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How to Use ClickFunnels with Shopify in 2021


August 24, 2020

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Intro to the use of Clickfunnels with Shopify

Shopify is an e-commerce store where users easily create their online stores. It’s a one-stop shop for both small-scale and large businesses. The platform is quite convenient to use. And it has lots of crucial features that allow for a smooth store operations experience.

You don’t have to look at external sources to get what you need. Even without coding skills, users can visit the site and build beautiful stores for their products. When you combine Clickfunnels with Shopify, the possibilities are endless!

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When your shop grows, you don’t have to look for a different platform. You only need to upgrade your Shopify business. Importantly, Shopify provides an inventory management system. You can track the movement of your stock at any given time.

With all the Shopify platform benefits, do you need to connect ClickFunnels to Shopify?


ClickFunnels come in handy for Shopify users looking to grow their businesses effortlessly.

How to Integrate ClickFunnels with Shopify

The integration procedure is relatively easy to follow, and it takes a short time. So, what will you need to connect ClickFunnels to Shopify?

●      A Shopify account

●      A product

●      In case you don’t have an existing ClickFunnel account, you can get the 14-day Free Trial.

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The following are simple steps to integrate ClickFunnels with Shopify Account:

  1. Open ClickFunnels account

  2. On another tab, open your Shopify account.

  3. Return to ClickFunnels account. On the Account Menu, click “integrations.”

  4. Select “Add New Integration.”

  5. On the list, select Shopify.

  6. Enter the Shopify Store URL and select “Connect Integration.”

  7. Click next to move to the next page. Scroll down the list and select the “Install unlisted app.”

To complete and confirm the integration, you will get a verification link.

You can watch this video too to learn how to integrate the ClickFunnels with Shopify using the above simple steps:

Video Source:

Benefits of ClickFunnels for Shopify Users

Why do you need to use ClickFunnels with Shopify?

●      Clickfunnels make running an online store smooth. ClickFunnels sends customer orders from the funnels to the Shopify store for fulfillment. To run a store, whether online or offline, saving time is vital in realizing the sales goals. As a shop owner, you want to save as much time as possible.

With ClickFunnels sales process automation, you can save a lot of time.

●      Clickfunnel has a variety of customizable features.  Shopify platform might seem sufficient, given its many in-house beautiful features. But, getting a tool that you can use with Shopify to make things easier would always be welcome. That’s why ClickFunnels for Shopify users is a must-have.

●      ClickFunnels is a powerful marketing tool to increase conversion rates. When you use ClickFunnels with Shopify, you have fewer instances of users browsing through your store and not buying. While the visitors might not be having a predetermined plan not to buy anything, ClickFunnels will be converting those cold visitors into prospects.

Since everything is automated, you can create and test different landing pages and choose the one with a high conversion rate.

●      It’s easy to use ClickFunnels with Shopify. You don’t need prior experience in using ClickFunnels. Many users shy away from marketing tools because most of them are a bit technical for first-time users. But, ClickFunnels is different.

With a few clicks, drag, and drop, you will be able to have the tool running.

You don’t have to be a computer guru to set up a Shopify shop and integrate it with ClickFunnels.

Since we have seen the benefits of using ClickFunnels with the Shopify store, let’s now see how to use ClickFunnels with Shopify.

How to Use Clickfunnels with Shopify.

There are four ways to use ClickFunnels with Shopify:

1.    Create a Sales Funnel for your Shopify store using ClickFunnels.

A funnel is a simple map that guides a shopper in the process to follow from the time they show interest in a product to the time they check out.

For your store to grow significantly, you need a functional sales funnel. Since every shop owner’s goal is to profit and scale the business, sales funnels become a powerful marketing tool for all online shop owners.


It isn’t easy to have significant conversion rates when using the Shopify sales funnel. While it’s possible to have a visitor on your site or blog, it’s challenging to have them make a purchase.

This is because Shopify is designed mainly for online stores.  Therefore, it’s reasonably necessary to use ClickFunnels with Shopify to convert visitors into potential buyers.

2.    You can use ClickFunnels to create landing pages that persuade cold visitors to buy your product

ClickFunnels allows you to build an eye-catching landing page quickly through the drag and drop feature. You can utilize plenty of content elements to create a unique landing page. The decision to use images, videos, buttons, among other factors, entirely depends on you.

The landing page is a crucial component in marketing. Whenever a potential client clicks on an ad and is redirected to a store, the landing page quality will determine the next move by that client. The client’s decision to buy or not will mainly depend on the landing page.

Therefore, creating a compelling landing page is a must for your store.

A helpful landing page should help you make sales. The content contained in it should be captivating enough to capture the reader’s attention immediately.

3.    You can upsell or cross-sell your products using ClickFunnels

Upselling and cross-selling are some of the best strategies you can use to attract more traffic to your store.

Use ClickFunnels with Shopify, and you will realize cross-selling and upselling are pretty straightforward. You will have no reason to forgo such critical marketing strategies.

How do you upsell?

Imagine you are selling fantastic shoes, and a client visits your store to buy two pairs of shoes.  Before they can checkout to complete the order, you offer them the option of purchasing five pairs at a discount. The client’s chances of going for this offer and buying five pairs instead of two is relatively high.

So, why should you limit yourself when you can utilize this strategy to sell more.

Due to these offers, the client will likely come back for more shopping and possibly refer to others.

What about cross-selling?

It involves offering suggestions for related products to your clients.

For example, using our model above, if the client is shopping for shoes, it’s essential to suggest suitable client products that go together. In our case, this should be the right time to showcase cute pairs of socks. Although the customer visited your store to shop for shoes, the chances of buying the suggested pairs of socks are pretty high.

Upselling and cross-selling pages are quite applicable just before the customer checks out.

4.    You can create a product launch Funnel using click funnels for Shopify

A successful product launch is hard. It doesn’t matter whether it’s a new store or an already established store.

But, when you connect ClickFunnels to Shopify, you make the experience more relaxed and significantly valuable. You can successfully launch a new product and generate more sales while at it.

You can launch your product even without the subscribers’ list. In the usual marketing setup, to start a product, you need an email list of prospects. But ClickFunnels enables you to launch your product without much hassle.

The funnel you create will excite your products a few days before your actual product launch.

The product launch funnel has five pages, which you can use to educate potential buyers about your new product.

The customers will be ready to buy the product since they are already convinced of the value they will get.


There you have it. Both Clickfunnels and Shopify are great ways to earn online. Just imagine how much your ROI can shoot if you merge them.

ClickFunnels - $97
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Description: ClickFunnels is the funnel builder software of choice. it makes creating funnels so easy that anyone can do it.

Offer price: $97 to $297

Currency: Dollar

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Application Category: Funnel Builder

Author: DJ

  • price - 90
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ClickFunnels is one of the best funnel builders out in the market. The ClickFunnels community is the most active. The company markets what they preach to a perfect “T”. They have an educational surrounding environment that should be modeled by all their competitors.


  • Extremely easy to use
  • Great educational environment
  • Best funnel builder


  • Support could be a little faster
  • Price could be better
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