March 15


Funnel Builder Secrets Review 2021 – Is it The Best Clickfunnels Offer Yet?


March 15, 2021

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This Funnel Builder Secrets Review is Tailored Made For You!

The goal of this Funnel Builder Secrets Review is to reveal what to expect inside and determine if it’s worth your thousands of dollars. Aren’t you torn between purchasing funnel builder secrets and sticking to your general knowledge of sales funnels

Now, why is Funnel Builder Secrets such a big thing now?

If you’re an avid reader and a hard-working entrepreneur, then you likely spend your free time reading tons of blogs, whitepapers, and research stats on your field.

While these are good learning resources, they aren’t practical. They don’t give you enough information that will help in vital decision-making.

So what do you need?

It would be best to have a proven and practical blueprint covering your business’s ecosystem from copywriting, funnel building, customer attraction leads conversions, and driving traffic.

In a nutshell, you need Funnel Builder Secrets.

Funnel Builder Secrets Review – What is it?

To ClickFunnels’ users, they might consider FBS as the successor of Funnel Hacks.

This is a comprehensive training offered by Russell Brunson’s with many other awesome guys from the ClickFunnels team on funnel secrets.

It’s very resourceful with extra programs to make the most out of your ClickFunnels experience.

Unlike the one funnel away challenge, which teaches you how to create your first sales funnel, the FBS program is everything you need as a newbie or a master in sales funnels.

It will teach you foolproof strategies and the powerful tools you need to grow your online sales by ten times your investment. Yes, that’s not just a quote but reality.

Stay with me as we unravel everything in this Funnel builder secrets review before you take out your wallet.

Who is Behind Funnel Builder Secrets?

A photo of Russell Brunson in a presentation is part of the Funnel Builder Secrets Review article

Russell Brunson is the name. Talk of funnels, and you’ll be describing him.

Russell is the CEO of ClickFunnels, the number one company in Entrepreneur 360, 2019. He has worked together with moguls like Dean Graziosi, John Reese (who once made 1 million dollars in a single funnel in 18 hours), and Tony Robbins.

Russell is a product-pumping machine, and he never disappoints in whatever he creates. That’s why we have dedicated this site to review most of his products like this, this, and this.

How do you know Funnel Builder Secrets is for you?

I would say there are a couple of reasons why you should purchase the Funnel Builder Secrets.

First of all, if you’re a ClickFunnels user in the basic plan, you’re limited to only creating 20 funnels every month. This might not be enough if you sell a lot of products or build funnels for sale.

Upgrading to the premium plan is a good idea but not better than purchasing the FBS. Why? The training is above, giving you access to the ClickFunnels Etison Suite

The additional packages are worth thousands of dollars, which you get in a single product, saving you lots of money.

The other reason is if you’re a beginner and don’t have any idea of this sales funnel thing. The training will arm you with value-packed packages to rocket-boost your start-up.

The training would best fit marketers and entrepreneurs who want to dive into sales funnels. You will learn how to maximize your revenue from the investment you spend in online marketing. 

Note that it only fits serious entrepreneurs who want the best for their businesses. If you’re not willing to invest in this high-priced training, this funnel builder secrets review won’t help you. 

Funnel Builder Secrets Review – What is Inside? 

A round dial that presents the different stages of prospect customer


“Packed to the brim” is the sentence I would use to describe the content of FBS. It’s like a complete finger-licking buffet with all your favorite meals.

Most important of all is that it is packaged with 6 -12 months of ClickFunnels Etison suite in either of the plan you’ll choose. This also means that you get ClickFunnels email marketing software, Actionetics, for free.

Below are more packages you get if you enroll in the training now.

  1. Funnel Hacks Masterclass

Do you like being sneaky? Funnel hacks masterclass will show you how to up your game on spying on your competitors.

This is a 6-week training by Russell Brunson that teaches how to get into other people’s funnels, find out their most effective funnels and make up from each funnel.

  1. Funnel Builder Secrets Training

You’re not a tech geek, and this funnel stuff makes your ears bleed. Is this you?

Perfect, the funnel builder secrets training will turn you into a funnel expert in 10 video modules. 

This is how entrepreneurs transform their businesses from earning $10,000/month to $100,000/month. 

To kickstart your funnel builder secrets training, you’ll learn what Russell calls the death of websites.

Is this true? We tackled it on our ClickFunnels vs. websites comparison. Be sure to check it out. 

Research shows that 73% of leads to your website aren’t ready to buy anything from you.

Funnel Builder Secrets is armed to show you why you need to go the sales funnel way. You’ll learn about Russell Brunson’s theories of the hook, story, and offer. (Also taught in One Funnel away Challenge).

Be sure to check module 7. It speaks about creating mobile-friendly funnels, which many online marketers don’t address. You might be making the same mistake.

  1. Traffic Secrets

So you have a product that you’re sure your customers will kill for? You did a good job. The next big task ahead of you is driving traffic to your sales funnels.

The art and science of driving traffic to funnels isn’t a walk in the park. The few that understand it will charge you lots of money to show you the trick.

But it’s simple. In the traffic secrets section, the team unravels the hidden secrets in 9 modules.

These cover areas like;

  • Keyword science

  • SEO

  • Google Adwords

  • Facebook ads

  • Youtube marketing

  • Leveraging competitor traffic

  • Podcasts and Broadcasts

Russell also teaches about copywriting. And guess what? Copywriting is not 100% writing but only 30%. 

He will reveal the other 70%, which covers product research, power words to use, Bullet letter formulas, HTML tags, and the core elements of writing killer copy.

  1. Funnel Scripts

Do you want to say goodbye to your copywriter for good and invest the money you’ve been paying him somewhere else?

Funnel scripts are the answer.

It is software that will do your copy. It takes care of ad copies, webinar slides, email sequences, sales letters, and much more.

All you need to do is to fill out a form and answer questions revolving around your products like your:

  • Target keyword 

  • Ideal customer

  • Product offer

Funnels script automatically writes your copy which might be more effective than your human copywriter. All this will save you $797, which is the actual funnel script price.

Russell Brunson and master copywriter Jim Edwards give out tons of templates to use. You also get all the funnel script templates that are in Dotcom Secrets and Expert Secrets.

  1. BackPack

ClickFunnels has made a name as the only software with thousands of affiliate promoting it. What secret did they use to get here?

Everything is revealed in the backpack.

It is an affiliate sales management system that allows you to track the stages of your leads. Setting it up is easy and makes it seamless to manage your affiliate sales. This will enable you to generate the ROI that you badly need to keep expanding your business.

  1. Actionetics (Follow-Up Funnels)

Actionetics is ClickFunnel’s email marketing system. It allows you to create follow-up funnels and broadcasts to your leads without leaving the ClickFunnels system.

With Actionetics, you can segment a list of your contacts and send personalized emails that speak to their current needs. Plus, it allows you to get an action lead scoring system.

Though a fancy software, I don’t prefer Actionetics as it doesn’t come with the automation capability I want. I’d instead choose ActiveCampaign, which is my forte in email marketing.

Still, there is nothing to lose if you purchase the FBS. Actionetics doesn’t cost an extra dime, and you can integrate ClickFunnels with your preferred email marketing tool.

On top of Actionetics, CickFunnels gives you a complete CRM tool to help in managing your contacts. 

Funnel Builder Secrets Review – How much Does it Cost?

Funnel builder secrets are currently available in two plans. Both plans give you access to the CickFunnels Etison suite between 6-12 months. 

This ClickFunnels plan costs $297/month, which means you’ll save between $1782 to $3564 by purchasing FBS.

  1. Funnel builder secrets (with six months of CickFunnels Etison suite Enterprise. 

This package goes for $1997. Its features include;

  • Funnel Hacks Masterclass

  • Unlimited funnels bonus

  • 12 months of funnel scripts

  • Traffic secrets membership

  • 30-day money-back guarantee.

Besides, ClickFunnels offers special webinar training for this plan. It’s hosted by the CF team and Kaelin Poulin, the founder of the Layboss movement.

  1. Funnel Builder Secrets (with 12 months of Clickfunnels Etison Suite Enterprise)

The second plan costs $2997 and includes the following;

  • Funnel  Builder secrets training

  • Traffic secrets membership

  • 12-month access to funnel scripts

  • Funnel hacks masterclass

  • Unlimited funnel bonus

As you can see, there isn’t much that is added to the second plan apart from the extended access to the ClickFunnels Etison Suite for six more months.

For a ClickFunnels user, you understand how valuable the ClickFunnels Etison Suite. Having it for a year can do a big turnaround for your business.

ClickFunnels Etison suite pricing is part of the Funnel Builder Secrets Review article

Wait! Wasn’t there a Third Funnel Builder Secrets Plan?

Yes, you’re right.

The third plan that cost $5997 was available, but ClickFunnels doesn’t currently offer it. The main package in this plan was the 8 Click start Coaching calls.

It was an onboarding program where you’d have a special ClickFunnels coach who would be with you for eight weeks. 

The program was divided into five sections which included;

  • Creating your value ladder and funnel blueprints

  • Getting your order pages, OTO, integrations, and products

  • Laying blueprints for your follow-up funnels inside Actionetics

  • Funnel testing publishing and optimization.

We can all agree that the Click Start program was fantastic. But since ClickFunnels removed it from FBS, what’s the next step?

Simple. You can apply for coaching in the ClickFunnels dashboard through the application form. The calls are also offered in their dashboard.


  • Comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee for all the plans.

  • Massive selection of resources and training with unlimited life access.

  • You get everything about ClickFunnels which you can also teach to your team.

  • The FBS has an easier learning curve with trainers who are good at what they do.


  • It’s costly, the only package in ClickFunnels that goes over $1000.

  • It will take you some time to complete all the training.

  • Established funnel builders will find the training at the start very basic.

Funnel Builder Secrets Review – Bottomline

No doubts that Funnel Builder Secrets is the best deal from ClickFunnels. You’ll save a lot of money and get value-packed knowledge to help in running your business. One thing you will need is a good sales copy. ClickFunnels has you covered with Funnel Scripts. But read this review before you commit.

You will cover many areas in your sales funnel strategy with pro funnel builders and trainers.

Do you think you can give it a try today? I hope our Funnel builder secrets review has answered all your concerns. Let us know in the comment what you think we left out.

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