May 25


Is Clickfunnels Support as Good as It Should Be in 2021?


May 25, 2021

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Is Clickfunnels support a Joke?

How was your experience with Clickfunnels support? Were you satisfied with the service? If you haven’t interacted with the support team, this article will shed light on the world’s most prominent funnel builder, customer support.

According to a recent study by Slideshare, 67% of SaaS customers say that lousy customer support is the main reason they cancel their subscriptions.

Another study by Acquire found that 84% of customers are ready to pay more if they experience better customer care. 

If that’s not enough, 96% of consumers say that customer support greatly determines their loyalty to a brand.

And it’s more crucial when it comes to a SaaS company. 

Customers pay regularly and often use the software daily. Plus, they have to learn new features and get current updates. 

What A Good Customer Service Looks Like

Adequate customer support means a significant reduction in customer churn. And it doesn’t matter if the product is high-quality. If the customer service is wanting, the business is destined to fail.

It’s all about you here (the customer).

You have to get the proper assistance at the right time with the right message.

The following are characteristics of good customer service for a SaaS company.

  • Has a robust support strategy aligned with your expectations?

  • Has access to the right tools to assist you in real-time.

  • It is more concerned with helping you individually than sending you into the community section.

  • Has a laid system that tracks progress with support metrics.

  • The support system is beyond the “chatbot service.”

While not all SaaS companies can meet the above thresholds, it still vital that you get a product that will make your life less of a hustle. 

Today, we are looking at Clickfunnels support. We all know the software is a champion in funnel building but is the support team a winner? 

We’ll give it a fair shake and determine if it lives up to its word.

But before we do that, let’s check out how the Clickfunnels customer service operates.

How Clickfunnels Support Work?

Like any other SaaS software, Clickfunnels has some rules to avoid swamping their support team with issues you can solve independently. 

For example, you are not allowed to submit more than one request for a similar issue. 

You should also note that the support team is only available from Monday to Friday, 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM EST.

To contact the Clickfunnels support team, follow the following procedure. 

(Typically, you’ll be conversing with a chatbot)

  1. From inside your Clickfunnels account, click the Get Help icon from the menu and key in your issue. Or Click the Get Help icon from the bottom of your screen. 

clickfunnels dashboard


  1. A dialogue box will open where you’ll ask your question and press continue.

  2. Clickfunnels will present recommended help articles that might have an answer.

  3. If an article answers your question, click “ Yes, this answers my question.” If not, click “No, I still need help.”

  4. If you didn’t get an answer to your question, select to talk to an expert. 

clickfunnels support chat window

There’s a VIP call support option for the members of the Clickfunnels 2CCX members. If you’re one of the members, click and call via the VIP Call Support button. 

Due to the increase in “handle time,” Clickfunnels recently started offering live chat support to all members. 

It’s available 24 hours from Monday to Friday. The beauty of this live chat is the significant reduction in the waiting time. It will only take 20 minutes from when you raise a ticket before you get a response.

Clickfunnels on the Test

Now that we have settled the ground, let’s go to the real thing.

ClickFunnels claims to be the king of funnel builders. And true to their claim, they have thousands of customers spread across the globe. 

Russel Brunson has a vast following of entrepreneurs, and the product has a massive army of affiliates promoting it.

As Russel once said, 

“A software company is cool but there is no soul around a software company…I want to build a movement, a culture.”

The company seems to be nailing it for many reasons when it comes to supporting its users. 

  • An Education Driven Company

Thousands of Clickfunnels tutorials are thrown all over the internet. 

Whether you want to learn how to create funnels, affiliate marketing, become a successful entrepreneur, write good copy, or create winning email lists, Clickfunnels has all the resources to assist you.

That’s how Russel Brunson captured the world of internet marketing and became the reference point for everyone in this space.

While he sells most of the programs, he has a free couple to help in your entrepreneurial journey. Check out the Clickfunnels 30-day Summit or the affiliate Bootcamp. 

When compared to other funnel-building companies, Clickfunnels is unmatched in training and teaching programs which they ultimately use to increase their customer base.

  • Valuable Online Communities

88% of professional believe that having a branded community and online presence strengthens trust and improve the customer journey.

That’s what Clickfunnels has invested in. 

They have huge online communities for their customers. You can network with other Clickfunnel users, get ideas on growing your business using funnels, and get regular updates from the company.

The company has three popular online communities.

  1. Clickfunnels Facebook (Official)

Russell Brunson and the two comma club live show picture

This is a private Facebook group for all Clickfunnel users. It’s intended for entrepreneurs of every level to come together and share different ideas on expanding their businesses.

The group currently has over 260k members and counting. Trust me, the nuggets of wisdom you’ll get here are extensive. 

  1. Clickfunnel Avengers

Clickfunnels avengers is a Facebook group specifically meant for all Clickfunnels affiliates. It’s the place you should join first, even before you attend the Clickfunnels Affiliate Bootcamp.

You’ll find all the big names in affiliate marketing who are making six figures here—talk of  Spencer Mecham, Jonathan Montoya, Jacob Harris, Dana Derricks, and more.

You’ll learn the best practices in the marketplace on how to share Clickfunnels and how other businesses can use the software to grow their ROI.

  1. Russell Brunson YouTube

Clickfunnels youtube channel is the first place you’d love to hang out when you want to change the world with your businesses.

Russell Brunson’s weekly videos are very resourceful. They spread across funnels secrets, online businesses, and Russell’s life stories.


He’s mainly focused on finding your message, building a following, and changing the lives of your customers.

  • Support Docs

The Clickfunnels support chat is not very reliable. 

Clickfunnels claims they get swamped up with too many queries, which might be why it takes time before they handle every issue.

Clickfunnels gives a “self-service” option for those already familiar with how it operates to reduce the waiting line.

You can use the support docs and videos available on the platform to get the solution to your queries. It’s the perfect place to grow your knowledge and ability in using Clickfunnels.

The team updates the support docs regularly to keep up with new features that they keep adding to the tool.

Cons Of Clickfunnels Support Team

While Clickfunnels flags soar high, the Clikfunnels customer support has many flaws that customers have complained about. I’ll name a few.

  • Unresponsive

I hate that all funnel and landing page builders take hours or days to get back to you with a support request. I mean, doesn’t Russell Brunson says that ClickFunnels is the death of the websites?

The last time I checked WPX Hosting, my previous WordPress provider and now Kinsta, my new WordPress provider, are virtually waiting for you on the chat support. 

These companies understand how vital a website is to a business, and if Russell wants to be on that level, then ClickFunnels must be waiting on the chat waiting for your request. 

This kind of support gives a sour taste, and it is not even a chat; you might also send them an email. They are going to take hours anyway. The purpose of their chat support is only for their benefit. 

  • They Over-rely on Chatbots

An automated set of questions to route your support inquiry to the appropriate department. That is not just wrong but disrespectful, indeed! I mean, WPX Hosting asks you if you need any help before you even start typing. 

By the time ClickFunnels and all landing page and funnel builders answer, you probably have figured it out with a Google search or probably bothering a friend you have. That should not happen if the death of all websites is ever going to happen. 

I do not believe that phrase for one second, and I bet you anything he does not either. It is a clever marketing cliche and nothing more. And in that department, he is indeed a master.

  • Support Team Isn’t Fully-Available

When it comes to customer support, you need a provider who can quickly attend to your needs, even on weekends. That’s the job description for customer care jobs.


Many businesses still operate on weekends, and technical hitches are inevitable. They can hit anytime.

So when Clickfunnels tells us that they don’t offer support on weekends, they tend to put our businesses on the line.

If you contact them on weekends, they even take longer to reply to add salt to the injury. You can wait up to 3 days before your query is attended to.

  • Overseas Customer Service

Nothing sucks like a company that farms its customer service overseas. Clickfunnels is a victim. They have customer care support spread all over the globe.

Not that I have a problem with this, but it contributes to a significant language barrier. To make matters worse, they might take a long time communicating back and forth because of the time difference.

This is a simple mistake Clickfunnels should have avoided. It’s easier to speak to someone based in the USA since your issue gets solved within minutes. 

Final Verdict

Clickfunnels is a good product. I don’t have qualms with it. Besides, they have helped businesses scale their ROI.

But we can all agree that they have to work on their customer support soonest or they’ll soon start losing customers.

Good thing that they have started making positive progress in solving the problem. The introduction of live chat support is a testimony of this.

So what do we do now? We keep waiting and hope they’ll continue to work on this issue. You are not going to get the same support that you get at Unbounce. 

But at least is not as bad as working with your website. This article compares ClickFunnels and Websites. If you have WordPress and want to build a funnel within your site, ThriveThemes might be the solution.

Thank God I have my email marketing hooked to ActiveCampaign. It would be a real pain to troubleshoot your email marketing automation with that kind of support.

One thing is true, ClickFunnels documentation is comprehensive. It makes up for what they lack in their support department. And it is also pretty easy to use. So once you get comfortable with the software, you will rarely need them. I believe that is what they also think.

Do you use Clickfunnels? How has been your experience with customer service so far?

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