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Clickfunnels 14 – Day Free Trial- Does it Still Work in 2021?


August 29, 2020

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Clickfunnels 14 – Day Free Trial Intro

Are you in the world of digital marketing? If so, Clickfunnels isn’t a new term for you. In my opinion, it’s by far the world’s leading funnel builder. Do you want to know more? Check out our ThriveThemes and Clickfunnels face-off. Before we head to the meat of Clickfunnels 14 – day free trial review, let’s first tackle the elephant in the room.

Why Use Clickfunnels to Create Sales Funnels 

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What makes me use Clickfunnels while there are loads of funnel builders out there? Why do I recommend it in the first place?

  • ClickFunnels has everything. You need One Platform.

How would it be if you had to buy a car in different pieces? Picture yourself assembling the engine, tires, interiors, and windshield. 

Well, this is what they do in the assembly firm, but you couldn’t do it on your own. It sucks! No doubts about that.

But you’re relieved when your Chevrolet Equinox comes in one complete piece.

It’s the same scenario with Clickfunnels. Talk of landing page builders, the strongest autoresponders (you can still integrate with your preferred tool), and an affiliate tracking system.

All these come in one platform in one package. You won’t have to make multiple payments for all the products—no hidden fees.

  • Easy to Create Epic Sales Funnel

You can’t make it in this online world if you don’t know how to create attractive sales funnels. A well-done sales funnel maps the route that leads visitors to make a purchase decision.

Clickfunnel knows its trade well. With hundreds of professionally designed templates, you can use the drag and drop feature to create an effective sales funnel according to your needs.

Moreover, the tool offers hassle-free and easy customization when building landing pages. And guess what? You don’t need technical design or coding skills to make it happen.

  • Consistency in Branding in All the Sales Funnels

Building a sales funnel in the olden days was a thorn in the flesh. Why? You had to build different pages using different software. For example, you would create a landing page that looked different from the order form.

Although the different software might be powerful, intermingling them breaks the whole sales funnel. Why? Different software doesn’t have the same capabilities and page designs.

Since Clickfunnels is an all-in-one tool, you maintain consistency through all the pages. This gives your visitors a common branding that keeps them on the page for a long time and ultimately leading to a sale.

  • Analytics that Your Performance

The most critical step in any online business is to know the direction the company is taking. 

Clickfunnels uses an up-to-date analytic tool to track your entire sales funnel performance. You get every detail like the number of opt-ins, total clicks, total purchases, and leads information. All this information is relayed on the dashboard.

The data gives you an overview of your target audience. You get to know their preferences and likes.

With the information, you can make a few changes in the sales funnel to strengthen them. It makes it easier to achieve your goals fast.

A ClickFunnels dashboard


As you can see, there are many reasons to love Clickfunnels. But there is none better than Clickfunnels 14 – day free trial.

With the free trial, you get to taste and see the goodness of Clickfunnels before you make a purchase decision. 

It’s one way Russel Brunson assures you that Clickfunnels is a trusted software to skyrocket the trajectory of your sales.

So what is the Clickfunnels 14 – day free trial? What does it entail? And is it worth giving a shot? 

I want you to succeed in your online business. I flexed my muscles and did intensive research that will help you make the decision. Here we go.

ClickFunnels 14 Day Trial – what it is and how to get it

Clickfunnels is a breathing sales funnel machine. Over 100,000 entrepreneurs use the software, and they say it works. 

Moreover, it has created over 5 million funnels and processed over $9 Billion.


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The Clickfunnel 14-day trial period is designed to help you taste the software before making a purchase decision. 

I know that selling stuff online is a daunting task. You might feel cheated when you pay for something you aren’t sure will bring results.

Here is the thing. The Clickfunnels 14 – day free trial allows you to use most of the features you will get in a paid plan.

Here is a list of the features you get during the Clickfunnels 14 – day free trial period.

  • Funnel builder secrets with a value of $1997

  • Tony Robbins Private collection with a cost of $997

  • 100 + Funnel Templates with a cost of $1997

  • Free webinar funnel templates

  • Free product launch funnel templates

  • Ad skills with a value of $498

  • Free book funnels templates

You understand that you can’t consume all the goodies during the trial period. In some cases, those that buy a product can even take months to get everything. 

The products are jam-packed with the value you can’t consume in 2 weeks. That’s why you have to purchase a plan you are comfortable with.

This takes us to the next question.

How many Plans are available in Clickfunnels?

The software comes in three pricing plans, but I’ll only talk about the first two, which are the most popular. Visit the site to get more details on the third pricing plan. 

Look, I’ll agree that the plans are a bit more expensive than most funnel builders. That is, if you look at it negatively, but the software is worth every penny.

Note that the pricing and features are subject to change. What I’m about to give you is an updated version at the time of writing this. 

  1. Starter Plan

The first plan goes for $97/month with limited features, of course. I’d recommend this plan if you’re starting your online venture. 

It gives you the foundation to start building your business before you shift to the Platinum Plan. The starter plan’s features are;

  • Creating up to 100 pages in the funnels

  • Creating up to 20 funnels only

  • Accommodates one user

  • Chat support

  • Access to the funnel hacker program

  • Has access to the Funnell Fix

  1. Platinum Plan

It’s the second plan going for $297/month. It’s suitable for a business already in the market and wants to generate more leads and sales dramatically.

The features of the plan include;

  • Creating an unlimited number of funnels

  • Creating an unlimited number of pages

  • Nine payment getaways

  • Can connect to 9 domains

  • Priority support than the previous plan

How do You Get Access to the Clickfunnels 14 – day free trial  Trial?


A Clickfunnels dashboard is part of the Clickfunnels 14 - Day Free Trial article

You get access to the Clickfunnels 14 – day free trial in three ways. These are discussed below.

  1.  Purchasing any of the plans

You have to start here, of course. It doesn’t matter the plan you want to begin with. You get the free trial in both. 

Follow the steps below to purchase a plan.

  • Go to the Clickfunnels registration page.

  • Click on the button that says, “ Start your 14-day Trial Free.”

  • It will lead you to a new page where you’ll create your account. It will help if you put your name, email address, and password.

  • Choose a subscription plan.

  • Fill in your credit card details. You can cancel this any time before the 14 days end. It will automatically bill when it’s over.

  • Confirm your email address and start using Clickfunnels free for 14 days.

  1. Creating an Account using Shared Funnels

This is the second-best way of getting into Clickfunnels 14 – day free trial  Trial. A shared funnel occurs when a Clickfunnels user sends you his/her entire sales funnel to add to your account. By this, you duplicate the whole funnel into your account.

The most significant advantage of shared funnels is that you not only get the 14-day trial but also buy Clickfunnels for $19/ month.

  1. When you Buy the Funnel Hack Package

The Funnel Hack package is one of the most in-demand Russel Branson’s courses. Going for $997, the package gives you more than you can want to skyrocket your online business.

Apart from getting access to the Clickfunnel 14-day free trial, you get additional bonuses like;

Pros of Clickfunnels 14 – day free trial  Trial

Without a doubt, Clickfunnels is the best way to save money in the long run (the most significant benefit I have seen so far).  If you start with the 14-day trial, these are the advantages you get.

  • You Get to Learn about how it works.

I’ve heard horror stories of entrepreneurs who buy software without learning much about it. They don’t meticulously scrutinize the features and the benefits they can add to their business.

They only come to realize that using the software is a hard nut to crack when it’s too late.

Clickfunnel’s free trial eliminates such a concern. The period gives you time to familiarize yourself with software before you purchase it. No worries if it doesn’t meet your needs. You can always cancel at any time.

  • It Makes your Money

I mean it, for real. 

With the trial period, you can make money selling high ticket products or sales. This isn’t easy, though, since you might be trying a new product.

But Clickfunnels makes it easy to make your account, create excellent funnels easily, and put up your product for everyone to see. 

You’ll sure make a couple of bucks if your product is damn good before the trial period ends. You can now start making serious money like the guy below after purchasing a plan.


A ClickFunnels affiliate dashboard

  • You get All The Features of Paid Plan.

I talked about this before. Just imagine getting all these royalties and insane offers for free. It’s no doubt that the trial period gives you more to kickstart your business. 

Besides, using the features is effortless. For instance, you can use the drag and drop feature to duplicate pages. 

Final Thoughts

Online businesses that have chosen Clickfunnels are creating excellent sales funnels. They end up registering extraordinary conversions and sales.

It doesn’t start with hundreds of dollars like you might have thought. It only begins with a 14-day free trial to see if it works for you. And I promise you – it will work for you.

While the sun still shines, start your Clickfunnels 14 – day free trial today and see your business change for the better.

ClickFunnels - $97
Clickfunnels logo

Name: ClickFunnels review

Description: ClickFunnels is the funnel builder software of choice. it makes creating funnels so easy that anyone can do it.

Offer price: $97 to $297

Currency: Dollar

Operating System: Online

Application Category: Funnel Builder

Author: DJ

  • price - 90
  • features - 100
  • usefulness - 100
  • friendlyness - 95
  • support - 95


ClickFunnels is one of the best funnel builders out in the market. The ClickFunnels community is the most active. The company markets what they preach to a perfect “T”. They have an educational surrounding environment that should be modeled by all their competitors.


  • Extremely easy to use
  • Great educational environment
  • Best funnel builder


  • Support could be a little faster
  • Price could be better

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