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Dotcom Secrets Review 2021 – Will It Really Make you an Internet Marketing Guru?


December 11, 2020

The Dotcom Secrets Review

Starting an internet marketing career can be overwhelming. There’s a lot of information and many courses thrown over the internet. Figuring out the truth from the lies is an obstacle. And most of these courses, which promise to help you break the five-figure barrier in a few months, don’t stay true to their word. Honestly, all these will ruin you. You’ll spend thousands of dollars on these “gurus” with empty promises. And if you’re not careful, you’ll do away with this online marketing thing. But you don’t need all this. It would help if you had Russell Brunson DotcomSecrets free book. Welcome to our Dotcom secrets review. We’ll have an in-depth look to figure out if it’s suitable for your business.

Does this sound like you?

If these statements rhyme with your current status, then you need to read this Dotcom secrets review to the end.

Dotcom Secrets Review: What is the book all about?

Dotcom secrets, “the underground Playbook for Growing Your Company Online,” is an online marketing book published in 2015.

The author is Russell Brunson, who you probably know by now. Russels is an internet marketing god with a cult following of thousands of entrepreneurs all over the world. 

He has authored two other best-selling books in the online marketing space.

These include:

Dotcom secrets book (second edition) is a step-by-step and thorough guide to show you how internet marketing works and how to expand your company with sales funnels. 

The book anchors on Russells Brunson’s “secret funnel strategy,” which he learned after launching Clickfunnels in 2014. They ran tens of thousands of split tests to get the perfect funnels for every situation.

He’ll show you the exact sales frameworks, scripts, and processes that have helped thousands of companies grow at a supersonic speed. 

The book has achieved a massive milestone since it came to the public:

  • The first edition sold over 205,000 copies.

  • It has helped 789 people win the “two comma club” awards for grossing over seven figures in one of their funnels.

  • Helped 56 people win the two comma club X awards for grossing over eight figures in one of their funnels

  • It Enabled 11 people to win “Two comma club C” awards for grossing nine figures in one of their funnels.

If you’re still wondering, the book can help anyone that belongs to the following industries.

  • Blogging/affiliate marketers

  • B2B

  • Non-Profit

  • Network marketing

  • E-commerce

  • Agency/Freelancers

  • Info products and more

Dotcom Secrets Review: How to Know it’s the Best for Your Business


Russell Brunson holding four of his award-winning books

Believe me or not, the first time you’ll read the book, you’ll think it’s meant explicitly for digital marketers and online businesses only.

While this is how most bloggers present it, there’s another side of the coin that’ll surprise you. 

That’s why you’re reading this Dotcom secret review, as it presents the neatly gritty details you’ll not easily find anywhere on the net.

And I’m not denying the fact that the book aims towards taking advantage of the digital revolution.

The truth is that the Dotcom secret book gives insights and hefty packs of knowledge that’ll help brick-and-mortar businesses as well.

Besides, Russell gives more than just tips and strategies. This guy used his marketing prowess to bag in $3 million in less than 90 minutes during a presentation at the Grant Cardone conference in 2018. Here’s the entire production.

Now, getting the results you’ll want from the book is not a walk in the park. There’re a few differentiators you must possess that will determine if Dotcom secrets are for you. 

If you don’t have these qualifications, I’m sorry, but you’ll be wasting your time reading the 250-page book.

  • You Must Be Willing to Put in all the Hard Work

I won’t lie to you because I care about your business. You’ll need to invest your time and effort to get the most out of Dotcom secrets

The good thing is that the book is free, you only need two things: 

  1. The time to go through it and absorb the strategies. 

  2. Your willingness to implement what you’ve learned.

If you think this is like one of those research books that you’ll skim through and grasp everything, then you’re wrong, and your business will not likely grow.

  • You’re not Looking for a Get-Rich-Quick Solution. 

Overnight solutions don’t work, at least in dreams. Most of the successful companies you see around took years to get where they are today.

Dotcom secrets won’t make you rich in a week. But still, you won’t have to work for twenty years to join the two comma club.

The book aims to quicken your success curve while not neglecting vital growth processes. 

  • You’re ready to apply what you’ve learned diligently to your business.

It’s not like Dotcom secrets are an answer to every challenging puzzle. If it were, every other entrepreneur who has read the book would be hitting their ROI targets without batting an eye.

However, it’s a guide to help you understand your company’s needs and how to achieve them. This mentions that some parts may not apply to your business which might apply to other companies.

You’ll only have to choose the right proportions that resonate with your business situations and learn to apply them diligently to yield maximum results.

You’ll also have to do the “trial and error method” to get the best approach that rhymes with your target audience.

Dotcom Secrets Review: Impressive Bonuses

Once you take the free book now, you get fantastic bonuses worth $359.95 for free, as listed below. The only amount you’ll pay is the shipment cost going for $9.95 in the US and 19.95 intl.

  • The three Core Funnel eBook – $47 value

  • Hardback copy of Dotcom secrets – $24.95 value

  • 108 Split tests e-book – $47 value

  • Network Marketing Secrets eBook – $47 value

  • Funnel Audibles – $97 value

  • 30 day Dotcom secrets challenge – $97 value

Dotcom Secrets Review: What to expect inside the book

Russell has flexed his muscle to share with you 28 secrets categorized into five sections. 

I’d love to give you a sneak peek of what to expect. I’ll only share the secrets I learned from the book that might interest you too. Don’t hesitate to order the free book to get the whole cake if you love the bite.

As hinted earlier, Dotcom’s secrets book came out in two editions. Both are slightly different but have one goal.

Our Dotcom secrets review touches on the latest edition, not what you’ll get from other bloggers. 

Section One: Sales Funnels Secrets

The first section has eight secrets that lay the foundation of what to expect in the book. My favorite secrets are as follows;

  • Secret #1: The Secret Formula

The first thing to learn as an entrepreneur is getting to know your dream clients, how you can get them, and the results you’d want to give them.

Secret #one shows you the secret formula that’ll help you get the answers to these questions.

  • Secret #2:  The value Ladder

A picture excerpt from Russell Brunson dotcom secrets first sectionof the value ladder

How do you make customers beg you to sell them your product? Simple. By creating value before you present your product. They’ll buy it regardless of the price.

Russell shows you how to take your customers through the value ladder. This keeps them buying because you’re giving them a more customized solution.

  • Secret #4: Identities to getting your Ideal Clients

Your potential customers are online, but where precisely? Hard question. However, Russell knows places where they hang out.

He’ll give you the tricks that divert their attention to your product. Once you’ve piqued their interest, he shows how to turn them from bored internet surfers to die-hard customers that’ll keep buying your product.

A picture excerpt from Russell Brunson Traffic secrets book

  • Secret #5: The Three Types of Traffic

You don’t have to make the same mistakes those that were before you did. This secret shows you how to avoid the years of learning and setbacks by revealing the three types of traffic sources you should leverage to get quick results.

These are the:

  1. The traffic you own.

  2. The Traffic you control.

  3. And the traffic you borrow.

Which is the best type of traffic you should focus on for quicker results? The answer is in the book.

  • Secret #6: Creating a Powerful Experience

You need to keep your customers moving through all the steps of your sales funnels. Russell reveals the 7 phases of a robust sales funnel that will keep the bounce rate as low as possible.

Picture excerpt from traffic secrets book

Section Two: Funnels in the Value Ladder

This section has ten secrets on how to create value for your potential customers. Essential secrets are as follows:

  • Secret #8: Drawing Leads

This part gives you the strategies of making your customers so curious about your product that they can’t help but give you their email addresses.

  • Secret #9: The Right Customer Bucket

Not all customers have the same preferences. Your job is to identify the different types of customers you’re dealing with and separating them into different buckets. 

  • Secret #10: Building Your List

Many people have the problem of increasing their list size. Most of the strategies you’ll learn from the internet don’t work. Or you’ll have to pay a considerable amount to get their “secret strategy.”

But you don’t have to go through this ordeal. In this section, Russell reveals to you the secrets of using other people’s lists to multiple yours in a few days.

  • Secret #12: The Simple Page Formula

This part will walk you through the sales process of turning your visitors into die-hard fans that will purchase multiple of your products.

  • Secret #15: Presentation that Motivates Buying

Presentations are more than just talk shows. You’ll discover the secret source of production that Russell uses to drive in loads of sales in minutes. 

  • Secret #17: Pre-Qualifying the Right Customer for a High Ticket Offer

How do you move from selling a $47 product to a $10,000 product? It may seem impossible, but Russell has the right strategy that makes it look so easy.

You need a 3-page sales funnel and the right customer to give into your product’s value.

Section 3: Three Funnel Scripts

  • Secret #18: The headline hook

How do you create a powerful headline that sends your audience into a frenzy? In this section, you’ll learn the secrets of creating strong headline hooks that troubles your audience until they click on the “learn more icon.”

  • Secret #20: Emotional Relation to Your Customers

According to Russell, this part will show you how to sell “without selling.” Well, how do you do that? It’s by getting your customers to understand you and your product from an emotional level deeply. 

  • Secret  #22: The perfect webinar script 

The perfect webinar script from Russell is worth $50 million. You’ll get a breakdown of the hand he uses when making a presentation. You can apply what you learn in the script to your next presentation and see how it turns out.

  • Secret #23: Launching or Relaunching a product

How do you make launching or re-launching a product so big that it’s the talk of the town? This is what you’ll tackle in this section.

A perfect launch prompts your buyers to buy your product in high volume and tell their friends to do the same.

  • Secret #25: The two-person Script

This section teaches you how to enjoy working with clients and enroll new ones with the two-person script. With this script, you’ll quickly sell offers between $2,000 and $10,000.

Section Four: Building your Funnel

This is the last section with only three secrets. I specifically loved one secret that I’d love to share with you:

  • Secret 28: Test your Funnel

You can’t walk into the battlefield if you haven’t tested your gun. After going through all the 27 secrets and creating a funnel, you have to try and know if it will work or not. If it’s broken, Russell will show you the part you need to fix.

Dotcom secrets Review: Bottom line

Russell has given his best short in this book. The massive pack of marketing secrets will be relevant in the next couple of years. The book was relevant back in 2015 and is still relevant today. 

This is a sure bet. No tricks, no lies, or empty promises. If you want your business to take the success road, order the book and start working on the secrets.


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