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These are the tools and resources that we use for all our online marketing efforts. Some of them we are affiliated with. That means that we earn a small commission at no extra cost to you. Nonetheless, some do not have an affiliate program or we are not affiliated with those companies. We include what we use and what we believe to be the best in the market at the time of posting. That makes this page a living document because we are always searching for better and more efficient tools and resources. We encourage you to keep coming back as we are always updating our toolkit.


ActiveCampaign is our autoresponder. ActiveCampaign is by far the best and most robust email marketing tool out there. The degree of freedom in email automations that you can achieve is second to none. ActiveCampaign is so good that I have tried to find things that they do not have to no avail. Every time we think of doing something with our automations that we believe to be impossible for such an affordable autoresponder; the support team replies with a solution that seems to be tailored-made for our situation. It feels like they have been in business for 100 years and have faced any situation you can run into. That is not only our opinion but a general consensus among the online marketing community. I will also give you one minor advise. ActiveCampaign has been avoided by many affiliate marketers because they have shut down some affiliate accounts for spam complaints. I have never experienced such problem and my advise is that if you are going to do aggressive affiliate marketing inside ActiveCampaign. Signup and stay relatively quiet with your affiliate marketing for the first 45 days. After that you should be ready to rock!


Automatic Script

Automatic Script is an email, funnel and content lifesaver! Whenever we run out of ideas for our email sequences and automations, we employ the power of Automatic Script and we are right back up with new content. We answer a few questions and the script spits out full content articles, a visual sales letter, a full copy for an ad and up to 12 emails from one single script. They have multiple scripts that you can leverage to your advantage. You can never have enough scripts generators if you want to be a successful content creator. I know, maybe you are thinking that's cheating! Hell no! See, these scripts spit out what you feed them. It adds the filler words that makes writing tedious but blends them in a story that sells! Copywriting is not only hard but expensive. Let Automatic Script be your designated copywriting slave! 



Yes, managing WordPress ads can be a real pain in the ass. It really can be. But not if you leverage the power of Adsanity. it is a premium WordPress plugin that manages widget ads, banners, custom size ads, video ads, carousel ads, Google Adsense ads. Let's face it, unless you are a WordPress developer, you do not want to mess with code and there is were Adsanity comes to save you. We have used quite a few plugins to manage ads and widgets and Adsanity is our go-to guy for everything about WordPress ads. It really brings sanity to your ads game...

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Affiliate Secrets

We owe much of our affiliate marketing success to Spencer Mecham. Spencer is ClickFunnels most successful super affiliate. Affiliates Secrets is his flagship course and his approach to affiliate marketing is probably the number one reason that I am able to speak to you right now. Affiliate marketing is not rocket science, but it is not peaches 'n cream either. So, if you want to go the affiliate marketing route. There is only one course that I would urge you to take because it is worth every penny.



ClickFunnels is your funnel software on steroids! See, the ability to fix anything that is causing your funnel not to convert, in a flash, is priceless. With ClickFunnels you can not only create landing pages, but membership areas for your courses, evergreen webinars, squeeze pages, lead pages, sales funnels, you name it! ClickFunnels is the other part of the equation why we are still in business. If Affiliates Secrets was the education we needed, ClickFunnels was the missing tool that made things go right. 

ClickFunnels surrounds itself with such a huge marketing educational content library that every single question or doubt that you may have, has already been solved for you beforehand. That is why ClickFunnels is so popular around the online marketing community.

I am going to give you the best shot at a successful ClickFunnels start. Before you signup for ClickFunnels you should signup for the One Funnel Away Challenge. That is a 30-day course that will help you to build your first successful funnel. The One Funnel Away Challenge is in our opinion the best funnel marketing course that you can get. After you signup for the OFA Challenge wait into you are two weeks into the course and then signup for a 14-day ClickFunnels trial. Do not worry, you will not be working with the software during this time in the course. By the time your trial ends the OFA Challenge will be ending also. And you will have the opportunity of making an informed decision about whether ClickFunnels is the tool you are looking for or not.



ContentStudio is our social media management tool of choice. Inside ContentStudio not only you can manage and post to all your social networks, but you can post to your WordPress and Medium blog! You can optimize your blogs for SEO and post them to your site effortlessly within the same platform.

Inside of ContentStudio you can create, schedule and manage all your posts to all your social media profiles, pages and groups as well as reply to all comments, and have all your content within one roof. You can post directly to Instagram without any Zapier push. You can curate and publish Youtube and Daily Motion videos to your social media profile, pages and groups. You can also automate all this time consuming process all within one platform. It is a "must have" for us as it is a major time-saver!



Everybody needs leads. If you need lead magnets, you will love Designrr. Designrr is the best and fastest e-book creator. You can import from Word, a blog post URL, a Google doc, any text document, any PDF, import from Facebook, transcribe a podcast, convert any video from Youtube, and much more.

It would grab your YouTube video, transcribe the audio and extract amazing images from the video and place them strategically within your text to create an automatic e-book from your video! Designrr has a very cheap lifetime membership and you should take advantage of that limited lifetime offer!

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Easy VSL

At some point during your online marketing journey you will need to create a video sales letter. Long form sales letters are a copy of traditional marketing and almost nobody reads them. People have opted to do both. They create a never ending sales letter and the same information is collected and presented in a PowerPoint or Google Slides video sales letter at the top of the page.  Just select a video style. Upload your script and voice-over. EasyVSL will automatically build out your entire video presentation.

Paste in your video script and let EasyVSL generate your slide presentation for you automatically, eliminating the need to manually enter content slide by slide. No More Manually Syncing Your Video Slides with Your Voiceover Audio! EasyVSL can automatically sync your entire voiceover audio to your slides transitioning the slides at the perfect time! It is very affordable and a huge gamechanger!

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Group Leads

Do you have or plan to open a Facebook Group? See FB groups are great to nurture and create an audience of raving fans and followers. But if you do not capture their email address, how are you going to follow-up with them and market your offers to them?

See, you probably are tired of hearing that the money is on your email list, well I hope you never get tired of hearing that because it is the plain truth. Not only the truth but it is the only traffic that you actually own!

That is where Group Leads comes in. Group Leads syncs with your autoresponder of choice and captures the email of anyone that would like to join your FB group. You simply, hook ActiveCampaign or whichever autoresponder you have, ask for the email to be entered as one of your FB group questions and walla! You have a new subscriber! 

If you do not have an autoresponder yet, no problem, Group lead will save that information on a Google spreadsheet for when you are ready to juice your email marketing efforts!

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Whether you need more lead magnets that you can generate on your own or you need a cool gift for your followers IDPLR has your back! See, PLR or Public Label Rights resources are free. You can add as bonuses for you offers, gifts for your lists, contests or challenges that you want to create to promote more engagement with your content. IDPLR carries the most complete library of resources; software, articles, images, eBooks, courses, you name it and IDPLR has it. We love to craft gifts for our audience and you should to. Do not give your audience a bunch of crap, it will backfire on you. A cool blend of craftsmanship and PLR resources might make the trick that make things go right!

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ManyChat is our chatbot for our website and Facebook Messenger. It is by far the best chatbot provider out there. And it is extremely affordable. The ManyChat interface is second to none. The automation flows inside ManyChat are so intuitive that are limited only by whatever limits your imagination.

We are NOT a ManyChat affiliate, therefore we have not built an offer around ManyChat. But this page includes all the tools and resources that we use on a daily basis and ManyChat is an integral part of that.

Go to the MANYCHAT website below...

One Stream

Video is here and it is here to stay! If you want to cash in the big commissions, you better deal with all the pretexts you may have about going on camera. I know I did. But, wouldn't it be nice if you could go live on YouTube and Facebook at the same time and with a pre-recorded piece. See, it is not about deception, you have to produce the kind of video content for live streaming. We encourage you to tell your audience that you just recorded that content and you wanted to do well so you scheduled it for a time that most of your audience would be listening. your crowd will more than thank you for being that honest. Perfectly edited video will not do the trick. After all you are a human being and that is exactly what your audience wants to see. OneStream is definitely the best tool for that job.

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Did you know that you can add Call to Actions and track every link that you share on social media? When we first heard of this we thought it was a scam.  With Replug you can shorten, track and optimize your links with catchy call-to-actions, retargeting pixels, custom domains and powerful analytics. That means that whenever you share a link you have the opportunity to drive that traffic to your site or your funnel offer! Replug also integrates seamlessly with your autoresponder and ContentStudio. You can add your Facebook pixel to it and retarget to those people that click on the links that you share. So, you can track people that click on links to other websites!  Most of our traffic comes from Replug links. That is unreal!

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Thirsty Affiliates

If you are going to do affiliate marketing, you need a tool to manage all your affiliate links and keep them organized. We don't know how we would do that without Thirsty affiliates. Thirsty affiliates, creates beautiful branded links with your domain on it. It shortens and brands those ugly affiliate links. See, most affiliate links are very long and people are hesitant to click on them because it looks like you are going to get a virus of some kind if you click on them. You definitely want your affiliate links to be as pleasant to the user as possible.

Thirsty affiliates is a WordPress plugin, so you can manage all those links from within your website! It also has an "autolinker". You just provide keywords for those affiliate links to be automatically inserted when you type those keywords. You  can also schedule your affiliate link, So, if the product that you are promoting is running a particular time-bounded offer that is running on another URL, You can add a schedule to drive your affiliate clicks to any website for the duration of that offer. When the offer ends, your affiliate links will also default to the products original destination, automatically! Thirsty Affiliates is a huge time-saver and a game-changer for any affiliate marketer. For us, it is a must-have.


Thrive Themes

All our WordPress content, theme, buttons, pop-ups, testimonials, quizzes, courses, etc. was prepared with Thrive Themes. Everything you see on our website is part of Thrive Themes.

The Thrive Suite is a collection of WordPress plugins that work together seamlessly and like clockwork. The collection includes;

  • Thrive Themes Builder
  • Thrive Architect
  • Thrive Leads
  • Thrive Quiz Builder
  • Thrive Apprentice
  • Thrive Comments
  • Thrive Ovation
  • Thrive Optimizer
  • Thrive Ultimatum

When we started our website we were lucky to find Thrive Themes and what caught our attention was the company's MO. See, most WordPress themes and plugins focus on look and design. Thrive Themes focuses on conversions and marketing. That does not mean that you cannot build beautiful things with Thrive Themes. But they follow a "form follows function" approach to website and business creation. You can literally create a million dollar business only using the Thrive Suite!

We are NOT a Thrive Themes affiliate, therefore we have not built an offer around Thrive Suite. But this page includes all the tools and resources that we use on a daily basis and Thrive themes is an integral part of that.

Go to the THRIVE THEMES website below...


Video animations in 3 clicks? That sounds like a scam, right. Well that is exactly what Viddyoze provides. Many people have asked, where do you get your intros and outros? Viddyoze is professional grade video animations for intros, outros, transitions, backgrounds, lower thirds and much much more. Viddyoze is so efficient that can make a first time video creator look like a YouTube guru! you have to see it in action to appreciate the value that these guys provide for engaging your crowd with video animation and live action.

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Have you ever seen a support system that answers before you are able to request the support? No, I am not talking about chatbots. I am talking about actual human beings waiting for you 24/7 to assist you with any request that you may have. When you have a site for the first time, you will be requesting a lot of support tickets.

Before we built this site, we did our homework, very well, I must say. We searched for three things:


WPX-Hosting checked all the boxes and has delivered more than we can ask for. Sometimes, I even fell quite a bit of shame for asking 20 to 30 questions a week. Only to be encouraged to do so by these same people, I though I was bothering so much.

5 sites for $25.00 a month. Built on state of the art SSD (solid state drives) servers with there own private CDN (content delivery network) cloud. And the best support system I have ever come across. What's not to like? I may ask! Oh, with unlimited site imports, free WordPress installs. I mean you can get the speed for hundreds of dollars a month elsewhere. But, I don't think you'll be able to match the support. Why? Because it relies on the human factor. You can pay someone $1,000 the hour to give you support and that does not mean you will get the best treatment.

We did hit the jackpot with these people. So, I don't want to hear about any other hosting provider for a long time to come!

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These are the tools that we use every day. Some of them we are affiliated to and some either do not carry an affiliate system at the time of posting or we are not affiliated to for another reason. Affiliate products DO NOT carry an extra cost to you. In fact, we are constantly working with those companies that we are affiliated with to bring you the best value or price available in the market.

This is a living document and please come back regularly as we are constantly updating our toolbox and offers

Again, if you have any questions, we encourage you to contact us at [email protected] and will be happy to assist you and work with you. 🙂