September 5


ActiveCampaign Vs. MailChimp (Revised 2021)


September 5, 2020

Intro to ActiveCampaign Vs. MailChimp

Let me be open with you today. I didn’t know which email marketing software to choose when starting this blog as they were so many.  But, I came across an ActiveCampaign vs Mailchimp review that was a game-changer. I thought I should give either of the tools a try.

Since making a decision wasn’t easy, I decided to dive into ActiveCampaigns fingers crossed without knowing what to expect.

I’m glad that I have come back to give you feedback after my personal experience with ActiveCampaign. And I used Mailchimp before. But I am a curious cat.

We had a look at ActiveCampaigns and GetResponse before.  And ActiveCampaigns kicked GetResponse butt. But will it do it again to Mailchimp? We are about to know.

ActiveCampaign Overview

I’m confident to say that ActiveCampaign is the most affordable email marketing software compared to other tools with similar features. 

If you want convenience in email automation, then ActiveCampaign should be at the top of your list. The software has gained popularity recently and made it to be among the leading email marketing tools today.

ActiveCampaign includes lists if you want to use them. But the power and convenience rest in its powerful contact tagging features within the automation.

It has many advanced features, and it’s suitable for large organizations looking for affordable and the best email marketing solutions. It has a learning curve, but not one to avoid.

Also, it’s a must-have marketing tool, especially for users who are keen on carrying out follow-ups. It has the best contact management features. The automation process is flawless and as personalized as you want to get.

Business marketers can customize and send out relevant information to their customers. Why? you can segment the contact list according to various customer behaviors and characteristics.

Activecampaign destroys the competition. I have tried to find something that I cannot do to no avail. Activecampaign said goodbye to double contacts within the list.

You can sign up here for a 14 days free trial.

MailChimp Overview

MailChimp was the first affordable email marketing tool to be introduced in the market. At this time, most marketing software was quite expensive and only reserved for established business entities.

Now, almost everyone can use Mailchimp since it’s not only affordable but also easy to use. Small and medium businesses got an opportunity to use one of the best marketing tools to boost their sales.

A few marketing software that has come after MailChimp is copies of MailChimp. Based on the features it has, I’ll agree that Mailchimp is a better email marketing software than most software in the market.

MailChimp has everything mixed up under the campaign section. Users might find it a bit difficult to locate some essential features, which is a significant downside.

Despite the above shortcoming, MailChimp remains one of the easy to use marketing tools. Especially for small business owners looking for affordable options for running and growing their businesses.

Users like its free plan, which is quite sufficient for users looking for newsletter tools with essential features. 

ActiveCampaign Vs. MailChimp – Comparison Overview

If you are new in email marketing and are confused between MailChimp and ActiveCampaign, you should ask yourself these questions:

  • Which marketing tool among the two is popular?
  • What are the available campaign features in each tool?
  • Is the pricing of the tool justifiable?

The above questions are essential when you’d like to know which one is the better option in ActiveCampaignVs.


Indeed, MailChimp has taken the popularity cup. However, marketers are looking for a bit more sophisticated marketing tools. 

These trends explain why ActiveCampaign has gained a lot of fame in recent years among small and medium business marketers.

  • ActiveCampaign Vs. Mailchimp – Features Face-Off

MailChimp has a wide variety of automated email campaigns. However, automation requires a lot of user control, and MailChimp does not offer that. ActiveCampaign is quite the opposite. It’s flexible, and the user has control over every step of the campaign. 

You can edit the information and create specific conditions to ensure the information reaches the right group of people.

MailChimp is quite popular as they offer a free emailing plan. It’s mostly the first tool that comes to mind when talking about email marketing. 

With the free MailChimp plan, you can send significantly 10,000 emails in a single month. ActiveCampaign also has a trial period, which only lasts for 14 days.

Pay as you go is an affordable option for users with new businesses that are growing steadily.

MailChimp emphasis more on email design and It’s suitable for small businesses with a short contact list.

But, for users looking for a robust marketing tool with advanced marketing automation features, high deliverability, and tag management, ActiveCampaign comes at the top of your choice. 

Despite the benefits of MailChimp, it has shortcomings too.

For instance, it’s challenging to find some of the essential features. Some users complain about how to sign up forms, landing pages, and automation are mixed up in the campaign section. Moreover, it’s challenging to create automation and forms separately.

  • ActiveCampaign Vs. Mailchimp – Usability

ActiveCampaign is one powerful email marketing tool. It has highly advanced features, and it’s a bit complex to use for first-timers. You can still go for it, but you have to dedicate some time to learning.

Once you have studied and known how to navigate, you can do a lot with it. There are many fantastic features you can for worthwhile newsletter designs and automation.

ActiveCampaign will require you to practice for some time to get started to utilize these advanced features fully.

If you are willing to learn how to use it, then  ActiveCampaign is one of the best tools to use. It will be overwhelming when starting, but with practice, the results are worth the effort.

But, for an easy to navigate marketing tool as a top of your priorities, you should choose MailChimp or maybe Getresponse, without a second thought. It’s suitable for users that just want to get the message to everyone.

If you want to get the right message, to the right person at the right time; then ActiveCampaign has no rival.

MailChimp is an email automation tool friendly for first-timers. It’s easy to navigate through, and you don’t need prior experience.

ActiveCampaign Vs. Mailchimp: MailChimp carries the day if you are looking for an easy to use email marketing tool.’

2.    ActiveCampaigns Vs. Mailchimp – Flexibility and designs

ActiveCampaign has around 30 beautiful themes. The templates are mobile-friendly, and users can explore different designs to create their masterpieces.

When compared to MailChimp, ActiveCampaign has limited options to choose from. Many users prefer having a wide variety of ready to use templates instead of just a few.

MailChimp has approximately 100 email themes. The themes are mobile-friendly. Based on what you are designing, you get a variety of themes to choose from.

Also, MailChimp has 14 customizable layouts. You can edit and include your preferred colors and images. With the drag and drop editor, you can design the existing templates to reflect your taste and preference.

ActiveCampaign Vs. MailChimp: Therefore, if you are looking for software with a wide range of emails ready to use templates, then MailChimp should be your top choice.

3.   ActiveCampaigns Vs. Mailchimp – List management

ActiveCampaign has a flexible array of management features. One can send well-presented email messages to contacts on different lists. This is possible through the use of tags instead of lists.

Tags carry information about a particular subscriber. Maybe he is a first-timer in your list, a potential lead, or a valued customer. It is this type of segregation that is virtually impossible to employ through lists.

Tags allow you to segment your contacts and include any further information that will help classify them.

Also, ActiveCampaign has a lead scoring option, which is quite helpful in follow-ups. The tool assigns scores based on the subscribers’ actions.

When the customers unsubscribe, the number goes down, and it goes up when they submit registration forms or visit your website’s landing page.

With the lead scoring features, you can quickly identify the customers who are highly engaged in your campaigns.

What about MailChimp list management? It’s not one of the best. 

MailChimp list management is unnecessarily expensive and complicated. The options available for organizing the contact list is not straightforward; hence first-time users find it difficult to understand. 

However, MailChimp developers benefit significantly from this separation. Users benefit too if they are running campaigns for different businesses.

This is a good set up when you are operating several companies targeting the customer.

If you compare ActiveCampaign Vs. Mailchimp: ActiveCampaign marketing tools are more robust. It might not have a pretty interface. But the name of the game is efficiency, deliverability, and conversion rates. And it does excel at these.

If you are looking for a marketing tool with better contact management features, ActiveCampaign is the right choice. 

4.    ActiveCampign Vs. MailChimp – Marketing Automation

ActiveCampaign provides the best marketing automation options. Users can access this feature on ActiveCampaign and don’t have to purchase alternative expensive marketing automation software.

You can build and customize complicated workflows. You can use the new workflows for segmentation, scoring leads, and sending automated emails.

With automation features, you even automate the sales processes. It has inbuilt  CRM, which makes the integration process possible.

On the other hand, MailChimp boasts of having the best-automated campaign option, but its automation editor options are a bit awkward. It’s rigid, and users don’t get the opportunity to have control as they should.

Also, MailChimp does not offer a visual workflow and options for branching to different paths. This makes it difficult for users to carry out effective email campaigns.

ActiveCampaign Vs. Mailchimp: ActiveCampaign is the best option if you are looking for marketing software that will allow for easy but effective marketing automation.

5.    ActiveCampaign Vs. Mailchimp – Registration Forms

ActiveCampaign has limited options for creating registration forms. But, the registration form editor is easy to customize and add new sections.

ActiveCampaign firms can be added to, embedded, or linked to WordPress with a suitable integration set up. You can also associate forms with tags and deals.

With MailChimp, it’s a bit complicated to create and edit registration forms using the form builder. Also, some forms cannot open on mobile devices.

ActiveCampaign Vs. Mailchimp: ActiveCampaign form builder option is far much convenient compared to MailChimp.

6.    ActiveCampaign Vs. Mailchimp – Pricing

ActiveCampaign has a 14-day free trial which allows you to taste it before making a purchase. If you want to purchase it for long term use, you’ll decide among the following four plans.

  • Lite package costing $9/month.
  • Plus package costing $49 per month.
  • The professional package going for $129 per month.
  • The Enterprise package costing $229 per monthly.

MailChimp offers a total of four programs, with one being free. The free plan has basic email marketing features.

Small business owners find Mailchimp convenient since the free plan package sorts most of their marketing needs. MailChimp free account has several templates available for users.

Notably, the MailChimp users have the freedom to access pay as you go tools options. With a growing client base, it’s possible to realize you need features that are not available on the free plan.

The rest of their plans are essential packages costing $9.99 per month, a standard package costing $14.99 per month, and the premium at $299 per month.

ActiveCampaign Vs. Mailchimp: if you are looking at the cost alone to decide between the two, then ActiveCampaigs wins. 

Though MailChimp offers a free plan with unlimited time. It doesn’t provide many features and is similar to ActiveCampaign’s free trial. 

Final Verdict

Email marketing is one of the effective ways to create an audience that converts to real customers with time. 

If your business is still small and you are looking at ActiveCampaign Vs. Mailchimp, then ActiveCampaigns wins again. It’s an affordable, popular, and easy to use email marketing solution.

Activecampaign crushes the competition!


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