Land & Watersheds purpose and goal

Land & Watersheds' purpose and goal are to educate the public while we earn our living doing what we love. We are both a professional service company & an environmental education initiative. We invest all our efforts in educating ourselves in the latest environmentally sensitive topics, technologies, and trends to bring you up to date and compelling content.

To finance all the educational content that we provide, we do promote business opportunity products and marketing software and services as affiliates. We only promote products that we use. We benefit from this practice, and YOU should too!

We do subscribe to other products and services to test them. If we feel they are better than what we use, we immediately switch. That means that you get an honest, unbiased & unapologetic review, opinion or comparison...See our full disclosure.

The reason why we engage in environmental educational content for the public is that we care for the future and well being of young and future generations to come.

Land & Watersheds reason to exist

I am DJ, a professional civil engineer with a master's degree in water resources engineering. I did collaborate in many award-winning projects in civil-site improvement design and  water resources engineering, both,  for the public & the private sector.

At the tender age of 12  I knew I was going to be a water resources engineer. 

At that time, my little brother was 7. And my father, who is an architect, was also a developer and contractor. He bought about 30 acres of land in a lovely and pricey neighborhood at a low price. He designed and constructed 47 mansions.

My brother's best friend's dad was a prominent young doctor, and they were going to live next to us at the brand new hood. But on the night of October 7th of 1985, a storm registered more than 24 inches of rain in 24 hours. A bridge foundation at PR-52, the main highway in Puerto Rico, was the subject of continuous scour until it collapsed at 3:30 am. Only 23 of the 29 bodies that drove to the precipice were recovered. Among those bodies, the mother and father of my stepbrother.

That is why today, my brother is a structural engineer, and I am a water resources engineer. Back then, we knew what we wanted to do. It got personal! Yes, we design bridges together, and we remember...

That and the well being of your children are the reasons this website exists.