion

Thanks for reading this traffic secrets book review to this far. I hope you’ll take action.

Besides, what will benefit from having a stunning website with a fantastic product but without traffic?

It makes no sense. Get yourself a copy of the Traffic secrets book now and start getting the ROI you deserve.

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