July 31


How Much Does Clickfunnels Cost in 2021?


July 31, 2021

Are ClickFunnels Costs Right or Inflated?

In this guide, I’ll take you through Clickfunnels cost and pricing in 2021, the type of plans it comes with, and the features you get in each plan.

Later on, I’ll show my secret way of getting Clickfunnels platinum at 44% off. (Yeah, you read that right).

Now, many people make mistakes when choosing a pricing plan. Clickfunnels has so many options and products that might easily confuse you.

Plus, most of the products seem to be very costly. 

Don’t nod in agreement yet. Russel knows well how to supplement his expensive offers with bonuses that override the costs.

In short, you need to know all the nitty-gritty details before choosing a pricing plan that resonates with your business goals.

Isn’t it the reason you’re here?

Please read this Clickfunnels cost guide attentively to the end. I hope you won’t make the same mistakes others have made.

So should we do this? Let’s get started.

Clickfunnels Cost Options

What you probably think is that Clickfunnels has three pricing plans only. 

ClickFunnels cost Options

But guess what? There are seven……. Well, the first is no longer available.

The other three are special offers that give you free access to the Clickfunnels platinum plan for a few months.

Here are the six pricing plans.

1. Clickfunnels Share Funnels -$19/month

This was the cheapest Clickfunnel pricing plan, but it no longer exists.

It acted as a trial plan. It could give you access to three funnels per month to test drive Clickfunnels before jumping to a paid plan.

But due to many limitations, Clickfunnels removed it because it neither performed nor added value to users. For that, you would be much better getting LeadPages.

2. Clickfunnels Starter Plan – $97/month

ClickFunnels Cost

This is where the game begins. 

(Before you sign up, take a test drive for 14 days before you decide).

It’s the most popular Clickfunnels plan. It gives you the essential features needed to grow a mid-sized business with sales funnels.

Some of these features include.

  • 20 funnels per month

  • 100 subpages within each funnel

  • Three custom domains

  • 20,000 monthly visitors

  • Three payment gateways

  • Email Integrations

  • Funnel sharing feature

  • Order, Upsell, and Downsell pages

  • Funnel hacker forum (private)

  • FunnelFlix (limited access)

  • Chat support

  • Optin funnels

  • A/B split testing

Clickfunnels starter plan is suitable for a business starting with sales funnels. These can be digital entrepreneurs of affiliate marketers selling high ticket offers.

After getting some traction, it’s advisable to move to the top-tier plan with more robust features.  

3. Clickfunnels Platinum Plan – $297/month

ClickFunnels Platinum is part of ClickFunnels cost

I recommend this plan to large enterprises, marketing agencies, and large eCommerce businesses.

In most cases, these businesses desire to build lots of funnels to accommodate their traffic spikes. Or they want the flexibility of creating unlimited offers to scale their growth.

This plan gives you access to all the Clickfunnels features, which are:

  • Unlimited unique visitors

  • Unlimited funnels

  • Three sub-users

  • Access to follow-up sales funnels (build email lists, automation)

  • Backpack (affiliate system)

  • Nine payment gateways, including Android pay and apple pay.

  • Priority support through chat

  • Weekly peer review virtual hackathons

  • Funnel Flix (all courses).

  • Unlimited contact leads

  • The built-in Clickfunnels email marketing system was called Actionetics, now Follow-Up Funnels.

  • Affiliate marketing management program called Backpack

That’s not all. By upgrading to the plan, you unlock three powerful benefits with pretty nifty features.

I. FunnelFlix 

Funnelflix is the Netflix of internet business. It’s a video training platform featuring top entrepreneurs and internet marketing minds.

Talk of Tony Robbins, Julie Stoian, Stephen Larsen, and all the big names you can think of.

Here’s Russel giving an in-depth description of Funnelflix.

Upgrading to Clickfunnels platinum gives you access to Funnelflix platinum. You can watch hours of training modules in marketing, traffic, copywriting, sales, system, peak performance, and business strategies.

FunnelFlix justifying ClickFunnels cost

Talking about courses, here are my most favorite:

  • 10x secrets

  • The warrior’s way doctrine

  • Funnel U

  • List Building secrets

  • 30days

  • Affiliate Bootcamp

Now get this. If you were to purchase these training separately, you’d have to part with more than $25,000.

For example, some content was recorded from live events that charged $10,000 in attendance fees. There’s also special training by inner circle members that went for $15,000.

Getting such valuable content for 8300% off is an offer you can’t get anywhere else.

II. The Funnel Hacker Forum

The Clickfunnels official Facebook group has over 267k members. What is surprising is that Clickfunnels has slightly over 100k paying customers.

This means that most people in the group aren’t using Clickfunnels. They are just engaging and networking with other members….. Which isn’t bad.

But Russell Brunson wanted to serve customers better. So he created the funnel hacker forum where the support team could answer questions from actual customers.

You will get this forum on the fourth tab inside Funnelflix.

III. Virtual Hackathons

A Hackathon teaser

The virtual hackathon is an idea built on funnel hacking.

(Funnel hacking is the art of examining your competitor’s sales funnels to model and test their strategies in your marketing and sales process).

Virtual hackathon’s goal is to take your funnel creation to the next level. You will practice building million-dollar funnels from scratch every week.

The Hackathon hosts are Gregory Dakins and Yashika burgess, who are Clickfunnels funnel building experts. 

Here are a few of the funnels you will learn how to create:

  • Webinar funnels

  • Sales funnels

  • Survey funnels

  • Leads funnels

  • High-ticket funnels

  • Webinar funnels

And finally, Clickfunnels recently released the annual plan for Clickfunnels starter and platinum plans. 

By upgrading to the annual plan, you don’t have to pay your monthly fees for the following year. You also get two months of Clickfunnels for free.

The ClickFunnels logo on a monitor

4. Clickfunnels Two Comma Club X 

Clickfunnels 2 comma club X is the most expensive pricing plan costing $2,497/month. It gives you access to all the content in the platinum plan. 

In addition, you get seven extra sub-users over 27 payment integrations. 

While the platinum plan limits the content in Funnelflix, the two comma club X gives you full access. 

You will get total hours of training, private consultations, and courses to help grow your business; these are:

According to Russell, the value of this content is well over $100,000. Getting everything for $2,497 every month is a pretty good deal.

What you get whit 2CCX is part of ClickFunnels cost

The following three plans I’m going to share with you are not actual Clickfunnels pricing plans. 

They are special offers for getting any of the above Clickfunnels plans for “free” or incredible discounts.

5. Funnel Hacking Secrets Masterclass

Russell Brunson is incredibly good at one thing –  leveraging Clickfunnels data to create new products.

How do you think he created the OFA challenge, the 30-day Summit, and the Clickfunnels affiliate Bootcamp?

That’s the same method he used to invent FHS.

After studying over 100,000 Clickfunnels users, he found that only 1000 had won the two comma club. That’s only 1%.

As a result, he created this course to teach the 99% what the 1% entrepreneurs did to make a million dollars from Clickfunnels.

A clickFunnels teaser

The training is divided into three sections, namely:

So how is this becoming a Clickfunnels pricing plan? 

Good question.

When you purchase the FHS for $997, you get access to the Clickfunnels platinum plan, free for six months.

There’s a catch, though.

The end goal of this training is to get anyone who purchases it to use Clickfunnels for the long term. That’s typical of Russell.

He’d create an informative training or course, sell it for a somewhat price, to make the buyers Clickfunnels customer. 

Is it ethical or even legal?

Yes, it is. Apart from getting valuable information to scale your business, you’ll use some Clickfunnels products for free. 

For instance, it will cost you $1782 if you buy the Clickfunnels platinum for six months. But by purchasing the Funnel hacking secrets, you’ll save $785.

And there’s nothing wrong if you don’t sign up after the training. So if you’re smart, this is the perfect method to onboard Clickfunnels without losing money. 

6. Funnel Builder Secrets

Like Funnel Hacking Secrets, Funnel Builder Secrets is also a Clickfunnel onboarding program…. And one of the most expensive Clickfunnels programs.

The two options cost $1997 and $2997.

Funnel builder Secrets Costs

Why is FBS so expensive?

Clickfunnels is a mix-up of so many courses, training, live events, and masterclasses. The FBS brings everything (including funnels builder secrets) under one roof. 

You will get foolproof strategies and tools direct from Russell’s kitchen to grow your business investments by ten times.

This also means that you get access to the Clickfunnels platinum for free. If you choose the first FBS option costing $1997, you get the platinum plan free for six months. 

On the other hand, the second FBS plan, which costs $2997, gives you 12 months of Clickfunnels Platinum.

That’s not all.

You will also receive advanced training programs and resources. Some of these resources include:

I have done an in-depth review on Funnel Builder Secrets, where I break everything down. Check it out here.

7. The OFA Platinum

I know you’ve been waiting for this moment. This is my secret way of getting Clickfunnels for platinum for 44% off? 

Does it sound too good to be true? Well, you’re mistaken.

The Clickfunnels OFA platinum is what you need to get a Clickfunnels platinum plan at 44% off for six months.

Now, Don’t confuse the Clickfunnels OFA challenge with the OFA platinum. They have the same mission, the same coaches, and the same content.

The only difference is that the latter gives you free access to Clickfunnels platinum for six months. The goal is to help you execute what you’re learning from the challenge on the fly.

And it comes with some juicy bonuses too.

  • 30-day coaching from Russell Brunson, Julie Stoian, and Stephen Larsen

  • Funnel Flix platinum

  • Virtual Hackathons

  • The coveted real OFA challenge with a physical copy of the book

  • Dotcom secrets, traffic secrets, and Expert Secrets book for free.

The One Funnel Away (OFA) platinum goes for $997. I know, I know, you might have expected the price to be $100 like the original OFA challenge. 

But remember, you get the Clickfunnels platinum for six months. My calculator tells me that you will save a whopping $785. 

Besides, the total value of the program with bonuses is over $13k. With all these brought down to $997, I don’t see any reason for complaining.

One funnel Away Platinum offer


I hope that this Clickfunnels cost review has answered all your questions. 

As you have seen, Clickfunnels has many products, unlike most funnel builders; these products attempt to create a solid foundation for you to make the best use of the platform.

So if you think a Clickfunnels cost is too expensive, you can go straight to the first two plans.

But if you want to get more resources with excellent content, purchase the FBS or FHS. You still get to use Clickfunnels to grow your business.

The latter option is way much better. You get a sound funnel education as you hone your skill on the fly.

And if you want to check out the competition, I have a very detailed review of the 11 Best Clickfunnels Alternatives, just for YOU!


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