October 16


Opesta Vs. ManyChat 2021 – The Battle of the Bots


October 16, 2020

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Intro to the battle of Opesta vs ManyChat

This week, we’re looking at another exciting comparison of Opesta vs Manychat. If you’re an online marketer or blogger, you must have noticed a significant rising automation trend in businesses. And chatbot marketing is carrying the flag. The power of chatbot automation is not only in customer service but also in increasing ROI significantly.

Opesta vs ManyChat: Staggering ChatBot Stats

Before we start venturing to the real deal of comparing Opesta vs ManyChat, let’s have a look at a few intriguing stats connected to what we’ll talk about.

  • According to IBM, businesses spend $1.3 trillion on customer service calls every year.

  • Chatbots reduce this expenditure by a whopping 30%.

  • Chatbots increase productivity and performance with quick responses and creating personalized engagement.

And that’s not all; reports have it that chatbots will handle 80% of all customer interactions by 2021

Supporting this is that 50% of businesses have decided to invest in chatbots as their primary marketing strategy.

With all these (and much more I haven’t talked about), there is no doubt that you have to make a move now.

There are tens of chatbots already in the market. But today, we’ll have a look at the two most popular chatbots. 

At the end of this article, you should have decided on whether to choose Opesta or Manychat.

No worries, we’ve done a lot of background research to make sure you make the best decision that will support your business.

What is Opesta?

The Opesta Logo is part of the Opesta vs ManyChat review article

Picture this. You’re browsing the net, and you stumble upon some nice shoes. You click on the link, and a chatbot named tom is ready to help you.

You’re thrilled, and you quickly start engaging with the bot. But you soon realize this won’t work. 

The bot is talking to you like another robot, you don’t seem to get your message across, and your conversation appears to be running in a circle. 

You’ll feel frustrated, and you’ll just hit the zeros till you get an actual customer service representative. Or else, you’ll find consolation by exiting the page.

Sounds familiar?

First of all, sorry. This isn’t how chatbots are designed to operate. Let me introduce you to Opesta, which will kick off our Opesta vs ManyChat review. 

The primary duty of the bot builder is to make your navigation as seamless as possible. It doesn’t come with inherent tools or miss critical features you might want in a chatbot.

The brain behind Opesta is Ethan Sigman, a renowned digital marketer. He developed the tool after noticing that most chatbots are built for marketing by marketers. Customer service isn’t anywhere close to their vision.

Opesta works perfectly on Facebook Messenger. It comes with loads of tools and everything you need to make your messenger bot marketing as powerful as it ought to be.

Opesta Features

A robot on a green background

Opesta is a messenger bot marketing tool that ensures high brand visibility and customer engagement. 

The developer promises that it will give you a 30% open rate, which is quite impressive. This is among the recommended available rate thresholds for the best chatbot builders. 

The system behind all the promises is a powerful automation feature. I’ll only give you a few of the critical elements that have made their customers happy.

  • Saves Unique Data

This is one of the best Opesta features not even available on the Instagram marketing tool. Using the custom fields, the user can save a particular response to the library.

In case you might need it in the future, you access it to make your marketing decisions.

  • Pixel-based Tracking

You can do a lot of amazing stuff with this feature. The most important of all is being able to track conversions. 

You do this by selecting a pixel that will tell you where a visitor is. It also allows you to track message clicks.

  • Subscriber Management

With this ability, you can find subscribers who will receive your messages by any of their triggers. Plus, Facebook will help you to get their emails and locations.

One more feature of Opesta is that it enables you to track and report subscribers’ numbers on a date range. 

The information you get through this feature is the total number of covering subscribers and the messages you’ve sent.

How Does Opesta Work?

It might get a little bit technical, so be attentive. 

Opesta operates by tracking visitors that came to your website using their IP address. This happens with a code you add to your website.

When people opt-in, the software gets to the work of building profiles of the interaction they’ve had with your business.

Some of the information you will get access to include:

  • The number of messages a visitor has opened

  • The pages they’ve viewed.

  • The free offer your visitors requested

  • The products they have purchased

Once you have this information, you can now start communicating with your visitors. Opesta has two main ways of communication. 

I. Automations or Campaigns

Are you familiar with email marketing

If so, then you can compare email marketing with Opesta automation. But in this case, you won’t use email marketing software like ActiveCampaigns for emails. 

Opesta allows you to create a message sequence that you send to your customers. You nature them as leads for future sales engagement.

II. Broadcasts 

These are the personalized (individual) messages you’ll send to all your audience or a small percentage.

It involves a three-step process, which is the message type, targeting, and schedule broadcast. 

Opesta Pricing

When it comes to Opesta vs Manychat Pricing, Opesta seems to be more pricy than its counterpart. 

But if you go more in-depth and compare the value you get for each tool, you’ll agree that Opesta, though more expensive, has better value than ManyChat.

The fee for a website with 5000 bot subscribers is $49 per month. You can link 2  FB pages with this plan. 

The next plan costing $99/month, can host 15,000 bot subscribers and link FB 4 pages. The final plan goes for $149 and can host up to 30,000 subscribers and have unlimited linked FB pages.

An Opesta pricing table is part of the Opesta vs ManyChat review article

Opesta Pros

Opesta Cons

  • The company is starting; it’s not significant.

  • The message builder doesn’t have an undo option.

  • The message thread isn’t one of the best out there. Be aware.

What is ManyChat?

The ManyChat logo

Suppose you thought that Opesta is unmatched in Opesta vs Manychat, you’re mistaken. ManyChat is another heavyweight chatbot builder making headlines in digital marketing.

Developed by Mikael Yang in 2015, the tool boasts over 1 million accounts and over 350 million messenger subscribers. 

It has customers ranging across diverse industries like traditional retail, e-commerce, fitness, and banking,

ManyChat focuses on offering tools to create bots on messenger while also supporting human interaction. 

Plus, the tool provides advertisement options that bring more uses to engage in your messaging channels.

Should You Try ManyChat today?

I’m a proud user of Manychat. But I must tell you that ManyChat hasn’t kept up with the tough competition while operating for half a decade.

As a result, it becomes the better option for a new marketer who is just trying out messenger bot marketing. The features are too simple, which is a downside in a way.

An experienced marketer who’s looking for a premium chatbot builder won’t embrace ManyChat.

Now, does this mean that ManyChat is useless and trashy software? Not really (Remember, it’s the software I use. I trust myself when it comes to making value-based purchasing decisions).

Besides, many digital marketers using the software haven’t talked ill against it. 

So, here is my argument?

You have to understand that the tool’s focus is to allow anyone to build a bot without coding skills. 

You’ll use the templates to create a complete chatbot focused on your business. What makes it exciting is that you only use the drag and drop feature.

I’ve loved ManyChat because it allows me to present my brand to more people online and communicate easily with new and existing visitors.

ManyChat Features

A green funnel on a gray background
Like most chatbot builders, ManyChat brings with it an arsenal of abilities that’ll strengthen your communication with potential customers. 

Some of my favorite features include.

  • User-friendly interface

As a chatbot builder, ManyChat has ensured that it provides the best interface for creating bots. 

For this reason, the developers have provided two interfaces you use depending on personal preference.

  1. The Flow Builder Interface: This interface is an ideal option if you want a more visual approach when editing your chatbot. The flow builder uses the drag and drops element, which you use to connect messages with other actions. For pro digital marketers, they’d argue that chatbot builders with a flow builder interface may jam your chatbot with a lot of content. If you feel the same, consider using the basic builder flow as it eliminates this concern.

  2. The Basic Builder Interface: As the name hints, this is a primary interface that anyone can use to create their bots. 

With this interface, your chatbot content is more organized, and the flows are presented in an orderly manner for easy navigation.

  • An array of Widget Generation Tools

Without a doubt, I can confidently say that ManyChat is one of the most excellent chatbot builders in lead generation.

Here’s what I mean. 

You can effortlessly create customizable banners and headers for your Facebook group with the many widget generation tools. 

If you’re good at this, you can come up with a powerful banner that will direct hundreds of customers to your chatbot.

  • Message Organization

The software provides various types of messaging options. These include sequences and broadcast messages. The good thing about the messages is that they’re organized for easy access.

The platform allows you to see the complete sequence in the overview section. You can know the time at which the message was sent. You also use logic to send messages through a particular flow.

One last thing. With ManyChats, you can make a chatbot in any language, which is pretty cool.

The downside, though. You can’t translate the chatbot to different languages like how Facebook does it. There’s only one way to do this – copying your complete chatbot.

  • Simple Facebook Integrations

As a Facebook chatbot builder, ManyChat has made it simple to integrate most of its functions with Facebook with a few simple clicks.

For instance, it allows you to add your Facebook pages. Once you’ve done that, send a message to your Facebook account to do a trial test. 

The last thing to do with the integrations is to create easy links that you’ll use to push your adverts.

ManyChat Pricing

Here is where it gets interesting in Opesta vs ManyChat comparison.

ManyChat pricing works differently. Unlike Opesta, which only starts by hosting up to 5000 people, ManyChat starts for as low as 500 subscribers going for $10/month.

The most common plan can host 5000 subscribers going for $45. The final plan can host 25 k subscribers and goes for $145. 

You can reach out to customer care support to get a pricing plan if you have more than 25 k subscribers.

The ManyChat pricing table is part of the Opesta vs ManyChat review article

ManyChat Pros

  • It has a built-in live chat.

  • Has an A/B split testing

  • Automated sequence

  • You get daily/weekly/monthly subscribers reports.

ManyChat Cons

  • You can’t integrate with WordPress

  • No integration with analytical tools

Opesta vs ManyChat Conclusion

In my opinion, ManyChat plays better chatbot software for building messenger bots. It has a more superior interface and a lot of integrations to spice up your Facebook marketing.

Opesta is also a good deal. It offers many possibilities, and you can create something epic if you let your mind go wild. So in this Opesta vs Manychat competitions, the latter plays the top dog.

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