August 26


How Much Does A Sales Funnel Cost in 2021?


August 26, 2021

Let’s be honest – A sales funnel cost sometimes seems overrated.

And avoiding using sales funnels for your online business isn’t the solution…

In fact, it’s the fastest way to get thrown out of business by blood-thirsty competitors.

So, if a sales funnel cost is what’s stopping you from building a successful online business, please read on…

Because what I’m about to tell you might change your life!

But before we delve into the meat of this article, let’s do some housekeeping first to ensure we’re on the same page.

What Is a Sales Funnel and How Does it work?

This image from our home page is an example of a sales funnel.

a landing page represent funnel costs

It’s called an opt-in-funnel and forms the beginning stages of a full marketing funnel.

Now, a sales funnel is a marketing strategy that marketers employ to convert website visitors into customers. It is the steps and phases they’ll go through to get converted to paying customers. 

In simple terms:

It is the buying the cycle site visitors will take when they land on your website until they buy your product or service. 

 The different stages in a sales funnel act like “sieves,” which direct the perfect visitors to the checkout page.

Sales funnels are a must-have in today’s business environment — they bring in more revenue, help build customer loyalty, and improve the overall customer experience. 

You can create one yourself if you know how they work. Some professionals help with this, but it certainly helps if you know what you’re doing.

How to Make Sales Funnel Effective For Your Business 

When you spend money on a marketing funnel, then it’s fair that it works for you.

After all, that’s the end goal of every marketing strategy. Studies have it that a good marketing ratio should be 5:1. 

That means every dollar spent on marketing should yield a revenue of $5. 

campaign performance is part of a funnel cost

But how can you make a sales funnel yield the best ROI? opt-in-funnel

Whether you hire someone to do it for or use funnel-building software? Here are some tips to help you out.

  • Build a Landing Page 

You’ve probably heard the old saying: “You never get a second chance to make a first impression.” 

If you don’t create a perfect landing page, you’ll never have an opportunity to wow prospects with your stunning product or professional copy. 

Include clear, concise copy that describes the exact value of your product and service.

  • State Your Offer (Valuable to The Customer, of course )

For interest to turn into intent, brands need to give their prospects a clear incentive for providing their contact information. 

Many businesses use free e-books or whitepapers as the entry point for their email lists. 

Other companies might offer a subscription to a newsletter — sometimes paid, sometimes not.  

  • Close the Deal with a Compelling Offer 

Closing the deal isn’t always easy. 

You may need to entice a prospect with a unique offer or a special promotion. 

By closing the sale, you will significantly increase your business’ revenue and even boost customer retention. For example, Cllickfunnels offer two months free when you purchase any annual plan.

2 months of ClickFunnels for free

  • Optimize Your Sales Funnel 

Whenever you plan a content strategy, start at the top of the sales funnel. 

Evaluate your current content and see if it is pulling in enough prospects from your target market. 

After all, it’s almost impossible to move leads down the funnel if you aren’t getting them there in the first place. 

Content that isn’t capturing attention is either too dull or doesn’t have a strong enough CTA.

  • Nurture your leads 

Now that you have their email address, why not go ahead and send them a couple of interesting articles that will help them learn more about your product? 

And remember not to bombard them with too much content. Aim for one or two emails per week.

How Much Does Marketing Funnels Cost?

No matter the strategy you choose, it’s going to cost you something. 

Here are a few examples of how you can build a solid marketing funnel that will boost your sales and keep you in front of clients — with the costs associated with each. 

We’ll compare the cost of hiring someone or creating the funnel yourself using a high-end funnel builder like Clickfunnels.

How Much Does a Funnel Cost If You Outsource?

While some brands may find hiring a freelance marketing funnel expert or digital marketing agency easier, they must realize that a team of professionals comes at an expensive cost. 

But at the same time, agencies are skilled in conversion rate optimization and SEO to help businesses see quicker returns on their investments.

So if you’re a solo blogger or just started a new store, outsourcing to an agency or an independent contractor may not be a viable option due to cost.

  1. Agency costs 

Agencies may be on the pricey side compared to independent funnel consultants. 

Charges depend on the agency’s size, brand reputation, and the nature of your marketing funnel. 

A small agency may charge way less than a big agency working with 500 fortune companies and has a substantial social presence.

For example, a small agency may charge $500 for a simple marketing funnel, while a sizable high-end agency may charge $5000 for the same.

So there’s no exact price for this service because it comes down to who you ask to do it for you.

Before hiring an agency, please know how they work with clients and whether they can deliver results.

  1. Freelancer Funnel costs 

A freelance funnel expert is a marketer who can help you build and implement internet marketing funnels on a contract basis.

Fundamentally, with the proper guidance, any business can become a successful online enterprise. 

Even if it’s your first time using a funnel, these experts will help you set up and maintain a profitable business in no time.

Freelancers funnel creators charge according to:

  • Experience

  • Reputation

  • The complexity of your funnel. 

You can pay from $30-$10,000 depending on the freelancer you engage and where you find them. 

For instance, if you find someone on marketplaces like Fiver or Upwork, your sales funnel cost may be less than $100.

On the other hand, if you consult an independent funnel expert with massive social proof and testimonials, you’ll have to part with $1000+ for a single funnel. 

Side note: if you’re a freelancer wondering how much to charge for a sales funnel, consider the factors above for your rate card.

Whoever you hire, ensure you’ve enough information about their services to ensure you spend the right amount on the right person for the perfect product.

Justifying Freelancer And Agency Sales Funnel Costs 

As I said, this hiring route is expensive. 

However, it doesn’t mean that freelance consultants and agencies are out to extort money from you. 

Most of these prices are justifiable considering the job of building marketing funnels, time spent, and premium tools used.

If an agency owner will spend time going back and forth with you or the sales team on zoom and pay their team – then it’s not a surprise to ask for a $10,000 retainer check. 

The same applies to solo freelancers – they’ll charge accordingly.

I don’t mean to label outsourcing as the absolute worst way to build a sales funnel. But it’s an expensive method compared to using software to make one yourself. 

However, it does work, and many great funnel experts can change your marketing campaigns for the better.

Using ClickFunnels to Build a Sales funnel: What’s the Funnel Cost? 

The tools for building effective sales funnels are now so advanced. 

You can now make a highly functional sales funnel with just a few clicks. Thanks to the thousands of templates that can help you on your way. 

So instead of paying web developers the top dollar to build your marketing funnel, use these tools.

A software like ClickFunnels has all the features you’d need. With dozens of pre-built templates and visual workflows for designing your funnel, you can quickly launch new campaigns without spending weeks on design.

turn visitors into buyers is part of the cost

ClickFunnels is a powerful, all-inclusive funnels and landing page builder. Start with prebuilt, professional templates to launch your business quickly. 

You’ll then offer value in the form of free ebooks, videos, webinars, and more. You can also choose from hundreds of designs to customize your landing page or create an entirely new one from scratch.

You get everything you need in Clickfunnels with the $99/month Basic plan — from low-cost membership sites and sales funnels to autoresponders and lead generation forms. 

The Funnel Hacking masterclass going for $997 is a bargain for what Clickfunnels offers.

You save hundreds of dollars on the regular price, and it comes with a one-month money-back guarantee. 

Other advanced plans include 

  • Pro plan for Small businesses ($297/month) — unlimited sales funnels, landing pages, and domains

  • The Two Comma Club for Enterprises ($2497/month) — unlimited sales funnels, landing pages, and domains.

I’ve done a detailed guide on Clickfunnels pricing in this article. Check it out.

ClickFunnels or Outsourcing? 

Once you’ve understood the basics of how a funnel works, put your skills to use and build one of your own. 

It certainly won’t be easy, but you’ll learn a lot. This include:

  • How to get real users to give you honest feedback on your idea.

  • How to test marketing material and landing pages with A/B tests.

  • How to take customer care requests from a simple knowledge base right into live chat support.

If you feel the monthly fee is too much, think about the costs of getting a pro or an agency to get your work done. 

You have to pay hourly rates until your funnel is done, hold meetings to give briefs and project expectations. 

Not to mention some will require you to pay an upfront retainer fee so that they can start working. 

Now, that’s a lot of time and money spent on just one part of your marketing campaigns. But, remember you have other operations of your business that require time and money too. 

Important Question

So why spend $10,000 on a single sales funnel? 

You can use a fraction of that money to buy Clickfunnel’s basic plan that allows you to create up to 20 funnels per month?

You may also think of hiring someone on Fiverr for less than 100 bucks. But come to think about it. 

Even if it’s just a hundred bucks….

Are you sure you’ll get satisfying results? 

Is the seller on Fiverr an expert enough to run your high ticket e-commerce campaigns? 

The chances are that the freelancer may not deliver much since they have to hurry your project and pick the next project. 

$100 isn’t enough to put food on anyone’s table or hire the right skill to deliver a marketing funnel that converts.

Furthermore, if you opt for Clickfunnels, you dictate how your sales funnel will look regardless of what payment plan you choose. 

So I would recommend you build your marketing funnel instead of hiring a developer.


If you’re looking for ways to generate sales and leads for your business online, a sales funnel is the perfect solution for you.


Because sales funnels are one of the most effective lead generation tools on the web, it allows you to collect information from visitors, convert them into leads, and then transform them into customers.

And if you’re using Clickfunnels, you can be sure you’re not barking the wrong tree when it comes to your digital marketing efforts.


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