September 10


Clickfunnels Etison Suite Review 2021


September 10, 2021

Who or What is the ClickFunnels Etison Suite all about?

If you’re a Clickfunnels fan, you must have noted the hype behind ClickFunnels Etison Suite. 

The name alone makes it sound exceptional. There is a genuine reason for this craze, though. 

Lucky for you, in this article, we’ll delve deeper into this Clickfunnels plan. We’ll dissect its unique features and pricing plan.

Hopefully, by the end, you’ll have decided if it’s the right plan for you.

That said, let’s jump right in.

What is Clickfunnels Etison Suite? 

ClickFunnels Platinum is a Clickfunnels pricing upgrade which features more advanced tools. 

It’s an excellent option for entrepreneurs who need more from funnel marketing, including custom domains and a wider audience.

Moreover, Clickfunnels Etison Suite combines three fantastic products, which you can use as standalone products. 

With Etison Suite’s three all-star— ClickFunnels, Actionetics, and Backpack — you can create, track, and adjust your marketing strategies, all in one place.

These three powerful tools come with everything you need to create custom funnels to attract qualified visitors and keep them back for more.

Why do you need to sign up for the plan? 

Combining the power of various tools — from funnels and landing pages to sales and support — ClickFunnels’ Etison Suite comes in handy for every marketer. 

It gives you complete control over your online marketing activities, enabling you to run more effective marketing campaigns for higher conversions. 

Here’s why you shouldn’t hesitate to sign up for your monthly or annual plan.

  • Limitless leads 

With ClickFunnels platinum, there is no limit to the number of customers you can have. First-time customers will add just as much value to your business as other customers do. 

Every customer that signs up through your funnels will give you a new contact in your account. By bringing more customers into your account, you’re building a comprehensive list of contacts that you can tap into at any time for future sales initiatives.

  • Unlimited sales funnels

It is easy to create unlimited sales funnels

The Etison Suite package allows you to create as many sales funnels as you need without worrying about exceeding the limits of the service. 

You can experiment with your visitors by creating funnels with different content, locations, or targeting techniques.

  • You can create unlimited pages. 

No matter how many pages you want to create, you get to do just that with the etison package. 

With no limitation on the number of pages you make, you can build out an entire website if you like or create a few landing pages for specific marketing campaigns. Whatever your heart desires, even the sky will not be the limit!

Clickfunnels Etison Suite Features

The Clickfunnels plan is an all-inclusive marketing plan. 

It streamlines creating landing pages, collecting leads, running A/B tests, and deploying marketing campaigns. 

Although the product is for creating funnels, it can also be used to run simple websites. 

This review will focus on ClickFunnels Etison suite three  core features : 

  • ClickFunnels Actionetics

  • ClickFunnels backpack

  • Sales Funnels

  1. ClickFunnels Actionetics

ClickFunnels Actionetics dashboard

ClickFunnels Actionetics is a suite of marketing tools that lets you automate your funnel marketing — from simple email drip campaigns to advanced automation with scheduled emails, SMS text, and automated phone calls. 

The system will even contact your customers directly if something goes wrong or if they need further information. You can also use Actionetics to send scheduled emails to website visitors based on their actions on your site.

With tools for software integrations, automation, analytics, and more, it puts the power in your hands to build an automated funnel that supports your business

Your customers can benefit greatly from this tool, as they will always be up-to-date about the latest news from your company or organization.

The program comes with several valuable features, including:

  • Automated emails  

Using Clickfunnels, you can build an email list with Actionetics. You can easily send auto emails to your entire contact list with the help of Actionetics. 

Not only will it send automatic emails one after another, but you’ll also be able to see whether anyone has opened them or not. With Actionetics, you can view your email submission status and know exactly who has received the message and who hasn’t.

  • On-demand contact management

Actionetics automates efficient customer interactions to save you time and money. 

With the ability to save, update, and upload contacts directly into your company’s CRM system, Actionetics also allows seamless data imports from CSV files.

Here’s a short video on how the tool works.


  • SMS marketing

SMS marketing is the hottest way to drive real-time engagement for your business. 

With SMS, you can reach customers quickly, provide them with immediate information about deals, events, and more — all without waiting for an app to load. 

And by using automated SMS messaging to create follow-up campaigns that let you nurture leads, you can significantly reduce your sales cycle and win over new customers.

  • Facebook Messenger Auto-Reply

Facebook Messenger Auto-Reply is one of the most powerful features in ClickFunnels’ Facebook integration. 

It’s a simple but effective way to engage with your potential customers without overwhelming them with dedicated business hours or hard-to-find phone numbers. 

With this feature, you can automatically send an SMS response to people who contact your page. 

Not only are you responding to their questions quickly, but you’re also engaging them through text which makes it seem more personal.

  • Lead Generation 

One of the best features of Actionetics is its ability to integrate for lead generation. 

It connects to your website and social media profiles, tracking what each campaign generates leads. 

When clients sign up for your e-newsletter or like your Facebook page, you’ll know about it immediately.

Improving the content of your web pages by choosing the right words can be incredibly effective.

  1. ClickFunnels backpack

ClickFunnels Etison Suite included

Clickfunnel backpack is a multifunctional all-in-one tool that helps digital marketers with affiliate marketing. 

In addition to its standard features, the tool also has a dedicated component for affiliate marketers — allowing them to pull traffic from various sources and track leads seamlessly. 

Affiliates can build a dedicated audience and sell more products by tapping into multiple platforms and generating leads.

If you would like to use affiliate marketing to further your business, Clickfunnel has you covered. 

With the Clickfunnel backpack, you can set up different types of commission plans and multi-tier affiliate programs so marketers can sell your products depending on the referral tier they’re in. 

If you would like to link commissions with affiliates to multiple purchases, it’s also possible. 

Here’s a summary of how it can help you:

  • Two-tier affiliate programs

Affiliates need rewards when they bring in new business. 

One-tier affiliate programs pay affiliates when customers register through them. Still, two-tier programs build incentives into the system by paying affiliates twice per sale….

Once when a customer registers and once when they purchase or renew a subscription.

With ClickFunnels Backpack, you can create two-tier affiliate programs that pay affiliates for initial sign-ups and reward them for repeat purchases.

  • Offers a variety of affiliate programs

Affiliate programs are a vital part of every e-commerce site. 

With a variety to choose from, you can find the perfect one that fits your needs and helps you sell even more products. 

Backpack’s affiliate program manager lets you search for the right program and apply it to your website in just a couple of minutes — giving you more time to focus on other important things, like running the best online store the world has ever seen.

  • Affiliate Program Setup

Setting up the affiliate program will be beneficial for both you and your sellers. 

It will enable sellers to promote your product while their commissions are added to their accounts automatically. Here, you can also control every aspect of your affiliate program, from payments to sellers’ commissions. 

This way, you can ensure that all your sellers are performing well and that the program is profitable for everyone involved.

  1. Sales Funnels

Choosing this package opens a new realm of sales funnel capabilities.

With features such as auto-responders, landing pages, and hosted payment pages built into a single system, it’s easy to see why it’s a favorite among marketers. 

Here’s what you get.

  • Etison Editor

Etison Drag and drop builder is the latest editor in the ClickFunnels lineup. 

It is an innovative tool that enables users to quickly and easily create professional page templates without coding skills. 

With its drag-and-drop interface, you can create top-notch pages without having to rely on programmers or designers to handcraft your content.

  • Follow up funnels 

ClickFunnels helps you send follow-up sequences to your email list. The follow-up sequence allows you to stay in touch with your customers by sending them several emails, each containing valuable information that can be helpful to them. 

With this feature, you can also create a new list for sending follow-up emails to your subscribers.

  • Campaign management 

No matter how great your idea, if you can’t execute it, it isn’t beneficial onboard consumers. 

Campaign setup is a process that marketing teams must undergo to ensure a successful marketing strategy. It can be a daunting task, especially for a new team — but the foundation of a solid campaign starts with research and planning. 

You can easily create an effective digital marketing campaign for an e-commerce site by using the right tools.

  • Marketing analytics 

ClickFunnels Etison Suite dashboard on a laptop screen

Sales analytics give users complete visibility into who is buying what, how much they’re spending, and when they’re doing it. 

With this data in hand, you can determine when your customers want to shop and which products they prefer.

So you can cater to their needs and give them the best shopping experience possible.

  • Provides buyer data 

Targeting will always be easier if you know the answer to the question of who your buyers are. 

Knowing their age, home location, occupation, and buyer behavior can make it easy to create highly effective marketing strategies that will yield results. 

Using ClickFunnels ‘Audience Research segmentation tools can help you gain that insight into your customers with ease, helping to increase conversions and improve the lifetime value of each customer.

  • Pre-built templates 

ClickFunnels’ templates cover every aspect of your sales funnel

No matter what industry you work in or what kind of funnel you need, there’s a template for you if you need e-commerce sites, lead capture pages, product launch funnels, membership sites, information! There are all kinds of options for you.

  • Email list booster 

No need to reinvent the wheel and build an email list — ClickFunnels Etison does it for you. 

With this email marketing tool, you can create landing pages, A/B tests, and collect your leads’ information through a simple sign-up form. Once you have your funnel, you have to get it in front of ideal customers.

Clickfunnels Etison Suite Pricing

If you require a raft of features and an eye-popping number of funnel templates, then ClickFunnels is an ideal option. 

The base plan contains all the essentials: 20 funnels, 100 pages, and 2,000 visitors per month. 

From this category, you can expand to the etison suite $297-a-month plan. It includes unlimited funnels, unlimited pages, and unlimited visitors. 

ClickFunnels offers a 14-day free trial period for you to check out the service and provide feedback. 

The trial allows you to experience all of ClickFunnels’ features. For example,  landing pages, funnel workflows, and advanced marketing automation. 

Test it to see whether or not it’s the right tool for your funnel marketing needs.

Final Word on Clickfunnels Etison Suite

So, in short: I urge you to go ahead and purchase the ClickFunnels Etison suite package. 

Even though it may seem like a lot of money, nothing beats combining the three software. 

I will leave you with this: 

As a business owner, you need to look at tools as an investment, not an expense. Once you’ve decided to invest in a tool, don’t think about it as a cost — think of it as an investment that will bring the returns your business needs over time. 

If you focus on that and not the price, it will be easier to stay happy and positive about your purchase.


About the author

DJ is a professional civil engineer with a master's degree in water resources. DJ has a passion for affiliate marketing. He has performed award-winning projects in both site improvement design and water resources engineering. He is the president of Land & Watersheds & vice-president of its sister company Engineered Advantage. He actively engages in social issues like climate change trends and global water scarcity. He is the host of the podcast Environmentally Concerned Nation.

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