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Clickfunnels 30-Day Summit Review 2021 – Free Training With Successful Entrepreneurs


April 28, 2021

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Intro to the Clickfunnels 30-Day Summit Review

Are you new to Clickfunnels? Then you might need help before you wade the murky waters of entrepreneurship. That’s why I put up this Clickfunnels 30-day Summit review.

Now, a lot has been said about 30-day challenges. These challenges always promise a new life by the end. 

Maybe you plan to lose some pounds, replace bad habits with good ones, or save some money for an upcoming event.

But do they work?

Yes and no. 

Scientific research has it that a new habit is formed between 18-254 days, depending on the difficulty of the behavioral change. 

If it works, it only sets the ball rolling but doesn’t bring the change immediately. A long-term change only takes place when you have the right resources and a willing spirit.

What Can Happen to Your Business in 30 days?

Do you watch Shark Tank? I do.

When entrepreneurs pitch their ideas to the sharks, they have only one goal in mind – To wow any potential investor, get any of them on board, and change their businesses in the shortest time possible.

And it works.

The best Shark tank success was Squatty Potty. The company made more than $1 million in 24 hours after sealing a deal with Lori Greiner and Kevin O’Leary. In 2016, the company had gone over the $30 million mark in sales.

That is how fast your business can grow if you get the right mentors to hold you by the hand. 

A small tip can enable you to do a year’s worth of work in less than 30 days. And that, my friend, is the whole idea of Clickfunnels 30-day summit.

Clickfunnels 30-Day Summit Review – What is it?

In 2018, Russell Brunson, the CEO, and co-founder of Clickfunnels, asked two comma club winners a question that had been bugging him.

Below a screenshot of the email he sent.

An email Russell Brunson wrote to ask for participants into the Clickfunnels 30-Day Summit

Russell was interested in knowing the steps they would take to regain their financial freedom from day #1 to #30. 

To make their comeback more dramatical, they shouldn’t have things like:

  • Product

  • Email list

  • Sales funnel

  • Traffic

  • Sales funnel creation knowledge

  • Reputation

Responses started pouring in after a few days. Russell couldn’t believe the insights the guys were giving.

Surprisingly, some of them who were in that exact scenario a few years back are better positioned to give detailed and practical plans.

And that’s how the 30-day summit was born.

He sent them another email asking if they would be willing to share their strategies in an interview with other Clickfunnels users.

Out of the hundreds of responses, 30 entrepreneurs agreed to the “divine” call. Here’s a list.

  • Akbar Sheikh – Ethical Persuasion Principles

  • Alison Prince – Ecommerce

  • Anissa Holmes – Dentistry Practice

  • Caitlin Pyle – Info Products

  • Dana Derricks – Non-Broke Entrepreneurs

  • Dan Henry – Facebook Ads

  • Raoul Plickat – Sales

  • Rhonda Swan – Personal Branding

  • Rob Kosberg – Publishing and Media

  • Spencer Mecham – Affiliate Marketing

  • Stephen Larsen – MLM

  • Stacey Martino – Relationships

  • Trey Lewellen – Physical Products

  • TylDavid Asarnow – Funnel Marketing Agency

  • Dean Holland – Online Marketing

  • Ed Osburn – Health Professionals

  • Garrett White – Coaching

  • Jaime Cross – Skincare

  • James Friel – Entrepreneur

  • Jeremy McGilvrey – Instagram

  • John Lee Dumas – Podcasting

  • Joe McCall – Real Estate

  • Julie Stoian – Online Marketing

  • Liz Benny – Life Transformation

  • Myron Golden – Personal Development

  • Natalie Hodson – Fitness

  • Pat Rigsby – Fitness

  • Peng Joon – Online Marketing

  • Rachel Pedersen – Digital Marketing

  • er Shaule – Children’s Camp

Pictures of some participants of the Clickfunnels 30-Day Summit

Clickfunnels 30-Day Summit Review – How Does It Work?

It’s straightforward. First, click the lead below and register for the 30-day summit.

You’ll get 30 interviews from all the two comma club winners whom I have listed above. Plus, you get 30 written business plans they have personally created for you.

Below are a few samplings of the marketing plans;

  • The key strategies to efficiently grow your business fast.

  • The web approach shows you how to create attention-grabbing and converting offers. Your target audience can’t run away from these.

  • The secret approach gives you total control over choosing who to work with.

  • The value ladder strategy changes clients from calls to buyers who’ll purchase your programs over and over again.

  • Top-tier secrets you’ll use to create powerful and result-oriented automated funnels.

  • The hidden resources allow you to market your book without writing successfully. It will help establish your authority and have thousands of people screaming your name.

There is an important point you have to note. You don’t get all the interviews from the featured speakers for the whole 30 days.

Russell only gives you a short 72 hours pass to watch everything. I know this is a significant downside, but Russel has a genuine reason for doing this. Ask yourself these questions.

  • How many times have you registered for a free course and never watched any of the lessons?

  • Have you subscribed to someone’s email list and never bothered even to open the welcome email?

  • When was the last time you registered for a free webinar and forgot the date it takes place?

You’ve probably done that many times. And won’t I play the hypocrite? I’m a victim too. That’s what Russel doesn’t want to happen. 

The content in the summit is precious. It would be a disappointment to register and disappear into the thicket.

For that reason, he limits the access time to ensure that you watch and get the blueprints.

The Summit is More Than Just Recorded Videos

A picture of Russell Brunson

One thing with me is that I’m very skeptical of purchasing over-hyped products. I like to take my time to do a background check before I remove my wallet.

But for free products like the Russell Brunson 30 day summit, I don’t hesitate to register. After all, it won’t cost me anything, and it can (hopefully) help me grow my business.

Unlike other “free video courses” you get in every corner of the internet, there’s something special about the 30-day summit.

The presenters aren’t giving you a few dry, common tips to help struggling entrepreneurs pay their next bill. Each of them talks at length about their businesses and the scenarios they thought had lost it.

Without a doubt, all the presenters took time to think about what they’d give you.

I specifically loved what Trey Lewellen said about what he’d do. His advice is simple and very effective.

He says he would do to build an email list by giving a gift or lead magnet. His approach would be targeting businesses with a massive email list.

By the time he’s done, he already has the money to pay for the free giveaways and a massive email list that he can sell more products. 

Clickfunnels 30-Day Summit – How Much Does it Cost.

Information today is costly. Most people will charge you thousands of dollars for something you can learn on your own, but it will take you years to get it right.

That’s why coaches will charge you $10,000 for one session without batting an eye. 

In his calculation, Russel believed that the interviews could have gone for not less than $2000. But if he charged it, many entrepreneurs who badly needed the content would not afford it.

So he did the unthinkable and asked the 30 two comma club winners if they were willing to give out their training for free.

Surprisingly, they agreed. So the course doesn’t cost you a dime. You need to be willing to register, show up and implement what you learn in 30 days.

But there is a catch. 

Russell did not just stop there. He went ahead to write a book called the 30 days book. It’s a 550-page book with 30 chapters. Each chapter is dedicated to two comma club winners.

If you can’t take the 30-day summit, you can get the book, but it will cost you $97 to purchase it. But I know a secret way to get the book for free, which we’ll discuss in our next segment.

The Only Way To Make the 30-Day Summit Better

If you want to make your 30-day summit training more valuable, mix it with the Clickfunnels One Funnel Away Challenge.

The One Funnel Away Challenge logo

This training is also a 30-day program to teach you how to launch your first million-dollar funnel. It’s hosted by Russell Brunson, Julie Stoian, and Stephen Larsen.

If you purchase the One Funnel Away Challenge for $100, you get the 30 days book for free.

How does OFA work with the Clickfunnels 30-day Summit?

Good question.

The Clickfunnels 30-day summit only gives you a blueprint of what you’ll do to gain back your financial freedom in 30 days. Of course, the best software that will spearhead your comeback is Clickfunnels.

But the two comma club winners won’t teach you how to make the best use of Clickfunnels. Even with a solid business plan, it’s tough to know what to do and how to do it to make your sales funnel successful. That’s where the One Funnel Away Challenge comes in.

Now that you have the blueprints, how do you create award-winning funnels? We all know that funnel marketing is daunting, more so to a beginner who doesn’t even know what a sales funnel is.

The One Funnel Away Challenge will hold your hand and take you through everything about funnels. 

You’ll learn about the best types of funnels to incorporate, the strategies that will quickly transform your business, and how to crush your limiting beliefs.

Does the 30-Day Summit Have Bonuses?

Most of Russel’s products always come with bonuses of very high value. But for this one, you don’t get a single bonus. 

I think the free content you get in the training is more than enough to get you going.

If you’re hungry for more bonuses, sign up for the 30-day summit plus the OFA challenge, which gives bonuses with a total value of $3126. 

The bonuses include:

  • 30 days of video missions from Russell Brunson

  • 30 days of coaching from Stephen Larsen and Julie Stoian

  • A physical copy of the Challenge workbook

  • MP3 player

  • Unlimited access to 30 days interviews

  • Behind the scenes Two comma club interviews.

  • 30 days hardcover book

  • One funnel away Challenge customized kit 


Clickfunnels has a lot of products. Here is a review of their Bible, Dotcom Secrets But I don’t think there’s any product that gives immense value than the Clickfunnels 30-day summit. What even makes it better is that it’s free. 

The free training is an awesome opportunity to think like these millionaires. You get all their secrets of creating million-dollar businesses in the shortest time possible. If you need to drive traffic to your funnels, we have a great review of their latest bestseller, Traffic Secrets.

So you don’t have an excuse if you came across this article and you have a desire to start a business. Act now, and you might celebrate in the next month. Here is a review of their 14-day trial.

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