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Designrr Review 2021 – Create your Ebook in Minutes


September 18, 2020

The Best Designrr review 2021

Welcome to my Designrr review 2021. Before we delve into the meat of this article, I’ll ask you a question. 

How do you create ebooks for your lead magnet?

I bet you use Microsoft Word for writing and formatting. For designing, you likely use Canva or photoshop. 

But doesn’t all the work stress you?

Hey! I know sometimes you get bored. It’s not easy to churn thousands of words and burn the midnight oil designing your ebook.

Moreover, you’ll have to part with at least $50 to hire an ebook designer on Upwork.

You might find help with Designrr, a robust designing software to create your ebooks in minutes.

Sounds unrealistic? You’ll be in for a big shock. I’ve used this software to create my ebooks and got more subscribers in my email marketing campaign. 

(Check out my best email marketing software that’ll work perfectly with Designrr).

Continue reading Designrr Review 2021 to learn more.

What is Designrr?

A Designrr features informational picture

Designrr is a content repurposing tool used to cut down an ebook’s design process. A little about content repurposing. 

As a blogger, you know that creating fresh content is hard. With content repurposing, you can convert one type of media to another using a medium like Designrr. It boosts your traffic and leads by reaching new clients.

You can do the following with the ebook you’ve created with Designrr.’

  • Bribe your blog visitors to get their emails

  • Make money selling the ebooks

  • Increase traffic by PDFsite and from Slideshare

  • Build your brand visibility and credibility

Who Created Designrr?

The name behind Designrr is Paul Clifford Bannister. This might not be a new name to you if you are in the software design industry.

Paul has spent 20 years developing products. He’s worked with popular platforms like Adidas, Deutsche, Nike, and other large SaaS enterprises still operating today. He also created the famous content marketing platform Kudani.

The products he develops can be trusted as they have the perfect touch of an industry expert. 

So you can have a look at it after going through my Designrr review 2021 to figure out if it’ll be a compatible fit (and I bet it will). 

Who Will Find Help with Designrr

  1. Bloggers

The only way to become an authority blogger and expert in your niche is by filling your blog with high-value ebooks. 

Why so? Ebooks have a perceived value than blog posts; they are subtle to sell and make your content marketing interactive.

Do you remember that post you made, and suddenly everybody was running to your blog? Do you remember how your stats began to hit the roof, and so was your bank account?

No doubts you’d like to create an ebook for this post. Your readers will download and share it with their friends (if it’s an impressive ebook).

This is only possible with Designrr. It allows you to increase visits as the shared ebook will link back to your site. The more shares the book records, the more readers you get, and ultimately the more sales you make.

  1. Freelance Writer

You can either decide to make your ebooks using Designrr. Or you can use this secret I’m about to tell you to bag more clients. It’s a new trick that only a few freelance writers use. So be attentive!

There are over 1.7 billion websites on the internet. Not all of them know how to use lead magnets to increase their mailing list.

This is what you’ll do.

You’ll look for these blogs (must be a high-performing blog) and pick one of their best posts. Using Designrr, convert that blog into an impressive PDF ebook.

The next thing is to contact the owners. First, congratulate them for putting up such a fantastic website. Then drop the bad news that they haven’t focused on building their list, but you have a way to revive it.

Present them the e-book you created for free. If they like it, give them an offer to create more powerful lead magnets with your “secret software.” 

This is an offer they won’t reject.

  1. Coach or Consultant

The best way to get more clients as a coach or consultant is to show your target market your best content.

Since it isn’t a pipe dream to turn them to lead magnets, Designrr brings you the most comfortable option. 

With the software, you can quickly turn your best content to lead magnets in less than 10 minutes.

  1. Marketing Agency

Instead of hiring someone on Fiverr to create your agency lead magnet, why not use one of your talented staff members to do it. You’ll save some cash.

Why? Using Designrr is as easy as cooking a batch of chocolate chip cookies. I’ll take about how to create an ebook with Designrr in a moment.

Designrr Review 2021 – How Does it Work?

An laptop infographic is part of the Designrr review

The software is designed to make work easy since online marketers don’t have the time to create ebooks or lead magnets from scratch. 

Check out the process of using Designrr.

I. Choosing Your Content Source

The first step will be to determine the type of content. It can either be a video, word document, blog post, audio, or video.

Let’s take a blog post, for example.

After logging in, you’re presented with numerous import options. You’ll choose the “import from a blog post or URL option.”

A box will appear where you’ll put the URL of the blog post you want to convert. It takes a few minutes to fetch the blog post.

You can transform all these into ebooks or podcasts and more, depending on your chosen plan. This versatility gives you more than enough options to alter what you want.

II. Make necessary Edits

This step is vital as you make the necessary revisions before you process it to the final piece. Check for simple errors like spelling mistakes, typos, and make your content clearer. 

III. Choose a Template

Designrr has over 200 templates you can choose from. This feature gives it an edge over other ebook builders like Canva and PDFelement.

The exciting thing is that you can include images where necessary using the tools copyrighted collection of photos.  If you think you have included everything, you can add the call to action.

IV. Make More Changes

This is the last step of your creation process, where you’ll do further tweaks to your piece. For instance, you can change the cover page, the number of pages, or even create a 3-D image. Once done, head over and publish your content.

Designrr Review 2021 – Features

A Canva picture part of the integration in our Designrr review.

Designrr has a lot of features to make your work as simple as possible. I can’t mention all of them, but I’ll give you the few that I think are worth knowing. I’ve talked about these in-depth in my Youtube video; check it out here.

  • Importing Feature

This is the most critical feature, in my opinion. It’s the first step to do when you think of content repurposing.

Designrr allows you to import any media regardless of the format. You can import the content from video, import from the Facebook page, import from Your Youtube page, import from PDF, and even from a word document or Google docs.

  • Free Movement Editor

The movement editor is a vital feature that most ebook-creating tools have embraced. It allows you to put content on a specific page.

Designrr has also embraced this feature. You can edit a webpage by moving things up and down to a position that best fits your needs.

To do this, tap on the menu icon and search for the tab that says “free element dragging.” Once you activate it, you can start dragging things when editing your ebook.

  • More than enough Templates

Surprisingly, many people can even spend up to $500 in getting templates. Besides, they waste a lot of time looking for that “perfect” designer (which is not easy to get).

Perhaps they have all the money, but I wouldn’t do it even if I were Jeff Bezos’ son-in-law. jeje!

And it pains me because you can get over 100 templates in Designrr.  The Pro plans give you up to 200 templates. Moreover, the software comes with 21 themes.

Designrr templates to choose from

You can customize the themes by changing the font, cover picture, and styles to create something that will make you happy.

  • Commenting Tool

This feature comes in handy if you’re creating an ebook for a client. You can collaborate with them to make work easier. In case the client needs any revisions, he will comment on the part he needs to be changed.

This saves a lot of time. There is no need for scheduling skype or zoom calls, which will be a pain in the flesh if you have several modifications.

  • Beautiful Covers

Most Designrr users love the software because it gives you the ability to create lovely covers effortlessly.  

I know there is plenty of digital software you can use. But you must have a little background in designing to use them. Or else, you’ll have to hire a designer to do the job.

Designrr comes fully loaded with more than enough professional quality covers. The good thing is that it doesn’t matter the niche of your ebook.

  • Layout and Dashboard

The dashboard is a simple, handy tool.  With it, you can adjust the font, page alignment, and background.

The software uses in-line editing technology. It means that you have to hover above the text you need to edit, and a mini-toolbar will appear. The taskbar has the editing options for the element.

This ability makes editing beginner-friendly, intuitive, and very fast. The only problem you might have is that the cursor may keep moving when editing.

Below is an image of all the features.

The Designrr features in a white background

Designrr Review 2021 – Pricing Plans

Designrr offers four pricing plans which are separated according to the features. You get more and royalty features as you climb up the rank.

When writing this article, they had an offer of $27 for lifetime access, which just blew my mind. This is something you’ll never get. Check it out here if the request is still ongoing.

I. Designrr Standard Plan

This is the lowest plan that goes for $29/month. As the skeleton of the software, the plan gives you the most basic features to start you off. 

You get 100 templates with 922 google fonts. You can import media from the web, MS word,  Google docs, and any Facebook page.

II. Designrr Pro Plan

The Designrr pro plan costs $39/month to import all media from the standard plan. But in this case, you can also export your complete ebook to kindle, iBooks, and ePub. The plan presents you with over 200 cover designs and templates with a 3D cover image tool.

III. Designrr Premium Plan

The premium plan adds an extra $10 from the designrr pro plan. With this, you get four transcription hours and the ability to clone projects and create custom templates. It also allows you to export HTML to embed it on your website. 

IV. Designrr Business Plan

The final plan on the queue goes for $99/month. The royalty features include 8 hours of transcription and all the other features available in the other plans. It will suit you if you’re a large business with lots of needs to create ebooks. 

The pricing table is part of the Designrr review

Designrr Review 2021 – Conclusion

So what do you think?

Is Designrr worth trying out today? I think it is. I’ve used it before to create my ebooks and loved the experience.

This is an honest review I’ve done. No tricks, no lies, just the correct information to the most potent ebook creator available in the market today. I can say that again and again. 

I hope my Designrr review 2021 has cleared all your doubts about the software.

Designrr review - $27-Lifetime
Designrr review 2020 logo image

Name: Designrr

Description: Build E-books, pdfs, infomercials in just a couple of minutes. Transcribe your videos into an e-book. Convert your Facebook articles and your blog collection into multiple formats for e-books, pdfs, and Amazon Kindle format! Need to transcribe your podcasts and even correct filler words. So your Aha, Uhms, etc. are not part of your text, no problem!

Offer price: $27-Lifetime!

Currency: Dollar

Operating System: Online

Application Category: eBook writer

Author: DJ

  • price - 90
  • features - 100
  • usefulness - 97
  • friendlyness - 90
  • support - 95


Designrr is a reliable tool for creating ebooks fast. No need for content creation from scratch. Use your existing blog posts and create epic ebooks for your email marketing campaign.


  • Responsive Customer support
  • Has multiple theme options
  • Easy to navigate through
  • Monthly new features
  • It saves you lots of money


  • Might crash if you select too many things simultaneously


About the author

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