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Clickfunnels Membership Site 2021 – Build an Online Business with Recurring Revenue


March 31, 2021

Is the ClickFunnels Membership Site feature any Good?

Is the Clickfunnels membership site worth a trial? If you’ve been researching about this, then you’re probably skeptical about making a move. Most bloggers claim that the ClickFunnels membership site is unreliable, lacks relevant features, and a complete rip-off.

However, my personal experience using the Clickfunnels membership site hasn’t been bad at all. 

I believe the site is easy to maintain, easily accessible for your subscribers, and an ideal platform for selling your digital products and making recurring income.

I’m saying this to please you?

Not really. I try to be as honest as possible in all my reviews. I’m all about giving you value-packed knowledge to help you make the best purchase decision by recommending what I have used.

Before we have a deeper look at the Clickfunnels Membership site, let’s first define membership sites in general.

What is a Membership Site?

We can compare a membership site with a Netflix subscription to pay a monthly subscription to watch your best series. If you don’t pay, you’re thrown out.

Contextually, a membership site is a section of your online business that contains concealed premium content. Customers have to pay or give you something relevant in return to access the gated content.

The membership site can include:

  • Webinars

  • Free Videos

  • Podcasts

  • White papers

  • Online courses

  • Books and e-books

Each time you add something new to the ClickFunnels membership site, your premium subscribers get an email to access it. They have individual usernames and passwords they use to log into the site from anywhere.

Benefits of Adding Membership Sites to Your Business.

  • Generate a Consistent Stream of Income

You want to make money. Having one source of income is putting all your eggs in one basket. If you accidentally drop the basket, you lose them all.

But you’ll never run out of money to run your business if you diversify. Diversification allows you to absorb losses easily and get more profits from multiple streams.

Membership sites allow you to sell different products to one audience. If one product fails, the success of another keeps your trajectory balanced.

Plus, membership sites are subscription-based, meaning members will pay every month or once for lifetime access. The latter works best if you’re good at marketing and consistently getting new members.

  • Build Relationship and Customer Loyalty

A membership site isn’t a room where you throng your customers and choke them with tens of products hoping that you will make a zillion dollars.

It is instead a community of people who believe in you. Marketing is changing fast, and customers want to feel included.

The point of content marketing is not to drive traffic or to bribe people to download a PDF so you can capture their email. The point of content marketing is to build an audience of people who trust you and buy from you.

Nathan Collier

The sites allow you to build an environment that triggers communication within members. They’d love to know each other, ask questions, and learn about their needs from one another.

  • Membership Sites Allows You to Market and Upsell Products

After building a robust and active community, it’s time to introduce your market to your audience.

Your members are known as pre-qualified leads, which means that they are already interested in your product. They have a high rate of engagement and will easily convert into buyers.

But you don’t stop there yet.

You can upsell to them if they love your product. This can be in the form of consulting, coaching, and webinars.

This is how the legendary marketer Russell Brunson makes money. Apart from selling Clickfunnels products, you can hire him as a consultant. But be prepared to pay $5000 for an hour with him in the consultation room.

Russell Brunson is the creator of the ClickFunnels membership site

  •  Establish Your Industry Authority

People love rubbing shoulders with experts. With a membership area, you announce to the whole world that you are an authority in your industry, and people should listen to you.

That doesn’t mean you should have traditional credentials or a massive following on social media

You need to be fully packed with knowledge on your niche and create products that fit your target market’s pain points. After all, you can’t pour anything from an empty cup.

What Clickfunels Membership Sites Contain

Like any other membership site, Clickfunnels membership allows you to add video courses and digital products.

You can restrict access to this content in three ways as follows;

  • Product Purchase requirement

  • Tag requirements

  • Adding an upsell to the membership area

But Why Stick To Clickfunnels Membership Sites?

There are many reasons why thousands of businesses stick to Clickfunnels as their go-to funnel builder tool.

For this reason, most of the users trust their membership site. It has robust features and very easy to create and maintain.

This doesn’t mean the tool does not have flaws. As said earlier, a few bloggers have written bad reviews about it. I’ll go both ways so that you can gauge for yourself if it’s a worthy purchase.

One of the good reasons why the Clickfunnels membership site cuts are that it’s effortless to create. I’ll show you how to build a membership site in Clickfunnels later.

Most importantly, you are given a prebuilt template that you can customize to your liking. You can even clone it!  Please have a look at how we’ve customized it in our membership area.

If you’re not happy with the template, you can create a new membership funnel with the share funnel available on the dashboard.

Below are the pros and cons of building your site membership with Clickfunnels


  • Easy to Set Up

Believe it or not, you can create a Clickfunnels membership site in under five minutes. You don’t have to be a coder or hire a web designer. Clickfunnels offers a lot of training on how to go about the process in case you get stuck.

  • Offers Both Free and Paid Membership Plans

The membership comes with both types of plans. It’s advisable to start with the free membership plan to test it out before investing in a premium plan.

It’s not like the free membership plan won’t meet your goals. It will, but the paid plan gives you more features, intricate designs and can accommodate more people. 

  • Numerous Integrations

The most popular integration on the Clickfunnels membership site is the webinar integration. You can create both live and automated webinars and integrate them with other webinar platforms.

Other integrations inside the membership area are the payment Gateways. Your audience can pay in over ten payment options, including Stripe, Apple Pay, and PayPal. 

  • Easy to Sell Your Membership Content

Clickfunnels has invested in teaching you every method under the sun to market your products. 

You can start with the OFA challenge to learn how to build your first funnel or try Russell Brunson’s free books. Get them here, here, and here.

These training packages will show you, among other things, how to build landing pages, sequences and how to become a master marketer in general.

Using the Clickfunnels membership site will be an added advantage to selling your product to your most loyal audience.

Cons of Clickfunnels Membership Sites

  • It doesn’t have an Inbuilt Video Hosting

Probably this is the main reason why some bloggers are saying that the Clickfunnels membership site is crap.

And I get them. Video hosting is vital to a membership site if you want to make free videos. But this doesn’t mean that you can’t include any video content. It’s possible using a third-party tool like Vimeo.

  • The Customizations are Limited

If you’re looking for a membership site provider that allows you to customize its features, then the Clickfunnels membership site might not be your go-to tool.

The only customizations you can do are changing the page’s colors, menus, and a few other stuff. 

  • The User-Experience Might be Hard For a Beginner

This primarily applies if you want to build substantial membership sites, and most of your customers will access the site through their phones.

However, this is different when you use a PC or laptop. First, determine the number of people you think will access through their phones or PC. 

How to Create a Clickfunnels Membership Site

As promised, let’s go into the meat of this guide.

Step One: Create a Membership Funnel

On your Clickfunnels dashboard, click the “Build Funnel” icon or click the “Build a funnel.” 

This action will open a pop-up with three different commands. Choose the “sell your product icon.” Next, choose “membership,” where you’ll be asked to name your membership funnel. Lastly, you’ll click on “build funnel,” which leads us to the next step.

A view of the ClickFunnels dashboard, part of the ClickFunnels membership site features.


Source: Clickfunnels

Step Two: Select Your Preferred Page Templates

Now that you’ve created a membership funnel, the second step allows you to use the templates to customize your site.

The first step is to click on the “membership category” on the dashboard. Then click on “membership access” to get page templates. Repeat the process to add a membership are template.

And that’s it. You’re done. If you get stuck anywhere in the process, Clickfunnels has put out a tutorial video that makes the process very seamless.

Check it out below.


How to know that your Membership Site is Working

You have a fantastic membership area already. Good job. But you have to test it first to see if it’s working. Here’s how you do that.

Step One: Create a New Membership Account

This means that you have to sign up again to Clickfunnels. Since you already have an account, use another email or ask a friend to sign up on your behalf.

Step Three: Add Purchases which is Optional

This step enables you to give access to your paid membership area. To do this, you’ll have to manually add purchase to your member profile if you had the restricted access turned on in the setting. 

Conclusion and Our Two Cents

Every business is seeing how membership sites are turning into a goldmine. They have invested all they have to create massive communities of loyal customers. And they’re reaping big.

It’s your turn to join them with Clickfunnels membership sites. You already have a guide to assist you.

Despite the criticism of Clickfunnels membership sites’ lack of features and security issues, it is not a secret that Clickfunnels as a company makes extensive use of these in every possible way.

The viral OFA Challenge, the 5-day lead Challenge, Traffic Secrets, Funnel Scripts, Traffic Secrets Scripts, Funnel Builder Secrets, and every single course or challenge in the vast repertoire of ClickFunnels educational empire is being held on a ClickFunnels membership site.

So my point is that; ClickFunnels membership site is not a tool that they throw at you and hide. To say, well’ “we have this tool because our competitor has it and you asked for it.”

No, hell no!

They built it for their use and very cleverly packaged it in your subscription. That is what you see from the outside, looking in and not the other way around.

Whether the hen came before the egg is for you to decide.

Once again, Clickfunnels lets you know that they stand behind every product they publish and the ClickFunnels membership site is no exception.

They don’t need to spend one cent on marketing. All they have to do is to practice what they preach. And that they do, indeed!

It would not surprise me to hear that you need to take a Dotcom Secrets test to work at ClickFunnels.

Are you or have you used Clickfunnels membership sites before? How was your experience? We’d love to know in the comment section. Let’s keep the conversation going. 

Do not forget to read this 14-day trial review before you sign up. And if you wish to monetize your blog, we got you covered with this review.


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