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ClickFunnels templates 2021; Creating High Converting Lead-Gen Funnels


August 24, 2021

ClickFunnels Templates and Lead Generation

If you want to create a high converting lead generation funnel in less than 5 minutes, this is the article. And in this short article, you will learn how to create a high converting lead generation funnel using ClickFunnels templates. And you’ll learn the basic steps needed to get started and make your first funnel so that you become A High Converting Lead Generation ClickFunnels Lead Funnel Specialist!

This article will cover everything you need to know to create a high converting lead generation funnel using ClickFunnels. And if you want to learn how to create an opt-in email form, make a lead magnet, create a sales page, and much more, then this is the article for you.


ClickFunnels Lead Funnels

ClickFunnels has a lot of features that make it easy to build a lead funnel. And it’s one of the best ways to convert visitors into leads and eventually customers. But ClickFunnels is a tool that is made for marketers who want to grow their business. So, how Do ClickFunnels Work? You can create web pages on the software that make it easy to get your visitors from the beginning of the funnel to becoming a customer.


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How Do You Go From Zero to One?

It’s not easy making a million dollars online, but it is possible. And If you’re looking to make a seven-figure income from home, you need to have a product or service that people want. But if you don’t, there’s no point in investing so much time and money into a business that isn’t going to make you any money.

Okay, to convert a visitor into a lead, you first need to show them content that has value for them. And you can do that by using a landing page.

A landing page is simply a webpage that you put on your site to capture visitors’ attention and lead them to another page or action. Perhaps this is what makes a landing page so effective. Because It has to be something that will get your visitor’s attention and show them something of value that you can sell them.

And the easiest way to make a landing page is to use a sales funnel. And it’s just a section of your website that leads the visitor to another webpage or area of your site.

Because a landing page can be a form to capture the visitor’s information, but it doesn’t have to be. And a good example is something like a lead magnet. And this could be a downloadable spreadsheet or manual that they can use to get more information about your product.

But the reason why a lead magnet is so effective is that it gets the visitor’s attention, and even if that visitor doesn’t buy right away, it’s a great way to build your list and make more sales. And probably to that same lead for a lifetime!

What is a ClickFunnels lead generation template?

A Clickfunnels lead generation template is a pre-made set of pages and forms that you can use to create your own high converting lead generation funnel. And creating your lead generation funnel for your business is a great idea. Because the truth is, though, there are pre-made funnels out there that can help you produce a high converting lead generation funnel in no time at all!

Lead generation templates are a specific opt-in page type meant to generate leads and not engage the user with content. And they typically offer a single call-to-action form or a checkout page and often offer an incentive to get users to sign up. And we usually call that incentive lead magnet.

mrgnet for ClickFunnels templates

What is a lead magnet?

A lead magnet is an item that you give to a prospect to get them interested in taking action. The purpose of giving them this offer is to build trust with the user. In other words, when a user sees that you are giving him something for free, they assume that the offer is valuable and will be worth their time.

There’s a psychological term called reciprocity that explains this behavior. When you give someone a gift, it’s natural for them to feel obligated to give something back in return. The idea behind reciprocity is that when you receive something, you have to give something in return.

What you usually want in return is an email address that you collect in your email marketing software of choice or autoresponder to create an email list. We have put the best autoresponders to the test.

An effective lead magnet is an offer that solves a single, specific, and immediate problem your target prospect or potential customer is having that is offered in exchange for an opt-in. Usually delivered as downloadable content, such as a free

  • checklist
  • report
  • script
  • eBook
  • template
  • cheatsheet
  • case study
  • guide
  • chrome-extension
  • WordPress extension

What is the importance of your ClickFunnels Lead Generation Template?

If you need customers, you need an email list. You can sell products and services to your email list. The money is yours. You don’t have to account for social ads. Unlike Facebook, Youtube, and Google, your email list is yours, and you don’t have to worry about your account been shot down or new changes to the platform algorithm.

Once on your list, all marketing efforts are pure profit. Yes, you can be banned from any email marketing platform because they dislike your marketing tactics. Guess what? No Problem, you take your marketing game elsewhere, but the list is still yours, and it still is your greatest asset.

Russell Bronson created his autoresponder, Follow-UP Funnels because he was thrown out of various platforms.

We know from experience that you can only get people to buy your product when you have a list of them. That’s why we don’t just show you how to build an email list; we show you how to make a high-converting list.

We’ve been building lists and using email marketing software for over ten years, so we know what works and what doesn’t. We have tested and compared the best email marketing software available.

The money is in the list!

Your list is the most important thing when it comes to making money with ClickFunnels.

Without a list, you’ll be left with nothing but the company itself. If your list is not ready for the world, you have not built a scalable business yet.

It is essential to have an email list containing people interested in your niche and will buy from you.

First, email is the most effective way to grow your company. Email marketing software like ActiveCampign allows you to create a series of emails to increase your sales, bring in more customers and even start relationships with your current customers.

Second, it’s essential to build an email list because people trust you when they have given their email addresses to you.

Third, having an email list is an excellent way to contact your customers without emailing them constantly.

Fourth, it’s essential for companies that offer an online course or a product where people can sign up on.

infographic representing ClickFunnels templates

How to make a ClickFunnels Page Template?

  1. Select the page in a funnel that you would like to save as a template.
  2. .Click on Edit Page.
  3. Select General from the Settings menu.
  4. Click on Save Page As Template.
  5. Enter a name for the template.
  6. Click on Create Template
  7. The original page used to create your template acts as the master template. Any further changes to this page will continue to update the template. To avoid this, you will need to clone the page prior to saving it as a template.
  8. Hover your mouse over your template and click on Edit Template.
  9. Add tags. (optional)
  10. Check the box next to Enable.
  11. Click Update Page template.


cd save ClickFunnels templatea

How to save a page as a template in Clickfunnels?

  1.   Click on EDIT PAGE to open the page that you wish to save as a template.’
  2. Hover over SETTINGS and click on GENERAL.
  3. Click on Save Page as Template.
  4. Set the name for your template and click Create Template

How to use a Template in your ClickFunnels funnel?

  1. Go to your list and click on the page you’d like to use as a template.
  2. Then click on ‘Edit Page.’
  3. Then click on ‘Template’ and then on the template you want to use.
  4. Click on ‘Save Template.’

Why should you use these ClickFunnels templates?

I understand that you got ClickFunnels, and you’re ready to break the internet. HOLD ON! Would you please let your ego take back sit on this one? It could destroy your ClickFunnels relationship. There are a lot of marketing tricks and persuasion marketing psychology that go into funnel building. These pre-made ClickFunnels templates are usually proven to convert.

The chances of you building your first funnel to be a success are very slim. Until you take some training like the One Funnel Away Challenge or maybe a more advanced one like Funnel Building Secrets, I suggest you stick to these proven ClickFunnels templates created by more experienced marketers.

Here are other reasons why?

  • By creating a ClickFunnels template, you’re saving time because all of these pages will have the same title, description, images, etc.
  • You can then use these pages to create other pages within ClickFunnels and have a multilevel marketing type structure.
  • These ClickFunnels templates are also the easiest way to start making money with ClickFunnels. You’ll also have less work because you’ll be able to set up your entire funnel in one place, so you’ll have to add the pages.
  • Copy and paste: If you are not a designer, then this will be easiest for you because everything is already designed.
  • It also comes with the ability to customize and edit the text, images, and designs. You will be able to change colors and fonts to make it look exactly how you want it.
  • Drag and drop: This is also available for you if you want something simple without too many bells and whistles.
  • You will be able to get an entire funnel set up in no time at all, and you’ll have the ability to make changes later on if you want.
  • It is suitable for people who are not too technical.
  • You will be able to use drag and drop to create pages, forms, checkboxes, widgets, and more.
  • It is straightforward to use so that you don’t have to be technical.

why ClickFunnels templates

What is the ClickFunnels template marketplace?

ClickFunnels offers a marketplace through which you can choose your ClickFunnels templates to use. There are plenty of pre-made templates that match the needs of different businesses and entrepreneurs. You can choose the one that suits you best. If you are a tech-savvy entrepreneur, you may not want to use ClickFunnels templates since they usually don’t come with many features. They will have all the functionality that you need and more. You can use them to create pages, forms, checkboxes, widgets, and much more. The templates are super easy to implement. You don’t need any coding skills to make them work. You can’t see the result in a template, but you get exactly what you have designed.

If you are looking for a high-end product, you may want to check out the premium ClickFunnels templates. You will have access to additional features like parallax scrolling, blog layouts, and unlimited color schemes. They are a great way to help you create professional-looking websites. If you are a beginner, then the premium ClickFunnels templates may or may not be for you. They have lots of features that aren’t included in the basic ClickFunnels templates.


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