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Expert Secrets Review – Why It’s a Must-Have Book In 2021?


December 23, 2020

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The Expert Secrets Book Review

How would you feel if you became a household name in your business field? Imagine positioning yourself as an expert and having thousands of fans screaming your name. If this is your goal someday, then you better read this expert secrets review to the end. You’ve probably read tens of expert secrets reviews online. But it’s a bit tougher to distinguish between honest reviews from what’s not true. We researched the content and believe that this Expert Secrets book review is what you need to help you make a purchase decision. 

So if you think you’re ready, let’s dig in? 

Expert Secrets Review: What’s Inside the Book?

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Expert Secrets by Russell Brunson is a book aimed to answer a question most entrepreneurs have. 

That is how to turn from just another business owner to an expert that does more than selling a product/service.

The online marketing book will teach you how to become a mesmerizing expert in your niche, build “covalent-bond” trust with your customers, and make the most money for your advice.

An exciting nugget of wisdom I learned from Russell Brunson is that making huge sales isn’t determined by the type of funnel you use, your design layout, or even the type of product you’re selling (It doesn’t matter how awesome it is).

Instead, it’s dependent on these four factors:

  • How you communicate with the leads who’ve entered your funnels.

  • How you’ve mastered your storytelling.

  • By changing your business from a transactional business to a transformational movement.

  • How you build rapport with your website visitors.

In summary, this is the power of personalization, which 91% of consumers prefer to buy from. Russell Brunson calls it “the art of being an expert to your dream customer.”

So you no longer have to keep hiding behind the minor success of your brand. But I don’t mean you have to start speaking on stage. I confess that I also have stage fright.

What do I mean? Your platforms are your funnels and also your virtual stage.

The book shows you how to fearlessly come out, create stories that move people, and build a massive following of die-hard fans.

Before you’re through with this expert secrets review, you’ll see the importance of adding the book to your library. Trust me, the success of your business lies within the 302 pages.

Expert Secrets Review: Who is the author?

Russell Brunson is a household name when you speak of funnels and online marketing. He is the co-founder and CEO of the award-winning funnel builder company, Clickfunnels.

He’s also authored two popular books:

Together with Todd Dickerson, they founded Clickfunnels company in 2014. It has grown to become a Fortune-500 company with a net worth of $360 million and has over 300,000 current active customers.

If you don’t know about Russell Brunson, I’d love to give you the types of programs he’s running together with the Clickfunnels team. These include;

The cover image of Clickfunnels dream car contest

As you can see, Russell Brunson is a demi-god. He’s been doing sales and marketing for two decades. Everything he touches turns to gold.

It wouldn’t be a bad idea to get insights from him to position yourself as an expert.

If you’re still wondering if an expert secrets book is for you, check out if you belong to these industries;

  • Small/local business

  • Info products

  • E-commerce

  • Network marketing

  • Non-profit

  • B2B

  • Freelancer/Agency

  • Affiliate marketing/blogger

Russell Has Released Two Other “Secret Books,” How are Expert Secrets Different?

The first of Russell Brunson’s books was DotCom secrets back in 2015. The launch took the internet by storm and sold over 200k copies in the first few months. 

Dotcom Secrets is a complete guide on starting an online business the right way.  Russell reveals 21 secrets on creating powerful funnels and offers, understanding your demographic, and educating your visitors to purchase your product.

Dotcom secrets and Expert secrets are connected since the latter sheds more light on what you learn in the former.

Now that you’ve learned how to start a successful online business, expert secrets welcome you to a new business model – Expert business.

It’s a type of business model based on sharing your expertise you got from your business. You make not only an impact but also good money in return.

The last piece that came out in 2020, Traffic secrets, is an entirely different book. It aims to show you the secrets of driving traffic to your website, funnels and creating a massive fan base that will keep coming back to buy from you.

Expert Secrets Review: Summary of the Book in 1000 words

Expert secrets have four sections with 19 power-packed secrets on how to become the next Dean Graziosi.

In this section of our expert secrets review, we’ll skim across some of the essential secrets that you sure want to know. By the end of this, you’ll be wanting to get more from the book.

If you don’t like getting your curiosity aroused by “half-baked content,” feel free to order the free book now at the link below.

Now, let’s get to the exciting part.

Section One: Creating your Movement


Crowd of people in similar uniform


The questions in the online marketing space are:

  • How can I get more subscribers?

  • And, how do I get more traffic to my blog?

  • Can I create viral-worthy content? How?

  • How do I create a mass following that trusts my brand?

Only a few people have managed to crack the code to these questions. This is a small percentage of blogs that get over 100k monthly readers. Quite staggering because there’re 152 million blogs.

In this section, Russell will teach you how to do a massive mass movement. Ideally, these are your audience, fans, or community. They’re the people that look up to you and ride on your every word.

A picture excerpt of Expert secrets book


But for this to happen, there’re a lot of things you must achieve. A few that Russell talks about include making yourself an attractive character or “ being lovable,” pushing for a future-based initiative, and coming with fantastic opportunities for your audience.

The opportunities are the services or products you’ll sell to your audience to make them like you. Remember, you’re the expert, and they want to do anything to follow your trail.

The mind-opening secrets you’ll love include:

  • How to find your voice from selling a product or service.

  • The concept that makes your audience move toward your offer.

  • How to re-package and represent the exact product/service you’ve been selling and get more sales at a higher quote.

  • The third stage of becoming an expert involves giving your followers hope for something you’re preparing to launch.

Section Two: Creating Belief

“Make your customer the hero of your stories.” ~ Ann Handley

Russell says that beliefs create the customer, and belief brings the results. Everything boils down to it.

If you must succeed in a resistant market, your first goal should be to change the market’s belief ecosystem before presenting your product.

It’s a similar scenario marketers face when they’re presented with a product they don’t know. They must first tune their thinking and believe that they’ll follow the course, system, or whatever it is to get results.

Russell gives you four power secrets to show how to make your massive following believe in every product you release. These include:

  • The secret of creating the “Aha!” moment for your audience. This gives you the perfect way to present your problem-solving idea. They’ve already pre-sold themselves into this idea even before you create the actual product.

  • The journey framework simplifies story structuring and guarantees maximum emotional impact.

  • The perfect script that creates an engaging story for your audience.

  • You can utilize the four types of stories to write a different story that hits the pain points in your customers’ heads.

Section Three: One-to-Many Selling

This section has five secrets. My favorite parts are discussed below.

  • The eleventh secret teaches the step-by-step framework that builds massive value for your customers, pre-sells them, and motivates them to make a purchasing decision immediately.

  • How to crash your customers’ false beliefs that are making them resistant to your product. Russell shows you how to do this wisely without appearing a desperate marketer.

  • Russell uses the script from the “content” part of a presentation to making an offer that closes loads of sales.

  • The last secret is the 16-favorite mini clauses you put into a presentation to persuade customers to buy your offer. 

Section Four: Becoming Your Dream Customer’s Guide

It’s always an uphill task to reach a level where your customers make you their go-to guy. There’s a lot to take in. 

That’s what Russell has been giving you in the first three sections of the expert secrets book.

In the last section, he’ll give you four secrets on how to change your customers’ lives and become a household name doing so.

My best secret in this section is the 7-day schedule you should follow for a whole year if you want to see a change in your entrepreneurial journey. 

According to Russell, this is a sure way to become a member of two comma clubs. You have to try this one out.

The next thing you’ll learn in this section is the right way to create the perfect webinar. Russell will show a script that chops your webinar to just five minutes.

And no worries. It won’t cut the value of your webinar. However, he gives some requirements for using this script:

  • It’s only applicable for FB lives.

  • Best with sales pages.

  • You can only use it if your product is under $100.

Expert Secrets Review: How much does the Book Cost?

Like all Russell Brunson books, Expert secrets are free. He’s already paid for the book. All that he’ll need you to do is covering the shipping and handling cost. 

It’s about $9.95 if you reside in the USA and $19.95 for international buyers.

There’s also an audiobook version that goes for a small fee. Check out this link to get the details on that.

The exciting thing is that the expert secrets book doesn’t come alone when you order it today. You’re also awarded excellent bonuses worth $609.95 for free. 

Below are the bonuses with respective values.

  • Hardback Copy Of Expert Secrets – ($24.95 Value)

  • Expert Evolution – ($97.00 Value)

  • Hook, Story, Offer –  ($97.00 Value)

  • The Perfect Webinar Slides – ($197.00 Value)

  • The 5-Minute Perfect Webinar – ($97.00 Value)

  • 30 Day Expert Secrets Challenge – ($97.00 Value)

Total Value: $609.95

Our expert secrets review bonus package
All the six bonuses you get after purchasing expert secrets in one photo.

Expert Secrets Review – Conclusion

Expert Secrets is one of those business books you take and never want to let go of until you internalize everything in it.

You’ll enjoy the actional advice, valuable tips, and insights from a master who has seen it all. However, to see a change in your business, you must put into action what you’ve learned.

As Theodore Roosevelt once said, “the only man who never makes mistakes is the one who never does anything.”

So get into action to confirm if what you’ve learned is true. If you make a mistake, that would be the perfect opportunity to learn.

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