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Clickfunnels Bonuses and Offers 2021


July 23, 2021

Why Creating ClickFunnels Bonuses and Offers is the Way To Go!

Welcome to the world of ClickFunnels bonuses and offers! Do you want to make a full-time income from Clickfunnels?

You’ve come to the right place.

In this guide, I’ll show you the secret way thousands of affiliates are using Clickfunnels bonuses and offers to make life-changing commissions.

But before we go to the meat of this article, let’s do some housewarming to make sure we’re on the same page.

The State of Affiliate Marketing

It’s easy to get into an affiliate program. 

Besides, brands believe there is a huge potential in affiliate marketing. Research has it that affiliate marketing will be an $8.2 billion industry by 2022.

affiliate marketing trends

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For this reason, most companies hang on affiliate marketing to sell their product.

They’d generate affiliate links and hand them to affiliates hoping to make thousands of sales overnight.

But consumers are becoming wary of what they want. They don’t like someone coming out of the blues and start pushing them to buy a product they don’t even need.

Plus, they feel like running away from every annoying ad.

Affiliate marketing isn’t creating a website, tossing it with affiliate links, and hoping that commissions will start rolling in your Paypal account. 

It’s about giving value to your audience first, then making money second.

That’s what keeps your audience coming back and referring you to their friends.

With that settled, let’s dive right in.

The Truth About Making Money as a Clickfunnels Affiliate

You’ve probably seen many affiliates showing off their Clickfunnels commissions online. Or you’ve seen them flaunting cars they’ve won from Clickfunnels Dream Car Program.

I won’t lie. Most of these people are telling the truth. 

Besides being a sexy and valuable product, Clickfunnels has an attractive commission. That’s why it has attracted thousands of affiliates.

Remember that ClickFunnels affiliates are usually raving fans and users. They are very seldom LeadPages users that sell ClickFunnels.

However, there is one thing only a few of the Clickfunnels affiliates tell you.

Promoting Clickfunnels is tough. Let that sink in

Russel Brunson even said that 81% of Clickfunnels affiliates make less than $200 every month.

ClickFunnels Affiliates reality

There are three reasons for this:

  • The software’s price point is high. Without a good strategy, it will take a miracle to convince someone to purchase a product costing $97/$297 every month.

  • You’re competing against many affiliates.

  • The market is saturated with multiple marketing tools. Most are cheaper than Clickfunnels.

I’m not insinuating that you can’t promote Clickfunnels. What I’m trying to say is that you have to be innovative in how you do it. 

The old ways of spamming every Facebook group and shoving products into people’s throats no longer work. 

That’s where a new strategy of offering Clickfunnels bonus and offers come in.

What is a Clickfunnel Bonus or Offer?

To successfully sell Clickfunnels as an affiliate, you must create offers with a perceived value of at least 10x that of the cost. 

You can think of a Clickfunnels Bonus/offer as a hamburger. The lower bun is a qualifier that enables the user to use Clickfunnels. 

It could be a short introductory course that lessens the overwhelming fear or burden to get into it and try something new. 

The meat in the middle is ClickFunnels. The top bun would be something that will make things easier and more streamlined once they are subscribers.

It has to be something that they can use in conjunction with Clickfunnels. It could be Clickfunnels templates, scripts, checklists. Anything that will make the user journey easier. 

ClickFunnels bonuses and offers

Remember that these commissions are recurring, so your job is not only to make them buy but keep them paying for years to come. 

And you have to keep adding bonuses to your offer so that the perceived value is at least 10x that of the investment. Otherwise, you would be selling a commodity.

Like Russell Brunson always says. 

There is no strategic advantage to be the 2nd cheapest, but there is a strategic advantage to be the most expensive because you overdeliver.

Why Are Clickfunnels Offers Effective?

The overall goal of a bonus package is to make your audience salivate for Clickfunnels. It makes them do everything they can to leap. 

Below are more reasons why a Clickfunnels bonus is so effective.

  • Gives You an Edge Over Other Affiliates

As said earlier, Clickfunnels has a massive army of affiliates all over the world. 

They all want to get a slice of the hefty commission paycheck. So you’d like to play smart to stand out from the competition.

While you want to make money promoting Clickfunnels, offering a bonus signifies something unique.

It shows you want to change the life of your target audience. You are giving them additional products which supplement Clickfunnels to grow their business.

  • Instills a FOMO in Your target Audience

FOMO fear of missing out on ClickFunnels bonuses

FOMO means the “fear of missing out.” It’s a psychological form of marketing that encourages someone to buy a product immediately. 

You use this method when you have an in-demand offer. For instance, you can create a Clickfunnels course but offer it as a bonus for a limited time.

It will “scare” your audience that they might miss out on a “life-changing offer” if they don’t sign up. It gives them the extra nudge to stop slowing and move fast.

  • New Way To Incentivize Prospects

Hot leads looking for a complete suite marketing tool will quickly sign up for Clickfunnels when they encounter an ad on Facebook.

But what do you do about warm and cold leads?

A warm lead has shown interest but isn’t sure if Clickfunnels is the right tool for him. On the other hand, a cold lead has never heard about Clickfunnels. 

How do you make them excited to remove their wallets? 

The answer is creating an irresistible offer with many bonuses to supplement Clickfunnels.

Your bonus shouldn’t be the typical “buy 2 get one free.” What you offer should be worthwhile to the user. In this context, your model is, “buy 1, get ten free.”

  • You Become the “Favorite” Affiliate

Many warm leads may want to buy Clickfunnels. But they are looking for an affiliate with a bonus that resonates with their needs.

When you have this, they’ll not only sign up with your affiliate link. They will also keep coming back to check other products they might need. 

Some even go further to refer you to their friends. Why? You’ve optimized the productivity of your marketing program.

How Do You Create Irresistible Clickfunnels Offers

Clickfunnels bonuses range from funnel templates, email chat support, ebooks to video courses.

The million-dollar question is this – how effective are the offers to guarantee multiple sales?

I spent time checking offers from top affiliates like Spencer Mecham, Khris Digital, and Peng Joon.

These are the differentiators they use to create their offers.

  1. Understanding Your Target Audience

The world of sales revolves around understanding your audience. 

As a Clickfunnels affiliate, you need to know who they are, their pain points, and how your bonus will improve the tool’s usability.

It‘s the first step to creating attractive offers.

Clickfunnels serves many industries. Below is an image of the software’s distribution in different sectors.

ClickFunnels Top Industries

Your offer shouldn’t be all over the place. It should be a specific product to the industry where your audience hangs out.

For example, your bonus can be a landing page creation course if you target dentists (hospital and healthcare users).

Since dentists don’t know how to create landing pages, your course will be valuable, and they’ll see the need to sign up for Cickfunnels.

2. Leveraging Clickfunnels Weaknesses

Next, after knowing who your customer is, you’d love to go back to Clickfunnels and check what it doesn’t have, which your customer needs.

Everything has a dark spot; Clickfunnels isn’t an exception. 

There are a few cons to the tool which you can leverage. For instance, some Clickfunnels users claim that the support isn’t good.

ClickFunnels User Ratings

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As a savvy Clickfunnels user, you probably understand the tool’s fine details. And, dedicating your time to help new users can be the most incredible offer.

Of course, this is for a limited time. But you’ll end up getting many people signing up because you’re ready to share your experiences.

3. Aim For The Highest Value Possible

One afternoon I was reading the Traffic Secrets book and saw how Russell tried to explain this concept on a stage. He pulled out his $600 iPhone and asked if anyone would be happy to purchase it for the same price. 

Half of the audience raised their hands.

So he decided to auction the phone live on stage. But he said he’d be selling it for not less than $100,000. No one raised a hand.

He did something clever. He started listing down his phone’s content. Some of these included:

  • Marketing materials he bought in the last 15 years worth over $750,000

  • His address book with all the top influencers globally like Tony Robbins, Richard Brunson, and Prince EA.

  • His emails could give anyone access to all his vendors. 

  • And more things I couldn’t list here.

After listing down all the content on his phone, he went back to auction it. The bidding started at $5000, with everyone fighting for the phone.

After a tough bidding battle, he closed the auction at $500,000 with six people still not letting go. He could have quickly gone to $1 million if he was serious about selling the phone.

Watch that video here.

He then asked one of the six guys why he was willing to pay $500,000 for the phone. He answered that based on the phone’s content, spending that much would be a reasonable deal. 

In a nutshell, Clickfunnels is a product that every affiliate wants to promote. What makes people run to your website is creating valuable offers that will blow your prospects’ minds.

Types of Clickfunnels Bonuses You Can Offer

Clickfunnels affiliates offer bonuses in different ways. 

You can create them yourself or hire freelancers or coders to do the most difficult ones.

The common types of Clickfunnels offer and bonuses come in the form of:

  • Online Video Courses or training – Videos are the perfect way to teach someone today. You can dive into the finer details of a product and teach applicable theories on making the most of the product.

  • Software – You can buy software from the many marketplaces available online, like WordPress plugins and themes. Next is to customize the product by blending it with Clickfunnels.

  • Ebooks, PDFs, or Whitepaper is the simplest method of giving offers since you can even make them yourself. 

But remember, your goal is to create relevant content that offers invaluable information for your prospects. Don’t compromise on quality to save a few bucks.


The most important thing to note is that bonuses don’t sell a bad product. Fortunately for you, Clickfunnels is a valuable product trusted by many brands.

Plus, they have a rigorous marketing campaign that not any affiliate can beat.

You have only one weapon, that’s irresistible bonuses and offers. The good news is that people love free products.

By creating bonuses, you can give wavering prospects the reason as to why they should purchase Clickfunnels using your link.

Have you created a Clickfunnels bonus and offer to promote it? How is it going so far?


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