April 12


Funnel Scripts Review 2021 – This is How You Fire Your Copywriter


April 12, 2021

Are Funnels Scripts The Tool That Will Make Things Go Right?

Not sure what to expect in Funnel Scripts? Welcome to my funnel scripts review? Before we delve in, let’s first talk about the whole idea of funnel scripts – copywriting.

Copywriting is the most potent form of writing. The concept is simple. Write meaningful and powerful words that can compel your target audience to purchase your product.

Make it simple. Make it memorable. And make it inviting to look at. But make it fun to read.

Leo Burnett.

With killer copywriting skills backed up with a good product, you can quickly write a sales letter that makes $2 billion.

But learning to become a good copywriter is far from easy. It requires hundreds of thousands of hours to craft the skill.

The only thing you have in mind is to grow your business. Writing is on the lower end of your priority list.

What’s the only option? Hire a copywriter. Don’t let a happy scream yet. This idea also has its flaws.

  • Getting a good copywriter is like searching for a needle in a haystack. 

  • If you find one that understands your goals, you will have to cough out the big bucks to sustain him.

  • No one knows your product better than you. You’ll have to train your copywriter, which won’t be enough. 

Are you fed up? Let me introduce you to Funnel Scripts.

Funnel Scripts Review – What is it?

Funnel scripts is a product of Clickfunnels created by two marketing geniuses, Russell Brunson and Jim Edwards.

Russell is the CEO and co-founder of Clickfunnels. He’s not only a marketing guru but a product pumping machine. Russell has a huge following of millions of entrepreneurs because of the value he gives.

Jim Edwards is a marketing professional and has focused on copywriting. He’s also the owner and founder of Guaranteed Response Marketing and the Jim Edwards Methods. 


                                A cartoon of Russell Brunson in our Funnel Scripts review articleA Cartoon of Jim Edwards in our Funnel Scripts review article


Their copy-generating software aims to replace your copywriter while giving you a more extensive option. 

Jim and Russell will teach you their most effective scripts to create different types of copy like email, sales copy, VSL copy, and Ad copy.

The scripts are not like the available copies you’ll get in most copywriting software reviews. They’re based on your target market, issues, challenges, and how your products can help them.

Difference Between Funnel Scripts And Automatic Scripts

If you have read automatic script reviews, note that these are two different products. Funnel script is copywriting software from Clickfunnels, while Automatic Scripts is from Brand Callen, Doodly’s developer.

Automatic Scripts has the advantage that it is more flexible. You can even create 12 emails from one single script that sells two or more products making it a worthy funnel script alternative.

It also has the advantage that it is a collection from the best copywriters, not just the brain of Russell Brunson. But Funnel scripts are more structured and will let you craft a complete funnel copy in a few minutes.

Funnel Scripts Review – Why Does It Matter?

Are funnel scripts the alternative to copywriters? I know it isn’t very safe when we talk about AI taking over. But it isn’t.

The software was birthed with the idea that entrepreneurs waste time using copywriting “plug and play” formulas.

You can have done the challenging task of driving traffic to your website. But if your copy isn’t converting, your marketing campaign is as good as dead.

The reason for funnel scripts isn’t to bring competition to copywriters. Nothing, more so software, can replace your brand’s voice.

Besides, if funnel scripts were the solution, it could have been going for over $20,000. It’s not like you’ll throw in a few keywords into the software and start getting a profit of 300% from the copy it generates. There are a lot of things to learn before you win the copywriting game.

Copywriters, too, can use it to hone their skills. As a copywriter, you can learn how to write any marketing copy without enrolling in costly courses.

In fact, in an interview with Stew Smiths, Jim Edwards said that he finds it easier to use funnel scripts for other people as a copywriter.

Funnel Scripts Review – What Does it Entail?

The Funnel Script Package commercial bundle software


Source: funnel scripts

I have used funnel scripts. I have to warn you that you’ll be bombarded with many things when you log into your account.

This can be both good and bad. It depends. You also have to note that the learning curve is a bit steep, more so if you’re new to copywriting software.

On the upside, the team has ensured it gives out as many extensive video tutorials as possible to wet your feet. You’ll also get access to the funnel scripts blog for updates and more information on how to sharpen your copywriting skills.

Once you’re done, go back to the sidebar, where you’ll spend most of your time. Before we check the elements of funnel scripts, I believe you are curious to know it works. Try out this free headline analyzer from funnel scripts to get a little experience.

Below are the categories of funnels scripts content.

  1. Video Scripts and Sales Copy

The most critical scripts in this category are:

With e-commerce booming, there is a significant demand for copy. But the writers are not there. This script will help you create killer copies for your amazon site or any other eCommerce platform.

It’s straightforward. All you need to do is enter your products’ details and your customers’ and generate engaging copy.

  • Lead Capturing Scripts

We all know that capturing leads is tough to battle. This script will help you create killer capture leads that none of your site visitors won’t run away from.

  • Order Bump Secrets

One product is never enough when it comes to internet marketing. Russell teaches you how to add order bumps to your funnels using the right words in this script.

  • Call to Action Scripts

With this script, you’ll be able to create powerful CTAs for your texts, images, and buttons.

  • Million-dollar Testimonial Script

Testimonials are the fuel to generating consistent customers. This script teaches you how to convince your previous customers to write killer testimonials for you.

  1. Sales Letters

This category focuses on creating engaging sales copy. The content includes Long-form sales letter scripts, PPT video sales letter scripts, and short sales letter scripts.

  1. Title Scripts

Everyone can write titles, but only expert copywriters can write irresistible headlines. It takes years and thousands of headlines to master the art.

But you don’t need those years to be perfect like Jon Morrow. Russell reveals all of them in the title scripts. 

You’ll learn about short headline scripts, good title scripts, email subject line scripts, and killer headlines V2.0.

  1. Bullet Scripts

Do you want to create more compelling and engaging bullet points? This script will show you how to do just that. It comprises Brunson bullet scripts, feature, benefits, meaning (FBM) bullet scripts.

  1. Email Scripts

This script shows you how to write engaging proportional or follow-up emails. The script’s content includes auto-email follow-up scripts, faster teaser and tweet scripts, webinar promotion scripts, and webinar follow-scripts.

  1. Advertising Scripts

The focus of this section is to help you in creating powerful ad copies that guarantee results. The scripts in this category are:

  • Curiosity ad copy scripts

  • Stealth Close scripts

  • Facebook newsfeed ad scripts

The Downloadable Wizards

Funnel scripts are so loaded that you can’t access everything online. What you won’t get inside the funnel scripts dashboard is given in an offline version known as the downloadable wizards.

It comprises six sections, as discussed below.

  1. The Perfect Webinar Wizard

This is a free bonus with many downloadable scripts to teach you how to sky-rocket your revenue using webinars. The contents of the course include:

  • Write your webinar

  • Follow-up emails

  • Promotional emails

  • Ads

  • A lot more 

Though this is a small piece of the funnel scripts, you’ll learn the secrets Russell used to make over $100 million doing the perfect webinar.

  1. Easy VSL Wizard

The world is fast-changing, and videos are becoming a powerful form of marketing. With this script, you’ll learn how to generate powerful VSL copies for your offers.

  1. Easy Survey Wizard

Survey funnels are powerful for one thing – they present the right product to the right target market. 

That means you might be missing out on a massive ROI if you don’t know what questions to ask your audience when funneling them down.

In this script, you get the secret 13 questions you need to ask when creating your survey. Based on your answers, the software suggests more questions if your responses don’t rhyme with your audience.

  1. Master Class Wizard

You can’t be a master without followers. In digital marketing, you get these followers by writing powerful promotional copies. This is what you’ll learn in the master class wizard.

  1. Star Story Solution Script

Stories are powerful. A well-crafted tale on a copy can potentially increase the value of your product by 2706%. See how Steven generated an ROI of $12,000 in less than twenty minutes using a compelling story.

What is the secret of powerful storytelling?

This script will reveal all the secrets you need to know. Note that these teachings are from someone who charges a $2,000 coaching fee per month. It’s a deal you can’t miss.

  1. The Podcast and Facebook Live Wizard

This script is ideal if you are planning to interview experts in your niche. It’s simple; you need to answer 16 questions to create your perfect script.

I think they could have included the Traffic Secrets Scripts in the funnel scripts membership. 

They included scripts from Expert secrets and Dotcom secrets which was a good cause. But Traffic Secrets is a compelling book with many scripts that brings the whole thing together.

I tend to believe that was what Russell Brunson would have done. However, Jim Edwards converted Russell’s scripts into a computer program that would never see the big picture. I think that he is cheap (don’t tell anyone).

How Much Does Funnel Script Cost?

Funnel scripts have undergone pricing plan changes over the years. When it first came out, it went for a yearly subscription of $500. 

As time went by, Russell and the team noted that more and more people needed to access it and decided to make it a one-time purchase.

Now it costs $797, which you pay once, and you get access to the features we have talked about and more. 

But there is a catch if you’re wondering how to get funnel scripts for free.

If you purchase the elite Funnel Builder Secrets, you get it as part of the free subscription. Learn more about the Funnel Builder Secrets with its pricing on my review here.

A pricing table

Funnel Scripts Review – What About Bonuses?

All Clickfunnels products come with bonuses, and so are the funnel scripts. Though a few users claim that the bonus has a few cons underneath. 

They’re hidden in the funnel scripts dashboard at the bottom of the navigator sidebar. The bonuses are worth $127,394, but you get them for a mere $797 for lifetime access.

The bonuses include:

  • Inception secrets

  • 5 Fast shared funnels

  • Copywriting Secrets Masterclass

  • Funnel Blueprints

  • Live monthly call with Jim Edwards.

Funnel Scripts Pros

  • It has an easy onboarding program.

  • A complete suite program to become a better copywriter

  • Numerous scripts to get inspiration and which saves time

  • The bonuses are beneficial

  • The scripts cover a wide range of marketing for different cases

  • The downloadable wizards are handy and have more detailed scripts

Funnel Script Cons

  • Some people still claim it’s expensive (Which I don’t think as it’s a one-time purchase).

  • A few inputs don’t add much value to what you already know

  • It lacks a severe organization for the many features.

Funnel Scripts Review  – My Final Take

We can all agree that funnel scripts are an excellent product to add to your marketing arsenal. If you don’t have the time to write your copy or have the big budget to hire an in-house copywriter, the product would be an affordable and worthy purchase. 

Have you used funnel scripts? How was your experience?


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