October 30


One Funnel Away Challenge Review 2021 – a BIG Scam or 100% Legit?


October 30, 2020

The One Funnel Away Review

Are you new to sales funnels? Great! Then you need to read this One Funnel Away Review 2020. Now, if you’re familiar with Clickfunnels, then you probably know that there’s hype going on One Funnel Away Challenge. 

Why the Hype with the OFA Challenge?

The OFA Challenge release came with a storm and took over the online business space by surprise.

A lot of big names in blogging have written One Funnel Away Reviews. There’re also thousands of affiliate marketers promoting it.

With all the hype, does the Clickfunnels One Funnel Away Challenge worth your $100?

I’ve taken the challenge myself, and I can proudly say it’s the best $100 I’ve ever invested. You’re getting this from somebody who has experienced the training.

I’m not like many other bloggers writing OFA challenge reviews but don’t even know Rusell Brunson.

If you’ve invested thousands of dollars in marketing courses and didn’t get the value you expected, I dare you to jump headfirst to the OFA challenge. You won’t feel ripped off. 

Besides, you can get your $100 refund if you feel the challenge didn’t help you (which rarely happens).

Sound too good to be true?

The thought of closing thousands of sales with just one funnel may seem unrealistic. 

If you’re like me, I need first to learn this funnel thing, get to play a little bit with it, implement what I’ve learned, and ultimately see for myself if it works.

One of Russel Branson’s quotes says that you need to step into things knowing you will be successful.

While the One Funnel Away Challenge doesn’t guarantee success in your first funnel, you’re sure you will be successful if you continue learning and optimizing all the information you get in the challenge.

I’ll be honest with you, the One funnel away Challenge is for the go-getters who take action. 

If you’re lazy or want everything ready for you, you won’t make it. But I know you don’t belong to this group. That’s why you’re reading this.

So what is the One Funnel Away Challenge?

One Funnel Away Challenge is a 30-day training to help you in launching your first funnel. The virtual training goal is to give you a step-by-step guide on creating your subsequent million-dollar generating sales funnel.

Your teachers will be the legendary marketer and Clickfunnels CEO, Rusell Branson. His primary duty is to show you the big picture of why you need the course. 

He’ll break the strategies behind the mission and show you how to use what you learn to transform your business.

Your next instructor is Julie Stoian, a digital marketing expert and an eight-figure freelancer. She is in charge of bringing to life Russell Branson’s words. 

Her videos munch the action or the “how” parts and show you how to implement every challenge.

Stephen Larsen is your last tutor. Armed with his podcasting skills, Steve will be your accountability coach. The guy is energetic, fun and will shove everything you’ve learned to your throat till you get it right.

Meet the three musketeers.

Russell Brunsons' One Funnel Away challenge tutors
Here are the OFA challenge tutors, Russell Brunson, Julie Stoian, and Stephen Larsen.

How the OFA Challenge will Help You Crush Your Limiting Beliefs

According to Neil Patel (master of marketing), funnels can increase your sales by 300%. It doesn’t matter the thousands of articles you’ve sprayed on your blog or your “Shakespeare-like” style of writing.

It’s the proper funnel that seals your conversion rate. Unfortunately, only 21% of marketers know how to use sales funnels effectively. And you’ll cough out thousands of dollars for them to show you the secret.

But there’s no such thing as the secret to creating effective sales funnels.

It would help if you had the right mindset, the urgency to learn, and $100 (not thousands of dollars charged by other courses). 

You’ll be surprised by how the three musketeers reveal the easy science of creating a sales funnel that will explode your business for the skies.

Note that the One Funnel Away Challenge is not a course but more of an event.  

Do you need to spend 10 hours a day at the event?

Not really. An hour per day is enough to complete the challenge and grasp everything you need to reload your marketing arsenal.

What is in the One Funnel Away Challenge Package?

An image of the OFA challenge kit

There’s a lot to learn from the OFA challenge that would have cost thousands of dollars. Precisely, there’re eight things you’ll get.

  • 30 days of video missions from Russell Brunson

  • 30 days of coaching from Stephen Larsen and Julie Stoian

  • One funnel away Challenge customized kit 

  • A physical copy of the Challenge workbook

  • MP3 player

  • 30 days hardcover book

  • Unlimited access to 30 days interviews

  • Behind the scenes Two comma club interviews.

The whole package has a value of $3,126. But it’s been reduced by 96% to make it affordable for everyone.

I know you’re curious to know what’s inside the package. So I’ll give you a sneak peek of the essential kits.

  1. 30 Days Videos from Three Coaches

It is very nice because you’ll get daily videos from the three trainers. They’ll share their strategies and mindset of building funnels the right way.

The live coachings are an eye-opener. You don’t joke around with the trio marketing powerhouses. They’ve created irresistible offers in the many years they’ve been in marketing. 

They’ll hold your hand, show you the steps, and give you valuable information you won’t easily find anywhere. 

  1. One Funnel Away Challenge 30-day Workbook

This kit is one of the latest ads on the challenge. Due to the book’s massiveness, I’ve heard of guys taking the OFA challenge twice or thrice to get this workbook.

In a nutshell, the workbook is an overview of the tasks/challenges you’ll take to finish the 30-day challenge.  It will save you time as you don’t have to find a PDF version and print it.

  1. Physical Version of the 30-Day Hardcover Book

Do you know Clickfunnels’ top affiliate? He’s raked in over $3 million as an affiliate and has over 2000 Clickfunnels signed up under his name. He was the first Clickfunnels affiliate to get to the two comma club.

Let me break the curiosity. The hardcover book will introduce you to Spencer Mecham. 

Together with other 29 top Clickfunnels affiliates like Peng John, you’ll get the plans and strategies they’ve used to get to the two comma club.

Spencer Mecham has a course on affiliate marketing. He breaks it into pieces and reveals the secret that made him become a top affiliate marketer today. Check out the affiliates 2.0 system.

The hardcover book will help if you want to become a Clickfunnels affiliate. 

One Funnel Away Challenge Review: A Breakdown of What You’ll Cover in The Four Weeks

A screenshot of OFA challenge website
The screenshot shows the next OFA challenge registration deadline.

Here’s where it gets interesting.

Unfortunately, you must have noted that most bloggers who’ve written One funnel away reviews don’t delve deeper into the challenge’s meat. They’ll brush through the offers to get affiliate commissions.

There’s more to know in the OFA challenge that will help you decide whether it’s worth your $100 or not. It is what we’ll look at in this section.

  1. Week One Mission – Hook, Story, Offer

In the first week, you’ll be tackling the most significant challenge most marketers face – the power of belief. It’s a pre-training meant to change your mindset to that of a real marketer. 

Though not directly related to the challenge, it forms a strong foundation for your approach to creating funnels.

This training will show you how to change your customers’ beliefs about your product, considering that belief comes from negative or positive experiences.

With Steve’s personal stories, he’ll crush your false beliefs and patterns. You’ll also learn how to create hooks, the concepts of testing your offers creating powerful stories. 

  1. Week Two Mission – Implementing the Hooks and Stories

Here is where the wild ride begins. Russell and Stephen have flexed their muscles to teach you on creating offers. 

You’ll learn about offer hacking, eCovers, offer assets, offer to sequence, and talk about mission reviews.

Russell will give the overview. Stephen will break them into bits you can easily digest.

You will also learn how to:

  • Get someone’s attention.

  • Tell a story that builds belief, trust, and emotion.

  • Sell an irresistible product to your audience.

You’ll also learn about the importance of publishing every day, even if you don’t feel like it. It’s the only way to ensure you seal the foundation of becoming an authority. 

  1. Week Three Mission – The Funnel

The third week will focus on the actual funnel-building process. You’ll use what you learned in the second week to create your first sales funnel.

You’ll entirely focus on the right content you need to put on your landing page. These include:

  • Core funnel strategy

  • Sales page

  • OTO page

  • Members area

  • Squeeze page

  1. Week Four – Make it Rain.

It is the most critical week as you’ll be launching your first funnel. It explains the three different types of leads and how to use the power of partnership to drive traffic to your offer.

If you’re still stuck, there’s a shared funnel already created for you. You’ll clone it into your Clickfunnels account and change a few things here and there to make it rhyme with your needs.

Week four is vital as it seals your success trajectory. All this will be for nothing if you can’t drive traffic to your funnels. Remember that without traffic, there are no sales, hence no money. 

You can have a fire-breathing funnel, a catchy story, and a hook, but if the traffic isn’t available, you’ll keep recording zero ROI every other month.

To equip you with working strategies, the team gives out more than enough traffic-getting secrets. 

The sections you’ll get here include;

  • Three types of traffic

  • Dream 100

  • Earn your way in

  • Buy your way in

  • Funnel audibles

  • Mission review

  • Mission Debrief

What I Disliked About the OFA Challenge

Everything has a negative part. Even the sun has a dark spot.

What I’ve come to notice is that affiliates have swarmed up the OFA challenge. Unfortunately, most of them are after the 100% commission rather than spreading the value the challenge provides.

Don’t get me wrong, though. I, too, I’m an OFA affiliate, and I like recommending it to my audience because I used it, and I benefited from it.

Most of these “rogue affiliates” promote like crazy and don’t care whether it will help you or not. I’ve seen a dozen FB groups promoting the challenge while the promoters themselves haven’t taken the challenge. You can’t be a driver unless you drive a car.

If you want to take the challenge, first meet the following requirements (to benefit from it).

  • You’re a blogger and want to increase your email list. 
  • You have a product that is not generating the income you expected

  • You’re a lifestyle entrepreneur and want to sharpen your marketing skills.

  • You’re an affiliate marketer and want to promote a fantastic product by giving value.

  • You can commit at least one hour every day for the next 30 days.

Are you Ready To Start Your One Funnel Away Challenge?

It’s up to you now. You can decide to stay where you are and keep complaining about why your online business is not making sales. 

Or you can join the thousands of entrepreneurs who have taken the OFA challenge and over-hauled their ROI in thirty days. It’s now or never. Do you accept the challenge? Because you are, One Funnel Away!


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DJ is a professional civil engineer with a master's degree in water resources. DJ has a passion for affiliate marketing. He has performed award-winning projects in both site improvement design and water resources engineering. He is the president of Land & Watersheds & vice-president of its sister company Engineered Advantage. He actively engages in social issues like climate change trends and global water scarcity. He is the host of the podcast Environmentally Concerned Nation.

  • Thanks, DJ for a great and detailed review. I took the challenge myself and agree that it is a very valuable product for the price of only $100. I learned a lot and actually created my first ever bridge funnel to promote an affiliate offer and going to create my first own product soon – now I know how to do it correctly 🙂
    I also recommend it to my followers and provide them with my personal support and valuable bonuses. So, you are welcome to take the One Funnel Away Challenge! It worth it!

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