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7 Secrets To Clickfunnels Affiliate Success – This is How You Earn …


August 25, 2020

Intro to Clickfunels Affiliate success

So you keep asking yourself how much can a Clickfunnels affiliate makes. Here is a glimpse.

Spencer Mecham has earned over a million dollars as a Clickfunnels affiliate. Vinil Ramdev and Christopher Stevens have hit the $4000 respectively every month.

There are still thousands of internet marketers raking in thousands of dollars every month who are not in the limelight.

Are you a Clickfunnels affiliate but you feel like you are a child of a lesser god? Well, you’re not. Maybe they are doing something you are not doing.

So what is the secret? I will be glad to give you the eye-opener. These are the actions you must take to start getting paid the top-dollar you deserve.

(If you are new to this Clickfunnels affiliate thing and don’t know what the hell I’m talking about, you can check out our step by step guide on how to become a Clickfunnels super affiliate)

  1. Make it a Real Business

This is the harsh truth. You will continue earning peanuts as long as you’re treating your Clickfunnels affiliate business as a joke.

Successful entrepreneurs think of ways that can add them more cash in the long run. Since this is an affiliate program, look for business ideas that appreciate the selling of the software.

For instance, you can start a Clickfunnels affiliate course. Good thing that thousands of people want to know how to set up your Clickfunnels affiliate and they would surely need your help.

As they enroll in your course, you market some Clickfunnels products to them. That’s a double win.

Facebook ads agencies and digital marketing agencies are also fantastic ideas if you have huge capital. They act as a single-person marketer and you can discount your services if your customer signs up for clickfunnels.

  1. Succeeding as a Clickfunnels Affiliate is not a one-day Thing

You have heard it several times that you don’t sleep a beggar and wake up a millionaire. Success in any field is a process and time is the carrier.

The more you learn about something, the more you become an expert, and eventually, the more you earn from it.

While Clickfunnels is the most generous affiliate marketing program, not every affiliate gets a share of the enormous payouts every year.

Don’t expect much in the first few months after you have found out how to sign up a Clickfunnels affiliate.

You may hit $100 in the first month but your earnings will gradually increase if you apply the right strategies.

Learn and practice more when climbing the success ladder. When you get the hang of it, start doing what the big dogs do.

  1. Be A Clickfunnels Customer Yourself

You are not a soldier until you have gone to war.

It’s not enough by using Clickfunnels on your website as a sales funnel. Russell Branson is a product development machine and comes with excellent products now and then.

It would be a reasonable idea to buy some of the products to know what you are promoting. You shift from just a market to the “owner of the products.”

Besides, he gives most of his products for free in his Affiliate Bootcamp. His bestselling books go for less than $20 which you can afford if you understand what your affiliate business means to you.

Having in-depth knowledge of what you are promoting gives you an easy time to convey its benefits to your customers. You can then promote the product with the following strategies.

  • Writing epic reviews about the products on your blog and why you think they are better than others in the market.
  • Have a landing page on your website which you use to inform your referrals of what you have in mind.
  • Give bonuses and discounts for high-value affiliates which motivates them to buy more products.
  • Create videos and educate your customers on the value of including the products in their business.
  1. Be True to Your Target audience

Readers are clever and they will easily differentiate a thirsty affiliate from a genuine person who wants to help their business skyrocket.

According to Digital Infomation World, the attention span of human beings is 12 seconds. If a reader notices an irrelevant product or you keep bombarding them with many adverts, they will run away. Chances are that they will never come back.

Spencer Mecham advises that you should aim at building a community of repeat visitors. They are your referral bullets who eventually drive traffic to your blog.

At the same time, you should only focus on promoting Clickfunnels products that you trust. The product should be relevant and valuable.

  1. Don’t Choose all the Affiliate products at once

I know, you are tempted to choose all the affiliate products because you need money. Sorry, but it doesn’t work like this.

You might have the right business model that matches your Clickfunnels affiliate business. You might have garnered a sizeable amount of audience. However, you are likely to come out empty-handed with the wrong product.

Not all the products are compatible with your target market. Take your time to learn about them, get their preferences, tastes, and expectations.

It would be best if you also altered your ads occasionally until you get the one that works. You can try out different graphics and record the response trend to get the most effective.

Hint: Use digital ads if all your effort has amounted to nothing. They register high conversion rates with high commission rates.

  1. Quality Content Should be your Language

If you take a quick survey on this blog, you will notice that we have tried our best to give you what will help you. We care about your needs and try to hit the pain points as hard as we can.

You should even do more for your customers. An effective content marketing strategy is given life by high-quality content. Your readers should be excited anytime you have a new post.

The danger is that you lose readers anytime you compromise on quality. A rocket does not slow down after blasting from the ground. It keeps the momentum going to overcome gravity till it’s above the atmosphere.

Slowing down means you have given leeway to poverty. With that said, it’s upon you to invest in yourself by enrolling in a Clickfunnels affiliate course and giving your best shot till you make it.

  1. Be Passionate with what You Do

And lastly, love being a Clickfunnels affiliate. Besides, no one has ever succeeded in doing something they didn’t love.

Are you in it for the money only? Sadly, you might not see the results of your hard work.

The secret of successful internet marketers is that they don’t do it for the sake of money. They want to help their prospects increase their ROI and also appreciate the value of their existing customers.

This creates a chain of referrals that makes them successful at the end of the day. With your passion in the front seat, generating new ideas and strategies will be a breeze.

Indeed, it might cause you sleepless nights, hours of studying, inventing, and testing. The good thing is that the pain you are going through now will turn to gains in the future.


There you have it, seven secrets that only a true friend will tell you. I’d love that you try them out and wait for the results.

Do you have more tips that we have not talked about, post them in the comment and we would be happy to exchange notes.

ClickFunnels Review 2020
  • price - 85
  • features - 100
  • usefulness - 100
  • friendliness - 95
  • support - 95


ClickFunnels is by far the best funnel building software available in the market right now. It is also the most used and recommended by entrepreneurs and business owners alike. It is easy to use and very effective. There is a learning curve, but not one that would hold you back. You do not have to be tech-savvy to use the software and most users get experience its full potential.


  • All funnel building features
  • Fairly easy to use
  • Best Facebook Group
  • Support is a lot better now


  • Somewhat more expensive than other alternatives


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